Monday, May 5, 2014

Rob Ford, Down, but a long way from out!

Rob Ford, Down, but a long way from out!

   As Rob Ford enters his first week of rehab the main stream corporate media smugly started ask if anybody still supported him?

   Well on Saturday May the 3rd three candidates who staunchly support the policies of Rob Ford stepped up and held a news conference outside Rob Fords Scarborough office.

   Of course the corporate media reported on it as nothing more than Ford supporters holding a rally and used it as an opener for their slanted support segments for Chow and Tory, In reality there was much more going on here.

   While the three candidates, Arthur Smitherman running in ward 8, John Papadakis Ward 29 and Paul Bell ward 33 not only voiced their support for Rob Ford, but also spoke of a new attitude and way of doing business coming to city hall. These candidates believe that for too long city hall has been dominated by tax and spend left leaning, self-serving interests and it’s time for more responsibility and accountability on city council. They spoke of a new political culture coming to city hall, one that is very much in line with what Ford has been doing over the last four years. Art Smitherman spoke of Ford having to go to work every day and having to do battle with forty or so people who were more interested in defending their jobs and entitlements than doing what was in the best interests of the people of Toronto. Smitherman also spoke of Toronto having 21 high poverty areas due to the misappropriation of resources. Not having subways leads to areas with higher poverty that affects mostly women and children. 

   John Papadakis who is running for councillor for ward 29 was adamant in his support for Ford and his economic policies. “when you run for office you bare your soul to the public and I think it’s disgraceful the way the left have gone after Rob and continue to kick him when he’s down.” He spoke of how the left on city council want to continue to tax and spend and “the disgraceful way they want to cover up the their conduct at Toronto housing, using peoples suffering to make jobs for their buddies, they are so not going to get away with that.” He went on to say “Rob Ford’s message is alive and the tax and spend gravy train at city hall will come to an end once and for all.

   Paul Bell who is running against Shelly Carol in ward 33 spoke of Rob Ford the man. “Everybody knows somebody who called Rob Ford the politician and had their call returned by him. How are we going to treat Rob when he comes back? Are we going to treat him with humanity or with the meanness and vitriol that’s been thrown at him? I think the people of Toronto are better than that.” Bell has his work cut out for him in running against Shelley Carroll who seems untouched by her own spending scandal. Carroll used her seat on the Toronto Hydro board of directors to secretly acquire an abandoned building in which she paid $9 million tax dollars over the asking price, a building that still sits unused. This is the type of culture these candidates wish to put a stop to and believe Rob Ford is the only person running for mayor that will help them make the changes at city hall that the people wish to see.

   Arthur Smitherman said there was only one thing Ford said he was going to do that he did not accomplish and that was reducing the size of city council from 44 to 22 seats. As mayor Rob Ford went in there and fought against most of these self-serving city councillors every day. These candidates wanted to tell the people of Toronto that by changing the members of Toronto city council there will be a new culture, one where the tax payers get the responsible and accountable representation they deserve rather than the tax and spend like a drunken sailor type of city council that’s been entrenched since the days when Miller was mayor and Olivia Chow sat on council.

   The main stream media did not report on these candidates who support Ford and decided the story was nothing but another rally by Ford supporters. But as more candidates who support Ford’s economic policies throw their hats into the ring it will become clear that the times are changing and a new wind may soon be blowing into city hall.
Lawrence McCurry
May 4, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Canada, The Globalist Chess Board.

Canada, The Globalist Chess Board.
    Big oil and finance are fighting it out and Canada is the chess board that game is being played out on. The pieces on this board are complex and famous. From Steven Harper to Neil Young the strings are being pulled and these pieces are being moved. Political parties and protesters have been bought and paid for, investments in oil tankers and pipe lines have been laid down. Now the game is on and the profit empires are in play.

    The board in this complex game of move and counter move is the oil sands, This is an industry in Canada that has had a lot of investment money put into it and is ready to pay off big time. As much as the environmentalists want it stopped that is not going to happen. The only question at this point is who will profit from it and who will not. The pieces in this chess game are not black and white however, grey is the colour of both sides. Both sides in this game are using dirty tricks and the average Canadian does not have a stake in the game.

   One side has bought government, not just Harper, all of them. The sell is Jobs, Jobs for all and prosperity. This side is also pushing for pipe lines. East and west as well as south, if that is in the cards. The problem with tar sands oil is it needs to be moved to be refined. As it stands currently it’s shipped south to American refineries where the Americans sell it back to us at a cost. If Alberta oil can be shipped west it opens Asian markets. Piped east we can send it to our refineries there.  (see line 9) Recently there’s been a proposal to reverse an existing line that carries foreign oil from east to west.
   Side two opposes this along with any plans for pipe lines. Side two has spent big money buying protesters and the very vocal left wing political machine. Though corporate donations to socialist media and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) like Tides Canada, the Ford and Rockefeller foundations this faction prefers the oil going south by rail. Side two is invested in American refineries, rail companies and oil tankers. To fight against plans for pipelines they engage their army of paid agents and environmental dupes on the left to protest against oil sands expansion and oil pipe lines. Using environmental/communist/socialist groups and anarchist/black bloc activist protesters and union shills they fight a social war.

    With dupe protesters locking themselves to pumping stations and anarchists organizing native protesters though the NGO sponsored Idle No More movement, side two is in full swing. They even arranged for Neil Young to do a charity tour across Canada speaking out against the oil sands while leaving a big carbon footprint with his rich man’s jet plane.

   Side one never letting a good crisis go to waste, uses the main stream media to play up the dangers of oil transport by rail. Citing the recent disasters in Lac-Megantic  and New Brunswick,  the media and politicians have pointed to the dangers of shipping oil by rail and are now calling for the replacement of most commonly used thin hauled tankers. The type of tankers used to ship oil by rail is now a topic on the table of the Canadian political landscape.

   Side two counter moves with socialist media and internet bloggers using the threat of enviro-terrorism and reminders of trees spiked in Clayoquot Sound to punctuate magazine covers of oil pipe lines with lite dynamite. The fear of home grown Canadian terrorism is now also on the table.

   While the stock markets flog their filthy wears of investments in tanker car manufacturers and pipe line companies, The elite movers and shakers use their bought and paid for assets in this country to move the pieces around. The media and trained monkeys in parliament follow their scripts, the paid protesters and anarchists block traffic, burn police cars and have their drum circles and the game goes on. Move and counter move.

   The average Canadian however has no stake in this game. Whether the oil he uses comes from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or Canada we will still pay too much for it. As much as the environmental movement and the agenda 21 communists want us to stop using cars and heating our houses with oil and gas that’s not going to happen any time soon. No, this game of fear and money is not doing any of us any good.

   As Canadians we need to recognize that there are powers in play here that are using us for both sides of an agenda to make rich people richer. Those hippie activists are as bought and paid for as the politicians selected for our elections whether they know it or not. The game is rigged and we’re not in it. Best we can hope for is to clearly see what’s really going on when it comes to Canada’s natural resources and to kick that board over if we can get close enough.

Lawrence McCurry
January 14, 2014