Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Convoluted case of Dillon Malanga

The Convoluted case of Dillon Malanga

Today at 1:30 P.M. a young man of 15 years old will be brought up before family court at the Warren county court house in New Jersey. This is a custody hearing brought by the boy’s probation officer to remove him from his parents’ custody and make him a ward of the state. The reason?  Because his parent’s refused to sign papers that would permit his information and records to be forwarded to the National Security Agency, The NSA.
    Basically the position of the probation officer (Marcia Mathura) and the court is that because of his parent’s political beliefs, their membership in the Oath Keepers and the fact that they are political activists makes them unfit parents.
    Dillon’s legal problems started two years ago when at the age of 13 when he stole a candy bar and was charged. Realizing he had done something wrong he pled guilty to the crime and received probation, over 350 hours of community service and a $300.00 fine which the boy paid himself out of money he has earned. But it seems all this was not good enough for his probation officer Marcia Mathura who regularly had him submit to drug testing and unannounced home inspections. She has even gone so far as publicly accusing his mother of being a drunk (She does not drink) and has now brought a custody case before the courts.
    The real story here is that Dillon is being used as a pawn in the on going harassment of this family by the Hackettstown N.J police dept. and the government. Back in March of this year Dillon’s mother Pierotte Vassau was charged with a series of bogus charges, most of which have been dropped and the remainder have yet to come to trial. Dillon’s parent’s host a radio show on the internet station and have been outspoken critics of the Hackettstown board of education and the Hackettstown police dept. The family has been harassed on a almost constant and ongoing basis with police illegally coming on to their property, parking in front of their house and questioning any visitors and the laying of bogus and unfounded charges. As well as inspections and demands by Dillon’s probation officer for such things as drug testing and psychological evaluation, keep in mind this is about a 13 year old kid that stole a candy bar!
    Dillon’s parents have made efforts to comply with everything that Dillon’s probation officer,  Marcia Mathura has asked, but when she insisted that the parents sign a waiver that would share all of his records with the National Security Agency they refused. Her response to this was to have Dillon arrested again and bring custody hearings before Judge Robert J. Reed of the warren county court in Belvidere.
    For quite some time the Hackettstown school board and his probation officer has been pressuring Dillon to sign emancipation documents against his and his parents wishes. Dillon has no wish to be emancipated from his parents as he has always felt that they have been looking after his best interests and loves them both very much. It appears this has frustrated the state’s and school board’s plans to break up this family and the current court actions prove this.
   It has become clear that Dillon’s legal problems are a result of an on going harassment campaign and both Dillon and his Mother Pierotte have found it impossible to obtain adequate legal help as most lawyers they have contacted don’t seem to want to touch their cases in any way. 
   Sources close to the family have informed me that Dillon has been released back to his family and that the custody proceedings have been thrown out.  It appears that Judge R Reed stepped up to the plate on this one and reason and sanity prevailed in his court room today. Updates to Pierotte Vassau’s still pending case will be published in a future article.

Lawrence McCurry
September 15, 2011  - 4:50 P.M.


  1. good, now sue the state for harassment.

  2. While not a New Jersey resident, my wife and I spent plenty of time as "foster parents" in Ohio. The system is rife with corruption, and quite often there are people in charge of others that are beyond despicable. . While there are many good foster parents the system is almost completely broken, it does not serve the needs of the children, but the bureaucracy! One which "steals" children that don't need to be removed, and allows others to be destroyed at the hands of foster parents worse than their birth parents. .

  3. A $300 fine for a candy bar and 350 hrs community service? Probation for a candy bar? Way out of line. The gov't and police, a bunch of thug bullies who don't understand that what goes around...
    May the probation officer's future be rife with hemorrhoids and diarrhea.

  4. Thank God this judge still cares about liberty.

    However, this is what we can all expect from a completely out of control and criminal government, if you watch the news you will see more and more brutal police abuse cases. The latest is actor Robert Wagner being tasered and beaten by the cops.

    Not only are these autocrats criminals, they are enemies of the American people and all our liberties are being destroyed by them. We can all thank Bush and the Pat Bill for this because, it opened a door for these traitors to begin ushering in their tyrannical police-state.

    I remember the government liars saying that 'These laws are ONLY for terrorists'. I knew it wouldn't be long before we were all considered terrorists by a terrorist government.

    This is all being done to protect us from 4 year olds selling lemonade from their front yard - Amish milk farmers selling raw milk at farmers markets - small business people selling produce and fruit by the side of the road.

    Meanwhile our borders remain wide-open and the ATF is caught selling weapons to drug cartels - trillions have been stolen from the tax payers by the government and the banks.

    So, here it is: now if you dare question the government by having a blog or media outlet site, you're now a threat and an enemy-of-the-state and it's time to send in the NSA.

  5. There are rogue agents throughout civil government who have the tacit approval of their superiors. This allows deniability by the superior and continued abuse by the system which is used to make total warfare against its perceived enemies i.e. those who love justice and freedom. . And since we have little to no accountability their is little danger they will lose their job.
    From where did this mentality come? Are we reaping what we have sewn ? How can this be changed?

  6. The parents are members of "Oath Keepers". They run a conservative radio talk show. They are victims of the bitter fruit of liberalism run amok. As a result America is currently under the rule of communists and homosexuals, led by an illegal alien bi-sexual communist British foreign national! "real" Americans are too intimidated by political correctness, of being called racists, and of Negroes rioting to deal with this national travesty!

  7. no...we still have to go back for violating his probation,by mixing up his court date,due to floods both in NJ and,PA..dyfuss in 2 states.. my case that preceded his...Head line read from police to news papers...woman poops in cop car threatens cop with Aids...Can you believe it...Smell law suite,any one...???They need to back off these cops.

  8. What the hell is this? This much trouble for stealing a candy bar? I mean, yeah, kid got punished (too severely, if you ask me) but that should've been the end. The states are turning into a police government, and this kid's parole officer is high on her imaginary power. This is the saddest thing I've read in a while. Good job America, good job.

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