Friday, December 3, 2010

Media Guilty In G-20

Media Guilty In G-20

The way the main stream media has covered and promoted the lies surrounding the G-20 in Toronto this summer makes one believe that the nightly news has become nothing less than one more commercial. What passes for journalism is no more than a slick campaign and makes one wonder if any of what is reported on your nightly news or major news papers is true at all? I have even known people who tell me they get their news from a late night comedy channel show and I can’t help but think they are getting more truth from that than they would from the network news these days.
The hype and spin that is used to control the public’s perception of what happened at the G-20 in Toronto is a text book example of how to totally control what the population believes, while not reporting the truth of what was really going on, all without having to tell bold face lies at the same time. This holds true not only for the reporting of the G-20, but in almost everything that is reported (or just not covered) in the news. A classic example would be the way the Main stream media covered the first court appearances of over 300 people arrested at the G-20.
Last August when these people had their first court appearances a large number had charges against them dropped. The reason for this was because most of the people charged had committed no crime. These people were arrested for engaging in legal peaceful protest or just being in the wrong place when surrounded by police. Yet when the media reported on the court appearances of these people charged with bogus offences such as public mischief & assaulting police, the media presented us with pictures of burning police cars and masked “Black Block anarchists” breaking windows. Even though none of these people were charged with those crimes and probably were not even at the scene of these crimes, the impression that the media plants in the mind of the public by showing these pictures are that the people in the next scene or picture going into court are the ones who committed that crime. This is akin to showing pictures of a rogue elephant trampling a crowd while telling you a story of how the circus is coming to town.
The distortions the media used in misleading the public around the events of the G-20 also can be seen in the language used. When showing pictures and film clips like the ones described above, the media without exception referred to the violence or violent protest of the G-20. The truth of the matter is that smashing windows and destroying property is not violence but vandalism. By using the word violence instead of the word vandalism the picture brought to your mind and the way you tend to think about what happened changes your perspective completely. Make no mistake there was plenty of violence, Not on the part of the protesters but on the part of the police who blatantly assaulted peaceful protesters while arresting and Kettling them. Of course this too went unreported.
A very large part of the distortion is also what the media does not report or what they under report and simplify. The G-8/20 meetings were a conference of world leaders that disrupted Canada’s largest city at a cost of a billion dollars, without looking it up can you honestly say that you could tell your neighbor what was discussed, decided and agreed to at this meeting? Can you even tell me what was talked about at the G-20 meeting that wrapped up last month in Korea? Did you even know that meeting took place?
For weeks there has been wide spread rioting and protest in Europe, Clashes between police and protesters in Greece, England and Ireland and yet this goes grossly under/not reported on your nightly news and hardly mentioned in your news papers. When it is mentioned again the spin machine is hard at work here too. I have heard more in the last few days about the snow fall in Europe than the wide spread political unrest. So what is this political unrest in Europe about and what is being talked about at these G-20 meetings that the main stream media is not talking about? When they do mention it they simply call it austerity measures.  According to Wikipedia the definition is:
austerity is a policy of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided.[1] Austerity policies are often
used by governments to reduce their deficit spending[2] while some
times  coupled with increases in taxes to pay back creditors to reduce debt
The media would have us all believe that country’s like Greece and Ireland (And Ours) have for too long been spending too much on things like education, hospitals and old age pension plans. That social programs and spending are what’s bankrupting our nations and that only prudent spending and tax increases will balance the nations books and restore the prosperity we enjoyed just a few short years ago. This too is one of the lies the main stream media has been feeding the people. The truth of the matter is the money that our governments should be spending on these programs is now going straight into the pockets of the banks. The admission for these countries to join the G-8/G-20 in the first place was to stop the practice of issuing their own currency though their national banks and to borrow it instead off of private banking interests all in the name of globalism. Because of the large interest charged on these loans (deficits) the whole country (all the people in it) become the property of the private banks that are now calling the shots. So much for democracy, it no longer has any meaning under this finical system.
So why would a so called independent main stream media be complaisant in this scheme, this finical ponzi game?  Because, they are no longer independent. All of the main Stream Media here in Canada and everywhere else for that matter have been bought and taken over by the same supra corporations and banks that have bought and run, both the main Stream political parties you get to vote for in the sham elections. media in Canada are primarily owned by a small number of companies, including  CTVglobemedia, Canwest, Rogers, Shaw, Astral, Newcap and Quebecor. Each of these companies holds a diverse mix of television, cable television, radio, newspaper, magazine and/or internet operations.
Under globalist P.M. Brian Mulroney the media ownership laws in Canada were changed to allow large corporate conglomerates to consolidate all the privately owned media outlets in the country. Today all the news you get outside of the internet is tightly controlled by a small handful of companies.  For example, in 1990, 17.3% of daily newspapers were independently owned; whereas in 2005, 1% were. The same is true for television and radio news outlets.
At one time the founders of many of the free nations of the world foresaw the dangers of a fifth estate that may fall under the influence of a group of men that may wish to take over a free society and made laws so the control of media ownership would not fall into the hands of a few. That was the whole reason why the CRTC was created in Canada in the first place! Today because of globalist policies almost all media in Canada and the world is now in the control of the very same people who wish to control you, your money, the way you think and perceive the world around you.
In June 2006 a Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications gave it’s final report, it expressed concern about the effects of the current levels of news media ownership in Canada. Specifically, the Committee discussed their concerns regarding the following trends: the potential of media ownership concentration to limit news diversity and reduce news quality; the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission]] (CRTC) and Competition Bureau’s ineffectiveness at stopping media ownership concentration; the lack of federal funding for the CBC and the broadcaster’s uncertain mandate and role; diminishing employment standards for journalists (including less job security, less journalistic freedom, and new contractual threats to intellectual property) nothing was ever done, this report was just one more piece of paper your government wasted money on.
So I ask you, who were the bad guys at the G-20 and why are you allowing the controlled media to dictate the way you perceive what really happened there? The revolution will not be televised!

Lawrence McCurry
December 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here is a story for the WTF file. It seems that the Truth movement now has a super hero working on our side. Yes that’s right, a masked super Hero using the simple name of “Truth” has been spotted at three different street actions two with In hours of each other. One on the east coast and the other on the west?

This masked hero dressed in a blue eye mask, Red Vail, Black outfit with a Black Duster Type Jacket with red gloves was spotted at a 9/11 truth action in California last week giving out literature and DVD’s and within an hour and a half , he was also spotted at a protest against the “Church of scientology” in Orlando, Florida the same day. The following day he was once again spotted at a protest in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Even if this new activist is a person with deep pockets and a ton of frequent flyer points there is no way he could have been at both protests within an hour of each other on the same day? At all of these actions this person was asked for his name and answered with the simple reply “TRUTH”

He also asked his fellow activists not to photograph him and left the event in Winnipeg in a hurry when a fellow activist tried to take his picture anyway against his wishes. The internet stream is now buzzing with talk of this new “super Hero” and a rumor that Facebook this week deleted a page dedicated to the new hero of the Truth Movement.

This writer has gotten these stories from reliable sources and does not doubt this really happened, but I do have the following questions. How did this person pull off being at two places within an hour and a half when it would normally take you that long just to get to the airport? Why would he not tell fellow activists who he really is ? And why the wear a mask when that goes against everything the Truth movement is really about? Is it possible that what we have here is a human with super powers? Or could this be one of the elite with a private jet who has decided to change sides and start working with us and is not yet ready to admit who his family connections really are?

Anyone out there who may see this guy at an action or protest please try and get a picture of him and lets find out who this masked truther is. I for one would like an interview with this guy and get the story.

Lawrence McCurry

Nov 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Port St. Lucie Family target of sheriff dept. over criticism of local free masons

Port St. Lucie Family target of sheriff dept. over criticism of local free masons

An internet radio host and his wife in Port St. Lucie Florida claim their home was invaded last night by a deputy of the St. Lucie county sheriff’s dept. while on the air.

The couple, Jeremiah & Samantha Holsclaw are late night hosts on internet radio station NFORMD radio. Jeremiah, known to his listeners as “Rev J” left the late night on air discussion known as “The Round Table” shortly after the start of the midnight show and turned the microphone over to his wife as he felt a pressing need to go to the drug store. His seven year old daughter was not feeling well and was running a small fever. As soon as Mr. Holsclaw and a friend left the house for the drug store, St. Lucie County deputy’s pounded on the couple’s door. Mrs. Holsclaw was startled and announced to her listeners that the police were at the door and left the microphone open as she answered the door. What followed was reminiscent of something one would expect of a Stalinist police state. According to Mrs. Holsclaw when she opened the door deputy Eric Wax and his partner officer Robert Funk pushed their way into the home against the protests of the radio hostess. The sheriff’s deputy at this point started barking orders and threats at the frightened woman waking her small children ( 5&7 years old ) Without stating the reason for the visit, deputy Wax began demanding access to the frightened children and threatening their mother with arrest and stating that “He would have the children taken away” if she did not allow him full access to her home and children on the spot.

While this drama was unfolding on air another host at the station contacted Mr. Holsclaw on his cell phone and urged him to return home, other listeners posted the phone number and address of the St. Lucie sheriff’s County dept. and were contacting the media as it was unfolding live. Before the father of two and radio host even got back home, listeners from as far away as Scotland, England and Canada were posting messages of support and advice in the station’s chat room.

Within minutes “Rev J” returned and spoke to the deputy’s in the driveway of his home and informed them that he would not allow them to disrupt his family in the middle of the night without a warrant. Although the officers made another threat to arrest Mr. Holsclaw for a stolen shopping cart that someone had left on their property, cooler heads prevailed and the sheriff officers left without further incident. This may have been due to numerous calls to the department’s switchboard.

This is not the first time this family has had problems with the St. Lucie county sheriff’s dept. Last November Mr. Holsclaw was charged with resisting arrest, a charge that was dismissed as the department had no grounds to arrest him in the first place. He has also been stopped and body searched since then for no good reason. The couple believes this trouble stems from the fact that they have been openly critical of the Free Mason origination on their “Truth Movement” internet radio station . There have also been allegations in the town where they live that many of the members of the sheriff dept. and the courts are members of the Free Masons and that this may be a conflict of their duty as officers of the court.

Mark Weinberg Public Information Officer of the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office made the following statement : The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office does not harass anyone with regard to whether someone is or is not a Free Mason or an anti-Free Mason. (End Quote)

The fact that Free Masons world wide have a large number of police, court officials and politicians as members and that this organization is alleged to have ties with a shadowy group of people who are actively engaged in pushing a new world order agenda has many people wondering if these officers of the courts are engaged in activity that runs counter to the constitutions and freedoms of all people of the world.

Lawrence McCurry

November 9, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Globalization in Canada

Globalization in Canada

   It’s difficult to understand the push towards the globalization of Canada’s economy without buying into a concept that has been widely dismissed by many as the conspiracy theory of a one world government or the New World Order. Make no mistake here, globalization is real and has been talked about extensively by our Prime Ministers both conservative and Liberal, Both former P.M. Paul Martin and current P.M. Stephen Harper have recently been speaking on the subject. It appears that both major parties in Canada are on the same page when it comes to the subject of globalization, even to the point where both talk about Canada giving up its sovereignty. This is a key point in understanding what these men are talking about, if you don’t fully understand the word sovereignty please grab a dictionary and thesaurus and look it up right now.

So just what is Globalization ?

Well these two men would tell you it is nothing more than a complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural, and political changes seen as increasing, integration, and interaction between people and companies in World Wide locations. A trend toward increased flow of goods, services, money, and ideas across national borders and the subsequent integration of the global economy. Trade agreements, nothing more. So Canada can sell more to the world! Sounds good? Martin even has a cute little jelly bean story that he uses to explain it all. Well there is more to it, a lot more and they don’t talk much about that.

The World Bank :  “Globalization - the growing integration of economies and societies around the world...“

World Trade Organization (WTO) : “Globalization can be defined as a historical stage of accelerated expansion of market capitalism, like the one experienced in the 19th century with the industrial revolution. It is a fundamental transformation in societies because of the recent technological revolution which has led to a recombining of the economic and social forces on a new territorial dimension“

International Forum on Globalization (IFG) : “Globalization is the present worldwide drive toward a globalized economic system dominated by supranational corporate trade and banking institutions that are not accountable to democratic processes or national governments“

What your Prime Minister has not said is “Well Canada you can kiss democracy goodbye” The reason he won’t say this is because you have already lost it. The same supranational corporate trade and banking institutions that the IFG is talking about have already taken over the government of Canada (and most other countries) and the way they have done it is by stacking the major political parties in Canada with their own handpicked people. It is fact, not some conspiracy theory that most of our Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers and many provincial premiers have worked for Paul Desmarais and power Corp. When everybody we elect to Parliament comes from Big corporate and banking interests and go back to them when we vote them out, why would they not work towards handing over the entire country and everyone in it over to the same corporate and Banking control!

    Already we have seen our government start to dismantle our country though bills like C-6, and C-36 which gives control of all your food and medicine over to these supranational corporate concerns, up to the point of kicking down your door to enforce the global regulations. ( No court order needed ) The recent G-20 conference in Toronto was also a very good example of what these globalists think of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Canadian government has been aggressively working towards plans like the security and prosperity proposal (SPP) and The North American Union (NAU). In case you didn’t know, these are plans to merge Canada, The United States and Mexico into one big super Union like the European Union (E.U.) to standardize the laws, regulations, currency and social policies and remove the borders to allow the free flow of the labor force. If you have not already heard about this it is because the media (TV, newspapers and radio) are already owned by these corporations and bankers thanks to a change in the media ownership laws by globalist P.M. Brian Mulroney.

There is nothing that these globalists do not want control of, our schools, prison’s, utilities, hospitals, roads and infrastructure and our national parks. I recently found out that even the street lights in my city (Toronto) are now privately owned. Every government building, road, telephone pole, utility and government service sold to or controlled by the private sector. You may even see your prisons, schools and hospitals being run by private super corporations with McDonalds serving the food. Don’t laugh its being done in the U.S. already. Instead of large corporations and banks paying taxes, your tax money will all go to them. A lot of it already does. Corporate subsidies or what is commonly referred to as corporate welfare is at an all time high. The banks are raking in over a hundred and seventy million dollars a day from Canadian tax payers in interest on the deficit. That money could have been created interest free from the Bank of Canada if not for globalization.

   Should globalization continue under the NAU Mexicans and Americans could freely come to Canada to live and work, social programs that Canadians enjoy like universal health care and others would suffer if not disappear altogether. Our standard of living will not go up but down, that is unless you are a banker, corporate executive or a politician. I’m sure police and government inspectors will do ok. But there is no question about the rest of us, it will not be pleasant. More than just the standardized size of Jelly beans that Mr. Martin would have you believe.

   Once globalization is complete you will have four major trading blocs the NAU the E.U the recently formed African Union and the yet to be formed Asian Union. At this point these four blocs would then form a world council with a world currency governed by The World Bank under the U.N., and by the way, this will not be a democracy because super corporations and banks don’t roll that way.

This is the globalization of the Canadian economy, not my opinion. Recently Prime Minister Stephen Harper said “ Canada does not really have an economy any more, We are in a global economy, Some people may not like it but it’s a reality” As far as Harper is concerned it’s a done deal and you have no say, That’s just the way things are. Well truth be known things are like that because Harper and Martin and others have made it that way. The truth is the global economy needs Canada not the other way around. Canada has no need for an outfit like Wal-Mart to sell us junk that is made in China. All those jobs that have left this country can come back to Canada and we can make our own junk and sell it in a Canadian store that we could call say…..Eaton’s and if that global economy, those global supranational corporate trade and banking institutions want Canadian lumber, Sudbury nickel, PEI spuds they can make us a fair deal on our terms.

 Free Trade, foreign bankers, the American military complex, Chinese toys and tainted pet food, Corporations and politicians that will have our Canadian sovereignty can GO TO HELL!

  No Mr. Harper some people don’t like it and I’m telling them they don’t have to accept it either! Canadians can take back our sovereignty, We can elect a government that will take control back from the banks the power to create our own money, We can take back our natural resources from the multinational corporations that think they own them and produce what Canada needs right here in Canada. If the rest of the world, that global community, wants what Canada has to offer, let them come to us deal fairly and on OUR terms.

Globalization is not a reality Mr. Harper. It is an evil plan of the global elite and Canadians can see right through what your Conservative’s and the Liberal party are doing and we will put a stop to it, right here in Canada.

Lawrence McCurry – August 20, 2010

A very good documentary on the NAU

Prime Minister Stephen Harper on sovereignty

Paul Martin on Canadian sovereignty

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toronto was the ball in the New World Order Cup

It’s now been a week since the G-8,G-20 summits in Toronto. I’ve felt I needed to take this time to step back and look at what really happened here before I write about it. There are two aspects to consider, the crime that was committed behind the fence and crimes committed on the other side of the fence in what the police did on the streets to draw attention away from it.

At the G-20 meeting world leaders met in luxury to discuss how the people of their country’s would adhere to fiscal consolidation and international financial reform to pay off deficits and to bring government spending in line with GNP, while at the same time instituting taxes to combat global climate issues and promote green initiatives . Bank taxes to fund the IMF World Bank were left up to individual countries (Their banking systems). Our Prime minister stressed over and over at a post G-20 press conference that Canada is in a global economy and that Canadians may not like it as it’s a loss of our national Sovereignty….If you cut though all the political double speak, what was being done at the G-20 was plans were being made to tax the populations of the world to an even greater extent for the benefit of the banks who all these politicians are in the employ of! At the same time more planning was made to convert the economic monetary systems of the world in anticipation of the one world government and the one world monetary system of the IMF & U.N. World Bank. This fiscal consolidation and international financial reform they speak of is also referred to as austerity measures or in plain speak the cutting of social programs like health care, education, and public infrastructure so more of your tax money can be given to the banks, disguised as the system of theft that has been set up as compounded interest on sham loans of money printed by the banks and loaned to your government.

Make no mistake about this people. The Canadian and world governments have been taken over by private banks and mega corporations to install a one world government or new world order as some have called it. This world government is not a democracy, it is a fascist dictatorship. You do not get a vote, they think they own you! Why is it that Stephen Harper and Liberal prime Ministers before him like Paul Martin have all come out and publicly stated that Canada must give up its Sovereignty?

Please grab a dictionary or a thesaurus and look up the word Sovereignty right now! Your fathers and grandfathers fought and died for this sovereignty that your government is so Horney to give away!

The controlled main stream media must also take some blame for everything that happened over the weekend as well, for not telling the truth about what the G-20 meetings are really all about, for not reporting on what the protesters were protesting about or how police were violating people’s rights under the charter since long before the meetings ever began.

While leaders inside the fence furthered their plans to fleece the people though the criminal banking system, outside the fence the police gave the public a lesson in how foolish people have been in believing the constitution and the charter of rights and freedoms is more than just another piece of toilet paper. What I witnessed over those three days was something I thought only happened in third world banana republics or communist countries. What I saw happening on a very large scale was illegal search and seizures, mass assaults on people who were committing no crimes and mass arrests of people who again were committing no crime. In many cases these people were not even protesters, but merely people walking on the streets of the city they called home. After the police had illegally thrown what may have been well over a thousand people into a make shift cage, they admitted the law they used to arrest them never existed! Many were held for up to twenty-four hours, their hands bound with plastic ties, in makeshift cages with no place to sit except a cold dirty concrete floor. Twenty to thirty people in a small cage with a portable toilet, no door, no toilet paper, made to beg for water and food, which they were seldom given, no access to medical attention or a telephone to call a lawyer. Women were strip searched by male officers, not given access to female sanitary products, made to use the open toilet while male officers watched and made comments about how they would be raped in prison.

The police chief Bill Blair quickly went on television telling lies and making lame excuses for the police excesses. He claimed rubber bullets were never used when they were clearly shown doing so with the protesters picking up the bullets and showing them on TV. He also showed a cache of weapons he claims were confiscated from protesters that later turned out to be toys taken from a man who was stopped on his way to a role playing game. The padded arrows, chain saw and rubber ax were no more than props for the game.

When it became clear the chief was floundering in public, the Mayor and premier of Ontario went on television to back him up, declaring he did a fine job under difficult circumstances. That after the action of the Black Block Anarchists on Saturday, the stepping up of police actions were justified.

Let’s look at how the police handled the block then. In my last article I recounted how I had witnessed the police allow the BB past police lines in Saturday’s march and head towards Yonge St. to break windows where police had mysteriously disappeared and how police all but put a bow on a police car that was given over to protesters to burn while police stood back and watched. This car was not torched by the mob but by a couple of masked anarchists while most of the crowd stood back and took pictures. In fact it is the very way that police responded to the tactics of the Black Block that has led to wide spread speculation that some of these masked vandals may have been police provocateurs. There is no doubt in my mind this was all done on orders from above to justify the obscene amount of money spent on this meeting of world criminals.

Well Premier McGuinty, Mayor Miller, Chief Blair know this, Property damage committed by a small handful of vandals does not justify violating the rights of thousands of people! You along with Stephen Harper have committed a crime that far exceeds any crime that was committed by masked anarchists over the G-20 weekend! A crime that was perpetrated on all Canadians. The Canadian people may demand that you all be put in a cell for what you have done and they will be right in doing so.

Lawrence McCurry

July 6, 2010

For more on how our government is selling you out watch the new film from Press For Truth
 “United We Fall”

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fear and mayhem in Toronto

Fear and mayhem in Toronto

So much has happened to my city over the last three days, in this report I am only going to try and give you a quick over view of what I personally saw and experienced and leave the political commentary for later. I’m tired after five days of protest and morally discouraged. As I sit here just after midnight Sunday I almost feel like giving up trying to explain what happened and just give up writing altogether.

Friday June 24 – Allen Gardens

What a difference a day makes! Friday’s protest marked a drastic change in attitude from the police in Toronto. Up to that point the police were telling protesters they only wanted peace and were friendly with protesters, starting with Friday’s OCAP protest the police clearly had a change of heart about being nice guys and started confronting peaceful protesters for no reason.
As I got off the streetcar at Allen Gardens where the protest was to start from, Police were grabbing people entering the park ripping protest signs out of their hands, destroying them, and searching people’s bags whether they consented to being searched or not .

I watched as one police officer played tug of war with a protester over a protest sign while another ripped an umbrella from the hands of a very old lady, handed their booty off to another officer who took them away with the old lady running behind trying to get her brolly back. ( She did not, they stole and destroyed it )

As I started to photograph this scene I had an officer bark orders at me that I was not allowed to stand there and take pictures and to move away, when I ignored his request he ordered this officer to stand in front of me and put up his hands to block my camera. After dogging the officer that was blocking me for a minute or two the sergeant decided to take pictures of me, so I took one back.
After this I walked into the park where it was a party atmosphere.
With bands playing festive music and people making speeches the ugliness of police at the entrance to the park was quickly forgotten. There were many disabled people in this crowd listening intently to speeches about how the government is discontinuing the special diet allowance for people on disability and how these people find it impossible to live on what they receive. People also talked about the ten year waiting list for disabled people to get affordable housing.
As expected this was not reported in the media. The buzz in the park was about a secret law that the government pulled out of their butt that nobody had ever heard of, the law which forces a person to produce I.D. on demand and failure to do so meant three months and a $500.00 fine. I was not the only one who thought this smacked of Nazi Germany.
After the speeches the homeless who call the park home and the protesters lined up for a fabulous vegetarian lunch that was filling and very tasty. Well fed and calmed down from the harsh police welcome to the park we were ready to start the march. The crowd of over a thousand people started to make their way up Carlton Street. I joined the march with a group of topless women thinking that was the safe crew to march with. The march was peaceful until we hit yonge St. where the police threw a line across the street trying to stop the march there. The police backed off their line and let the march go on one more block to Bay Street where they held the line and let the march go no further. Except for one incident where police waded into the crowd to arrest one protester and shoot a blast of pepper spray into the crowd for good measure. The protest was very peaceful and there was no good reason for the violence at that time. From where I was it looked like the police attacked for no good reason. For the most part the crowd was very peaceful and the police did not attack again. The next day that was all to change, On Saturday all hell was to break loose in Toronto the good.
Saturday June 25 – Queens Park (Ontario Provincial Legislature)
Saturday was a hot humid day and it was raining cats and dogs as I got off the subway at Queens Park. Thousands of people standing in the rain in the park, spirits were high in the crowd as those in particular groups formed together ready to fall into place in the march as a group. Many, many different groups with their banners, whole family’s with their children, union groups and native groups with colours
flying. Everybody happy and hopeful, except one small group of about thirty people, all dressed in black, faces covered, huddled in a very tight small group under a tree. The Black Block was here with about 10 to 15 unmasked supporters who ran around blocking and swatting at any camera trying to take a picture of them.
At the time I thought to myself that they were going to start trouble and if the cops wanted to, they could get these guys all at once with little trouble from the union protesters who did not want them in the march anyway. The other protesters stayed away from these guys and there were people openly asking why they did not get scooped up by the heavy police presence.So the march began, at least 30 thousand people with this small group of criminals right smack in the middle of the line. The march was to go down university to Queen St., up Queen to Spadina and back north again to the park.
Everybody knew the trouble would start at the bottom of the U, which was closest to the fence but still blocks away from the 20 meeting. Again why did they not take out the block before the trouble started? As the march made its way down the street the sun came out and people enjoyed the company of many different groups together in one purpose. The police however like the day before, again not being friendly. As the march got to the bottom of the loop and turned north on Queen Street a line of riot police fell in and set up a line behind end of the march, when the end of the march, where I was by this time reached the point where the march turned north again it happened.

There was some kind of device going off putting out a lot of smoke, I don’t know if this was set off by police or if it was fireworks by the free Tibet group but almost if on cue, the black block changed direction and came running back around the corner towards the police line at the rear of the march spooking hundreds of people not knowing which way to run. Was there trouble up ahead? Were the block running from the police or right at them? Nobody knew where to go, we were a couple of hundred people that were left behind from the march and most of the crowd were chasing the BB to find out where they were going. What happened next was hard to believe, the police let the Black Block anarchists go right by or though the police line ( I could not see which ) and boxed in the innocent protesters. The black clad anarchists had run off as a group unmolested by police to run up Yonge Street breaking windows.

It would seem all the police that were on Yonge St. had disappeared to leave the BB to run amok while they boxed in whoever was left behind. After a long time of hanging out trying to figure out what to do next, most people went the way the parade had gone as this was the only way open to leave the area. What happened next was odd as well, an old police cruiser had parked behind the police line, the police moved the line back leaving the old cruiser behind to be torched by the young wanna be’s that were left behind, (mostly kids looking for trouble and news media that seemed to know something was going to happen for their benefit. ) When the car was torched the police just stood back and watched, it seemed to me that the trunk may have been filled with live ammunition of some type.
I took this as a sign to leave the area before I ended up in the police “rat cage” for the rest of the weekend. I had to walk a long way in the wrong direction to try to loop around back to the subway. Along the way I stopped and sat on the steps of a daycare across from the Art Gallery of Ontario and spoke with a pretty young protester named Anna who was an exchange student from L.A. she told me that the day was kind of like the day of the L.A. riots and warned tomorrow may be worse, she was right. By the time I reached the main drag of the city I found the police had closed down the public transit to the downtown core trapping thousands of people with no way out except to walk.I had already been walking all day and
was beat,lots of other people were in the same boat, it would be getting dark soon and was starting to rain again. On the busiest corner in Canada, Yonge and Dundas I met a 9/11 truther named Mike that was giving out literature.

Mike told me that at one point hours earlier, all the cops in the area had piled into the black SUV’s they had been tooling around town in and disappeared, shortly after the Black Block boys who had been in my march had come running up the street and started mayhem on a scale not seen in this city before. As I walked up Canada’s longest street I felt like I was a refugee walking though a war zone. This was a neighborhood I knew well as I had worked here for years as a young man. Windows were broken all the way up the street to collage where I am told the BB boys had changed clothes and gone north heading back towards Queens Park and the U of T grounds, a good place to play cat and mouse with the cops. As I dragged my tired butt up the street though block after block of broken glass, I started thinking about what I’d seen that day. Could the police have planned it this way? It seemed crazy, was all this destruction not what they were trying to avoid?

 I needed more information and a a place to rest for a couple of hours before hiking my way up to where the public transit might still be running, that’s if the whole thing had not been shut down. In my whole life I could not ever remember them shutting the subway down.

I found a pay phone and called an old girlfriend who lived in a neighborhood just a little north and east referred to in Toronto as “The Gay Ghetto” As I got to the homosexual strip in town it was business as usual. The cafes were full of people and it seemed like just another Saturday night in the district of trendy gay bars and restaurants. You would never know that just blocks away it was as if a bomb had gone off. When I got to my friends apt. I was greeted with a large glass of Ice water and a glass of wine. I collapsed on her sofa with her large dog and turned on the news as she made me a much needed meal. What I was watching on television blew my mind; three or four police cars had been torched. Looked like the police were getting rid of some older cars in their fleet ( none of the shiny new black SUV’s were burning just older cars ) I stayed at my friends place for an hour and a half then started the march north where I learned the East-West subway line was still running. I got to my home in east Toronto just before midnight. My cat welcomed me wanting to be fed and I fell asleep slumped in front of my computer.

Sunday June 27

Sunday morning found me a little shell shocked, I was receiving e-mail and facebook messages about protests that were to take place in an hour or two at the temporary holding cages where police were keeping protesters in conditions that are worse than those we keep animals in at the humane centre. The TV was filled with images of police brutally mashing protesters into the sidewalks with background voice overs of people calling in to support what violence the police were committing on its own citizens. The media was starting the spin on what had happened the day before. They would tone that spin down a little (just a little) later in the day when their own reporters started getting arrested too. I decided to stay at home and ride the controlled media live coverage on Sunday, I could see which way the wind was blowing and knew it was going to be even uglier than the day before. As the TV gave me more rubber bullets and tear gas, police raids on the U of T campus where the BB boys were staying. Again if they knew where they were why did they not pick them up before the trouble began? It seems to me that leading up to Saturday they had no problem arresting people for no reason at all like Charlie Veitch of The Love Police.

I wanted to get started on this article on Sunday but could still not wrap my head around all that was still happening and did not start writing this until well after midnight. All day I’ve been dealing with hate mail and comments made to me on facebook from people who thought I should be in jail just for going to protest meetings this week. A sample of the type of things I was dealing with Sunday can be summed up by a facebook message I received from my own little brother before he deleted me from his Facebook page.

"hey asshole, I have a right to express my opinion just as much as your twisted one, and tell me big man, just what were they protesting for? Maybe if they contributed to society they would feel better about themselves, you and your little band of punks should be shot, go play with your little pals and destroy property, go on now, just be home before the lights come on little fella, oh by the way if these people want socialism they can move elsewhere."

Over the last year I’ve had a major operation, my mother died and I’ve broken up with my wife of over twenty years. I have lost my business, my family and have been trying to live on the little I receive from disability. Now after days of protest and being pushed around by police, suffering with breathing problems because of the weather and strain of being on my feet for days, I find out how much I am hated by one of my two brothers for trying to save this country from people who would sell it out from underneath us. To save it from men who would give away the Sovereignty that my late father fought for in the Second World War, to save this country that I love and care so passionately about.

This is my account; this is what I saw and what I did. I’m done; I have nothing left but tears. Make of it what you will.

Lawrence McCurry

June 28, 2010 4:28 A.M.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making Waves

A special G-20 Report

On Wednesday at the G-20, Stephen Harper’s 1.9 million dollar fake lake made waves as a small earth quake was felt in Toronto. The tsunami in Harper’s lake is small potatoes compared to the wave of protesters that will hit the city on the weekend.

This week Harper endorsed new Sanctions against Iran in support of the United Nations and the American military complex. He is also playing host to Chinese president Hu Jintao who as well as attending the G-20 is making his first state visit to Canada as well. Hu said that China is ready to work with Canada to further expand exchanges and cooperation in various fields, push forward the China-Canada strategic partnership and bring even more benefits to the people of the two countries and around the world. It makes me wonder what people Hu is referring to here? In his own country this “strategic partnership” means slave wages and poverty and in Canada it means long lines at the unemployment office and food banks. Maybe the people Hu is talking about here are the ones that own Wal-Mart, as well as the corporate weasels and politicians that are getting rich off this partnership. All I know is that neither Harper nor any of the past Prime Ministers have asked me or any other Canadian if they thought it was a good idea to get so chummy with a communist dictatorship that has no regard at all for human rights.

Wednesday’s protest was a toxic tour of Toronto, about 300 people concerned about the U.S. oil spill and the environmental and social impacts of Canada's extractive industries such as the Alberta tar sands. The march was peaceful like all of the protests so far in Toronto.

Thursday Morning brought me to Queens Park and the G-20 NATIVE RESISTANCE protest. This was the biggest protest so far this week. I got to the south lawn of Queens Park just after 11:00 A.M. and the protest was well under way with speakers and drummers on the steps of the Ontario Parliament building.
      Most of the large police presence kept to the perimeter of the park as the native organizers had their own security presence in red t-shirts that made sure the protest remained peaceful.
    After about an hour of speeches and song by native leaders that wished to bring native issues and the state of our mother earth to the attention of the world leaders, the march started. Well over 1500 protesters and media then began the march down University Ave. with a large gang of police on bicycles riding ahead to line the route.
 At one point I fell to the back of the march not moving as fast as I might have as a younger man and a friendly red shirted native security man bringing up the rear stopped to make sure I was ok and to warn me to keep up with the protest to make sure there would be no trouble with the police present. After a short stop to chant outside the American consulate the march moved on to the Eaton Centre at Queen and Yonge St.
After the march I paid a visit to the Convergence Space at 1226
 Queen st. W,

The Convergence space is run by the Toronto community mobilization network and is a sort of head quarters for all the protests that have been taking place in Toronto this week. Right at the door I was told that as an activist I was welcome to come in and put my feet up and have something to eat, as a journalist I was not welcome, no pictures, no interviews, with anybody, Period.
Since after a long march I was thirsty and tired I pocketed my note book and Camera and as a fellow protester I stepped behind the big black Curtain to a large open space. There were large tables with fresh food piled high and a water cooler that I made a bee line for. Pretty young tattooed girls were making food for protesters that I assumed were coming later and for the very short time I stayed I was made to feel welcome.

As southern Ontario and around the city is hit with severe weather, tornados and even an earth quake, The G-20 and the protesters are the issue that is foremost in the minds of the people of Toronto.

Amidst police paranoia and common type arrests that are being blamed on G20 security, the world leaders start to roll into town. As these leaders nosh on goodies and expensive drink prepared by a team of world class chefs at tax payers expense, young protesters spread their sleeping bags on concrete floors and give thanks for scrounged and donated food. You can’t help but catch the enthusiasm and dedicated spirit of these young protesters that only wish to make this a better world for all of us. Which is more than I can say for these fat cat world leaders that come to spin their secret plans.

The large protests start tomorrow, If this week has been any indicator the viloance and mayhem that the media and security generals have been looking forward too may not happen. Either way the downtown core will be hard to navigate and the next few days will tell. I’ll keep you posted.

Lawrence McCurry

June 24, 2010