Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here is a story for the WTF file. It seems that the Truth movement now has a super hero working on our side. Yes that’s right, a masked super Hero using the simple name of “Truth” has been spotted at three different street actions two with In hours of each other. One on the east coast and the other on the west?

This masked hero dressed in a blue eye mask, Red Vail, Black outfit with a Black Duster Type Jacket with red gloves was spotted at a 9/11 truth action in California last week giving out literature and DVD’s and within an hour and a half , he was also spotted at a protest against the “Church of scientology” in Orlando, Florida the same day. The following day he was once again spotted at a protest in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Even if this new activist is a person with deep pockets and a ton of frequent flyer points there is no way he could have been at both protests within an hour of each other on the same day? At all of these actions this person was asked for his name and answered with the simple reply “TRUTH”

He also asked his fellow activists not to photograph him and left the event in Winnipeg in a hurry when a fellow activist tried to take his picture anyway against his wishes. The internet stream is now buzzing with talk of this new “super Hero” and a rumor that Facebook this week deleted a page dedicated to the new hero of the Truth Movement.

This writer has gotten these stories from reliable sources and does not doubt this really happened, but I do have the following questions. How did this person pull off being at two places within an hour and a half when it would normally take you that long just to get to the airport? Why would he not tell fellow activists who he really is ? And why the wear a mask when that goes against everything the Truth movement is really about? Is it possible that what we have here is a human with super powers? Or could this be one of the elite with a private jet who has decided to change sides and start working with us and is not yet ready to admit who his family connections really are?

Anyone out there who may see this guy at an action or protest please try and get a picture of him and lets find out who this masked truther is. I for one would like an interview with this guy and get the story.

Lawrence McCurry

Nov 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Port St. Lucie Family target of sheriff dept. over criticism of local free masons

Port St. Lucie Family target of sheriff dept. over criticism of local free masons

An internet radio host and his wife in Port St. Lucie Florida claim their home was invaded last night by a deputy of the St. Lucie county sheriff’s dept. while on the air.

The couple, Jeremiah & Samantha Holsclaw are late night hosts on internet radio station NFORMD radio. Jeremiah, known to his listeners as “Rev J” left the late night on air discussion known as “The Round Table” shortly after the start of the midnight show and turned the microphone over to his wife as he felt a pressing need to go to the drug store. His seven year old daughter was not feeling well and was running a small fever. As soon as Mr. Holsclaw and a friend left the house for the drug store, St. Lucie County deputy’s pounded on the couple’s door. Mrs. Holsclaw was startled and announced to her listeners that the police were at the door and left the microphone open as she answered the door. What followed was reminiscent of something one would expect of a Stalinist police state. According to Mrs. Holsclaw when she opened the door deputy Eric Wax and his partner officer Robert Funk pushed their way into the home against the protests of the radio hostess. The sheriff’s deputy at this point started barking orders and threats at the frightened woman waking her small children ( 5&7 years old ) Without stating the reason for the visit, deputy Wax began demanding access to the frightened children and threatening their mother with arrest and stating that “He would have the children taken away” if she did not allow him full access to her home and children on the spot.

While this drama was unfolding on air another host at the station contacted Mr. Holsclaw on his cell phone and urged him to return home, other listeners posted the phone number and address of the St. Lucie sheriff’s County dept. and were contacting the media as it was unfolding live. Before the father of two and radio host even got back home, listeners from as far away as Scotland, England and Canada were posting messages of support and advice in the station’s chat room.

Within minutes “Rev J” returned and spoke to the deputy’s in the driveway of his home and informed them that he would not allow them to disrupt his family in the middle of the night without a warrant. Although the officers made another threat to arrest Mr. Holsclaw for a stolen shopping cart that someone had left on their property, cooler heads prevailed and the sheriff officers left without further incident. This may have been due to numerous calls to the department’s switchboard.

This is not the first time this family has had problems with the St. Lucie county sheriff’s dept. Last November Mr. Holsclaw was charged with resisting arrest, a charge that was dismissed as the department had no grounds to arrest him in the first place. He has also been stopped and body searched since then for no good reason. The couple believes this trouble stems from the fact that they have been openly critical of the Free Mason origination on their “Truth Movement” internet radio station nformedradio.com . There have also been allegations in the town where they live that many of the members of the sheriff dept. and the courts are members of the Free Masons and that this may be a conflict of their duty as officers of the court.

Mark Weinberg Public Information Officer of the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office made the following statement : The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office does not harass anyone with regard to whether someone is or is not a Free Mason or an anti-Free Mason. (End Quote)

The fact that Free Masons world wide have a large number of police, court officials and politicians as members and that this organization is alleged to have ties with a shadowy group of people who are actively engaged in pushing a new world order agenda has many people wondering if these officers of the courts are engaged in activity that runs counter to the constitutions and freedoms of all people of the world.

Lawrence McCurry

November 9, 2010