Monday, November 21, 2011

Who is behind the control of the Occupy Toronto Movement?

Who is behind the control of the Occupy Toronto Movement?

    Modern brain washing methods were established thousands of years ago by the Roman army. It is the basis for modern day religious cults and armed forces (boot camp). It is well known that a mixture of a low protein diet, lack of sleep, communal living with a mixture of constant indoctrination, marches or hard labour and throw in some chanting (NLP or peoples mic) and bingo you have a brain washed cult.
    That is not to say that is what Occupy Toronto is. But I have noted that the leaders of this leaderless movement (The facilitators) can be compared to cult leaders. They do not live in the park, always have clean clothes, ride heard over the more politically minded members and only show up all at the same time when there are concerns about something they want passed or voted down at a general assembly meeting. These facilitators do have followers who blindly back their call as well.
    I and other activists have had reservations about these facilitators since before the occupation started at St. James Park a month ago. Some of these concerns stem from the fact they all have a history in the environmental movement and connection with groups that have in the past supported the carbon taxes the governments seem to pushing these days. Many of them come from a highly suspect group out of the University of Toronto known as the Toronto People's Assembly on Climate Justice which many see as a group that was started to support the man made global warming hoax of U.S. politician Al Gore.  These facilitators are the same people who took control of the pre-meeting in Berczy park a week before the occupation began and have not significantly added to that team or stepped down since. They openly speak about the training they have received but not where or from whom that training came?
     There are many questions I have been asking that are not being answered. Who has signing authority on the bank account? How is the movement registered and in who’s name so this bank account can even exist? How much money is there, what are these funds being used for, who paid for the post office box, true or not true that there has been office space rented? At Berczy park they spoke of anonymous donations, what was the nature of these donations, where did they come from and who agreed on this practice?
      There’s been some pretty suspect decisions made at the Occupy camp such as the support and march in favor of the “Robin Hood Tax” This was decided at a general assembly on a cold and rainy Tuesday night. The following Saturday, the day of the march not only were there a lot of CUPE union supporters in the park but hundreds of free tee shirts and buttons. In the following week of talking to at least 80 to 100 people I only found one who admitted he supported this tax. In fact the Ontario Federation of Labour and other Labour unions have poured thousands of dollars into the Occupy movement. Even though the Occupy group face a court case on Monday that could mean their eviction from St. James park.
     For weeks I have been listening to people who feel the movement is being held back, held back from actions that speak to the real concerns that the majority joined this movement for. While most wish to make statements to address their political concerns the leaders block all statements of a political nature from being passed. While those who wish to march on the banks and corporations that they see as the root of the problems we all face. The people who control the movement pimp them out to labour unions to further their agenda. These leaders have also given preferential treatment to native concerns by allowing them to lead every march and speak first at rallies. Although most sympathize with the plight of native peoples they don’t believe that’s what this movement is about and see support being lost due to this lack of focus.
   There was a group that I was a part of that produced a document, a list of demands that was compiled after three weeks of talking to people and the group felt this was a consensus of what many people were saying. This document was also a test to see if it was possible to get anything passed at the G.A. It was decided to try and pass this document in the open with as many people as possible in attendance, on a Saturday afternoon. For a week hundreds of copies were passed around the park. It was posted to the web site, face book, read many times on the live stream and talked about in the alternative media. When the day to vote came along, the facilitators decided to push the general assembly back from 6PM to 7pm at the last minute. So the list was read to a crowd of about 150 people to wild cheers and support. Since no facilitators could be found to start the G.A. it was finally called at 7:30 when one showed up after threats of starting the meeting without one. For the next hour and a half another irrelevant matter was discussed that in the end turned out to be a moot issue. By the time the topic of the widely supported document came up most of the supporters had left the park. Oddly enough at this late hour all the facilitators suddenly were in attendance with supporters and with this smaller group the document was voted down.
    Since that day many people who have brought up the document on chat or face book have been banned. There has been an organized smear campaign against myself that have included letters to the leader of the political party I am a member of and web sites that have published my work in the past. In fact in the last week there has been a lot of censorship of anybody asking questions about the bank account or any other subject concerning transparency in the movement, As of Sunday night there has been at least 40 people banned from the O.T. face book page and articles critical of the movement have been deleted from the web site.
    Also this week while the movement has been in court fighting an eviction notice from the city, the leaders still found the time to attend an "Occupied Economies" panel with representatives from Occupy Toronto, and David Miller, former Toronto Mayor now working as an advisor to the World Bank. The Occupy Toronto movement sent an anonymous spokesperson; a current Bay Street investment advisor, whose identity was kept secret. In the same week globalist and former Prime Minister Paul Martin even announced support for the Occupy Movement and 'Redistribution Programs'
    With all this going on the leaders in this so called leaderless movement still refuse to allow any statement critical of government or banking interests to be released. It has gotten to the point that many in the park and the movement as a whole are asking questions openly. I have seen the woman named Claudia, ( last name still not confirmed ) who has been put in charge of the bank account three times in the past week and each time she has literally run away from me while shouting over her shoulder that she will get in touch with me. The lack of transparency is an issue dogging this movement that will not go away.
    Whether Mayor Rob Ford evicts the movement from the park or not the Occupy movement will go on. The people of Toronto and the rest of Canada support this popular movement. Canada and the world have woken up to the fact that there is an evil corruption in their mist and will stand for it no longer. Attempts to control this movement and the impact it will have on our society will in the end fail. The question that is now being asked is who is behind this control and how long will it take to wrestle the control of the movement back so we can get on with the business of setting the country and the world back on track.
Lawrence McCurry
November 20, 2011                                                                  control of out spoken person in the park
Why is one of the lead facilitators in this film (day 1) on a first name basis with the police?

Occupy Toronto proposed List of demands

we propose the Occupy Toronto Movement consider and vote that the following statement to be issued to all media on behalf of the movement
   It has become clear that globalism and corporate greed have become a detriment to the majority of Canadians. It has also become apparent that our political system serves these banking and corporate interests and not majority of Canadians that have elected them to their office to serve the people of Canada. 
   We the people of the Occupy Toronto Movement demand on behalf of the people of Canada the following policies be instituted immediately.

1.       An end to the fractional reserve banking system, that the government Of Canada return to financing the public debt though the Bank of Canada interest free and reclaim the power to create our own currency away from the private banking system. 

2.       Restrictions be placed on the rights of corporations. Corporations are not people and should not share the same rights of people. Corporations must be banned from making political donations. Corporations should be taxed on the import of finished goods and machinery as well as a heavy tax on the out sourcing of labor and jobs outside of Canada. Excessive executive recompense has also become detrimental to Canadian business and should also be restricted by law.

3.       A healthy fourth estate being essential to the democratic process, a return to stringent media ownership laws are necessary to insure a free press in Canada.

4.       An immediate end to all Canadian military intervention in all foreign countries.

5.       It is clear that our current political system does not represent the wishes or needs of the Canadian people therefore we demand that a national dialog be undertaken to deal with the pressing need for political reform in Canada.

6.       For too long Corporations and the wealthiest income earners in Canada have not met their obligations to rest of the country, the belief that giving tax breaks to this group creates employment is a fallacy. We therefore demand that policies be instituted that require large corporations and the top ten percent of income earners be taxed at a higher rate and that taxes for the rest of Canadians be reduced.

7.       The Canadian criminal code be reviewed and policing policies be examined to ensure the rights and freedoms of Canadians are upheld and that the charter of rights and freedoms be strictly adhered to by all police services across Canada. Furthermore all Canadian police services submit to the authority of civilian review committees.

8.       All policies and negotiations that threaten Canadian sovereignty such as CETA, SPP, and Border Security agreements are suspended immediately, and Canada’s participation in international agreements such as Codex Alimentarius and agenda 21 are put on hold pending review in a more public forum. Canadian sovereignty is to be considered the right of the people and not to be traded or bartered by our government.

9.       Canada’s natural resources are to be considered the property of all the Canadian people. All harvesting, mining, logging and oil extraction to be reviewed with consideration to environmental impact and benefit to the people of Canada and not the corporations that extract them.

10.   Basic human rights and freedoms of the individual are to be considered paramount, and shall supersede all laws passed by government. Every Canadian has the right to food, shelter, basic education and health care and the freedom to live unencumbered of excessive government intervention. 

we propose this document be distributed amongst the people of Occupy Toronto and voted on in the afternoon general assembly on Saturday November 12, 2011 and if passed, issued as a press release on behalf of the Occupy Toronto Movement immediately that day.