Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bill Blair is the criminal in Rob Ford Crack Scandal

Bill Blair is the criminal in Rob Ford Crack Scandal

   Today the real story once again is the one the main stream media is playing down. The brother of Mayor Rob Ford, Councilor Doug Ford called for the resignation of police Chief Bill Blair.

   As stated in my previous article the head of the Toronto police service Bill Blair has been blackmailing politicians for years. Today Doug Ford did not go that far in his accusations of Blair only mentioning that Blair was too close with the politicians on his side. Citing a fishing vacation he went on with police board member Andrew Pringle. “This is the most political police chief this city’s ever seen. He went out believing he was the judge, jury and executioner, he’s created a bias towards the mayor, he’s also compromised himself and jeopardized the case,” Doug Ford said. He also told radio station AM 640 the chief “wanted to go out and put a political bullet right between the mayor’s eyes.”

     It’s clear that Bill Blair, who holds an unelected position in this city, thinks he can subvert the democratic process and get rid of politicians who don’t play ball with him and his agenda. Rob Ford came to office saying he was going to stop the gravy train at Toronto city hall and Blair and the TPS are the last people with a ticket to ride. The list of police officers in Toronto making over a hundred thousand dollars a year is large. Bill Blair has been acting like this is his city to run the way he sees fit for years. When Jack Layton was running in the last federal election he leaked to the press that Layton had been caught in a massage parlor raid. I was also told by a Toronto detective that he also blackmailed Olivia Chow into resigning from the police board months after the OCAP riots at Queens Park back in 2000. The real criminal in this whole affair is the police chief himself Bill Blair!

   Now let’s look at the real reason for this media circus. Why are we hearing across Canada about Fords drinking and drug habit when Montreal has gone through five mayors in the last year due to them taking bribes and money from organized crime and developers? Very little from the media about that? What about Hamilton’s mayor causing total havoc by implementing ICLEI policy dictated by the U.N.’s agenda 21 program? Again nothing from the press about that? Rob Ford did however stand up to the globalists, when the province added a unnecessary level of control in the form of Metrolink over the TTC to take control of transit planning,  Ford stood up to the globalist organization’s plans and announced the people wanted subways and not the light rail transit dictated by the agenda 21 Metrolink. Rob Ford cannot be bought, bribed or blackmailed it appears. The guy got elected to city hall and did exactly what he said he was going to do and cut out the corrupt and stupid spending practices at city hall. That’s unique for a politician these days. The media and the police chief are pushing a globalist corporate agenda. Rob Ford has stood up to that agenda and has always done what is in the interests of the common man in this city.

     I like many others in Toronto don’t really care what a man does on his own time; it’s what he does in his office as mayor that makes a difference in our lives. I still support him and will vote for him again.
     Like the rest of us Rob Ford is only a man. There are few of us that can say we have never gotten drunk and done something stupid that we regret in the morning. Rob said today that he got drunk and may have smoked crack. Is he still smoking crack? He said no and I believe that. Even with this new admission I still maintain that Rob Ford is the most honest man at city hall.

Lawrence McCurry

Nov. 5, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why I still support Rob Ford!

Why I still support Rob Ford!

    Once again the controlled main stream media is after the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford over drug allegations and a film no one has seen yet. While the mayor keeps his silence about what’s really going on I will be happy to air everyone’s dirty laundry here.
   First off the so called “Crack film” is most likely not a film of Ford smoking crack, I believe it is a film of Rob smoking pot out of a glass bong. I have known many crack smokers in my day and not one of them was a fat guy like our mayor and myself. Rapid weight loss is a sure sign of a crack smoker and I don’t believe Rob Ford smokes crack. He has however publicly admitted to smoking pot more than once just like millions of other Canadians do every day. The film, if it exists is ford smoking pot not crack!

     Would it be such a bad thing if our mayor was smoking pot (or crack for that matter)??? No, I don’t care at all. As long as he is doing what I voted him in for (and that’s keeping the cost of running this city down) then who cares. Rob Ford got elected in this city because he is the most honest guy in city hall. Under the Miller administration I did a lot of business with councillors at city hall, I had a wholesale picture framing business. With all the other councillors at city hall I would send them a 30 day invoice and wait much longer than that to get paid and when I did it was always a city of Toronto cheque. That’s right you paid for the pictures I did for them and that included the mayor at the time David Miller. Ford however was always a different story. He paid COD with a personal cheque out of his own pocket. His office as a councillor was different than the others as well. The other councillors all spent big money on new office furniture when they moved into city hall. Not Ford, when Ford went into city hall as a councillor he sent his staff down to the basement and pulled out some old furniture from the 60s which cost the tax payer nothing! When he ran for Mayor saying he was going to stop the bleeding of the tax payer at city hall that’s just what he did, and that’s unusual for a politician these days.

   Now for these drug allegations, Rob has admitted that he has smoked pot many times just like the leader of the federal Liberals Justin Trudeau has. So what? Millions of Canadians do, we all know it should be legal and most likely will be soon. I don’t care. What concerns me more is I believe the chief of police in Toronto has been blackmailing Ford with it even before he was elected to the Mayor’s office! That’s right, the real story here is the chief of police Bill Blair may have been blackmailing Toronto politicians for years! Case in point, When Jack Layton was running in the last federal election it was leaked to the press by some un-named police source that Layton had been caught in a massage parlor raid and released without charges. Why did this happen and who was the source that leaked this tidbit to the media? I was also told by a Toronto detective that the reason Olivia Chow backed off her criticisms of Toronto police handling of the famous OCAP riot at the Ontario legislator building in June of 2000 was because she was threatened with exposure by chief Bill Blair. Seems Chow was caught in a lesbian bath house raid later that same year and while others were charged she was not.

    For years I have been hearing rumors that Chief Bill Blair has been using his office and the secret knowledge it brings to blackmail and manipulate politicians in a way that would have made J Edgar Hoover look like a rookie.

   I remember well when Rob Ford was running for mayor he made a speech to his supporters at a banquet hall in Scarborough where every time he paused cheers went up, except when he said he would take some of the money saved and spend it on more police officers. BAM at that point you could hear a pin drop in that room. I don’t think that was Fords idea. I think he was persuaded into that unpopular position by someone in the force who might have been holding something over him in that election campaign.

   It’s my opinion that chief of police Bill Blair is the real criminal here and if we had an honest media it would be Blair whose head they would be calling for. Yes I support Rob Ford whether he is doing drugs or not because he’s the best mayor for the people and not sucking up to corporate interests like past mayors have.  Good luck Rob.

Lawrence McCurry

Oct. 31 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Sad Protest

A Sad Protest

    In the first hours of July 27, 2013 Sammy Yatim (18) was alone on a streetcar after having pulled a knife and exposing himself. Many of his friends and relatives have said this behavior was unusual for Sammy. He was at that age where he had just left home for the first time after a fight with his father about finding employment and may have been at the crisis point in his life that all young men face at one time. He never had the chance to get over that hump in life however as a young Toronto police officer shot him nine times and then another tasered his corpse for good measure.

   This is not the first time Toronto police have acted with quick and deadly violence when de-escalation and a more human approach may have been called for. The big difference in this case is there was more than one very good video clip with sound that was released by the main stream media right away. As this kind of film and the exposure it was given often does, it affects people on an emotional level, people who tend to act from a gut level reaction. It also sets in motion a response from people who will take advantage of these people for their own political ends.

     Almost right away a protest was called and promoted in social media. I did not attend this first protest as I was sure it would be the circus that it was. My good friend Greg Renouf did however and covered it with insight on his blog site.

    A second protest was called after Sammy had been laid to rest and it is that second protest that we will look at here.

    I fully supported the idea of this second protest as a clear message needed to be sent to Chief Bill Blair about the heavy handed and violent state his police department has deteriorated into in this city. I had also hoped that this protest would be more dignified and the fringe element might work to keep the stupids and nut jobs in check. But once again they too were out in droves.

    The day started with a couple of interesting things. First Chief Blair called an enquiry into the shooting appointing department friend and retired Judge Dennis O’Connor. Enquiries and recommendations from past hearings and investigations have not been implemented by the chief or his department so why he thought this time around would do anything to placate the public is anybody’s guess.

    The second interesting development was The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) Called a press conference with relatives and family of past police shooting victims. Yatim’s family was conspicuously absent. One cannot help but wonder how the leadership of this union came to the conclusion that its membership had given it the mandate to get involved in political matters that have nothing once so ever to do with this union? There are however ties between the unions and the fake activists/socialist anarchists (Black Bloc) that think they control all protest and social justice matters in this country. Members of this union realize that some of the alternative media have exposed their connections with these violent anarchists and at the news conference Director of Communications for the OFL, Joel Duff assaulted an alternative media photographer in an attempt to ensure their spin on the story and protest to follow the press conference would be the only one the public would see.

   At the corner of Dundas and Yonge where the protest march was to start from, the first people to show up along with the regular members of the communist party of Canada (who are fixtures at these events) were the fake activists/anarchists that think they control all protest and social justice actions in this country. The big players this day were two people that were charged with violent offences during the G-20. Sayed Hussan and Alex Hundert. Hussan arrived with an arm load of slick and expensive protest signs.
(One wonders who paid for these?)

   But his real job this day was to ride herd over three young teenage girls who were to be the star of this show, Sammy Yatim’s sixteen year old sister and friends about the same age. The second these young naive girls showed up they were hustled onto the back of a pick-up truck complete with a sound system and microphone.
In front of a crowd of about 500 people they were treated like rock stars for the day with big strong guys to keep back the press and anybody who might get close enough to ask questions. It was clear they were looking to Sayed Hussan for cues to what to say and chants to lead the crowd. Alex Hundert and others were there as well and many times though out the day I would see these girls look to these guys for what to do or say next. Now I don’t think these girls had any idea about the caliber, ethics or political designs these guys have. I don’t believe they even realized that they were being manipulated in a subtle ways by powers they most likely know nothing about.

   At one point during the march I stopped to film the truck as it passed. This was my only intention, to get some stock footage that one of my friends might wish to use. This is when Alex Hundert and a few of his dupes decided they would let me know that my uncontrolled opinions would not be welcome. First he attempted to blatantly bully me, then he had a couple of his cult lackeys try to jostle me and block my shot by sticking their cameras in front of mine like they were filming me.
   Their control over these young girls in front of a large crowd was a sad thing to witness when you knew what you were looking at. As these long time “cop haters” with a long history and skill at manipulating dupes at this type of event, they had these girls lead the crowd in chants you could see that they were uncomfortable with some of the chants, like “fuck the police” and even “Kill that cop” at one point. This film is a good example of that.
   When Yatim’s sister realized that the chant they started for them was wrong she made an attempt to change it from Kill that cop to Jail that cop and from kill the police to jail the police. As I stated these young girls are naive and I don’t believe they shared the sentiment of the anarchists that were using them.

   Once the march reached police headquarters on Collage Street the collection of broken miscreants and unintelligent dupes that this group of professional protesters have collected over the last couple of years were set to spew their vile hatred at the line of police who had lined up their bicycles to protect the building from the crowd now around 500.

    These broken people and idiot dupes who were yelling and spewing hate at these front line cops (who were not the same police from the shooting) were in a way as subtly manipulated to be at this place and time because they too had been cultivated by the same group of fake activists to be there to do just this sort of thing.

    These Fake activists, Anarchists, paid protesters, facilitators, call them what you will. These people are a group, a cult really. They are well financed and national. They have very real political intentions and their intention is to start a revolution and to facilitate a violent riot whenever possible. During this protest I could see ones I well recognized scattered throughout the crowd.  People like sakura saunders,
Or another well known cop baiter who enjoyed being up at the police line in his black bloc costume waving a donut on a stick, Zach Ruiter. Zach once
saw a picture of someone fishing the police with a donut and found it so cute he copies it every chance he gets. There were others that were scattered through the crowd to control and recruit. Yes I said recruit. They keeps lists of people and friend them on social media like facebook and twitter so they can get them out to protests and indoctrinate them into their socialist/communist  philosophy.

   At one point a teenage girl in front of me turned around to tell an older woman who was talking to Greg Renouf not to talk to him. When I asked the girl why not? She said “Because he writes bad things about my friends, he tells lies!” I gave her a surprised look and said “what friends and what has he lied about?” At this her friend told her “Don’t he’s one of them too!” These young ladies had no idea who we are and have never read either of us I’m sure. What it does show is how these people are making up the minds of your children for them. This group for all intents and purposes are a cult. A cult with an underlying violence just swimming under the thin philosophical surface.

    At some point a pro conservative supporter showed up with a cardboard sign saying “God bless the police” this man who I suspect was no brighter then those who swarmed him had the sign ripped out of his hands and was stomped and vigorously spit on by the dupes.
    After a couple of hours the crowd started to thin out and the police started to clear out collage St. to let the streetcars though for rush hour. Alex Hundert and his gang stood their ground for a few minutes to make their point but there was no support to carry on with this sad act of defiance, there would be no riot this day. 
   This was an important protest, a clear message needed to be sent to the police to let them know that the heavy handed American style of policing will not be tolerated in Toronto. Too many young men lie dead because of it. The shameful actions of many of those protesters did not help get that message across and the fake activists playing their political games does nothing to gain the support of honest citizens.

    On my way to the subway a young man passed me talking to himself, all I caught was “I just want to see some violence!” Yes, this was a sad protest on so many levels.

Lawrence McCurry
August 15, 2013
Love is the movement

:Thanks to Greg Renouf and Undercover Kitty for the film clips in this report.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Night with Mark Howitt

A Night with Mark Howitt

    When my friend Patrick from Conspiracy Culture book store told me Mark Howitt was stopping by Friday night for a chat I could not pass up the opportunity to meet a guy who is far out there even for the most seasoned conspiracy theorist.
    Howitt is an activist, music producer, writer, father and family man, but is best known for his slick You Tube films. He has been making films since 2009 and has become known for his films including NWO:Domino Effect, Eye of the Illuminati, The James Holmes Conspiracy and several others including one of his more recent films on the Sandy Hook shooting.
    What I expected was a discussion of his films and reasoning behind his hard core brand of conspiracy theory, what I got was something completely different. What Mark really wanted to talk about was his current project The World Public Union, and his march across eastern Canada.
     Upon arriving I met Mark on the street outside and was knocked off balance by his humble attitude and his keen interest in other’s opinions on the state of the world rather than relating his own. This continued on the inside where he addressed a small group of people who came out on a beautiful Friday evening to hear Mark talk about his challenging march from Sudbury Ontario to Toronto. Along the way Mark encountered injuries to his feet and legs as well as heavy storms. It was clear what he really cherished out of his trip so far was the people he met along the way and their opinions of the current state of the world we all share. He spoke of being a stay at home father and raising his two children. “I did not see the sense in working a minimum wage job so I could make just barely enough money to pay a stranger to raise my children” Mark said. Instead he started a music production company from home. When his wife lost her job due to downsizing and technical redundancy he left his life behind to create a reality show called the "March of Freedom". This included walking across Eastern Canada to speak with as many people as possible in the communities he visited to directly identify the problems and concerns that Canadian's face, as well as the problems that affect people all over the world. He is influenced by the work of William Cooper, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy and many other notable figures who were killed for their attempts to create a better world.
    Although you hear this message of peace, love and concern for one’s community from many so called activists these days, coming from Mark Howitt I did get the impression of deep sincerity and belief in this philosophy. Half way through his presentation one gentleman rose from his chair and accused Mark of promoting a “Socialist Utopia” and walked out the front door. This surprised me as I’m usually the first to call out a communist masquerading as a truther. I don’t believe this is the case with Mark however, Mark claims no political affiliations at all. What I found was a person with a sincere belief that there should be truth in media and government and we don’t have it. Mark does think we could have a better world if we all work towards that goal and he is on a quest to show Canadians that is possible.
    Mark is on his way to Hamilton, Ontario next where he will meet with people at McMaster University for the March of Freedom event that has been set up there.
    Below is a good interview shot by Daniel Libby after the event on Friday night.

Lawrence McCurry
August 10, 2013
Love is the movement

 Mark Howitt's
---- Filmography----

(2009) The Formation Of Resistance

(2010) Evidence Of Murder

(2011) Spirit, Body And Mind

(2011) 2012 Revolution: World Awakening

(2012) The James Holmes Conspiracy

(2012) The Eye Of The Illuminati

(2013) Sandy Hook

(2013) NWO: Domino Effect

Monday, July 8, 2013

Could Lac-Megantic train derailment be a false flag ?

Could Lac-Megantic train derailment be a false flag ?

    Although information about the train derailment and explosions on the weekend are still sketchy and more information is still coming in, there has been some speculation in conspiracy circles that the train derailment, explosions and fire that may have killed dozens of people in Lac-Megantic, Quebec on Saturday may be the work of globalist elites.

    The cause of the accident is believed to be a runaway train. The president and CEO of Rail World Inc., the parent company of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, said the train had been parked uphill of Lac-Megantic. The tanker cars then sped downhill into the town before derailing. There is also rumor that a fire on this same train was extinguished hours before the train started rolling on its own with no driver or crew aboard the train.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced he was heading to the town Sunday. Because of limited pipeline capacity in Canada, oil producers are using railroads to transport much of the oil to refineries on the East, Gulf and West coasts, as well as inland. Harper has called railroad transit "far more environmentally challenging" while trying to persuade the Obama administration to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast.  Harper also wishes to build pipelines both east and west from Alberta to both coasts.

    There has been much protest against new pipelines being built in Canada. The majority of this protest has come from the idle no more movement and green environmentalists. In fact during some recent blockades there has been some talk that the socialist anarchists (Fake Activists) may have even tampered with rail way signals.  

    If it is determined that the train disaster in Lac-Megantic, Quebec on Saturday is sabotage ( and there is already talk of that) then they may be looking to hang this on the far left environmentalists. But we must ask ourselves if this was no accident then who would have the most to gain from this? Already the media has broadcast residents of the destroyed town saying they no longer want trains with oil to come through their area. Seems to me the people who have the most to gain from this rail disaster are the people and oil companies that want these pipelines built and that this incident will be held up as a good reason to do so, much in the same way 9/11 has been used as an excuse for the war in Afghanistan and the G-20 budget.

    Keep in mind this is nothing more than speculation at this point and there is no hard proof one way or the other. But with the ever shifting political climate in Canada it does make one wonder.   

Lawrence McCurry

July 8, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bilderberg 2013

Big win for The Bilderberg group 2013

    This year was a win for the shadow government and the Bilderberg group and a big fail for the truth movement and the alternative media. Unlike last year at Chantilly Virginia there was no Bilderberg protest this year, instead they had a party. A party where instead of a protest, that should have been making it difficult for the globalists meet, people partied in a park down the road.

   My friends in the alternative media, People like Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks gave us fluff reports like how nice the cops are compared to North America, Hugs with police and films of themselves getting their ego stroked by the fans and preaching to the choir? On top of it they all bowed to the person they privately refer to as the turd in the truther punch bowl David Icke???? WTF guys.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have respected the work of these guys for years and have met and worked with some of these guys on a personal basis, but the so called coverage of this year’s conference was a bust on so many levels it has left me shaking my head. The alternative media made themselves the stars of the show this year and the speeches they gave were nothing new to us or the lucky few the police allowed to attend. Yes there were a couple of thousand at that festival but there were many more the police stopped from attending. Where’s the film of that? What makes David Icke, the well paid public speaker and author such a big deal? And what makes you guys think what you have to say is more important than trying to report on what the globalists are actually doing up at the grove hotel? Why were you all in a park instead of blocking traffic in the whole neighborhood stopping the flow to and from that hotel???
    The only real coverage came from our old friend from Occupy, Commonly known as Dom. He was the only one who put out an arrest film, the only one who asked real questions of the police and the only one who cast a suspicious eye on the people who organized the useless festival. It was Dom who reported that this fail of a festival was arranged by the same people in the U.K. who brought the (Bilderberg George Soros) funded Occupy hoax to London. And make no mistake, the Bilderberg festival was as useless and controlled as the Occupy hoax was.
     So Alex Jones went on the BBC who told him to shut up and told the sheep he was a nutter, Luke and Dan pointed their cameras at each other and the clowns and they all gave praise to David Icke who will no doubt write another book about how the Bilderbergers are really alien lizard people.
    Meanwhile the globalists go on advancing their elite agenda, safe in the knowledge that all protest and dissent is safely being controlled by the people who have been calling the shots for us the last couple of years. I’ll leave a film from last year’s protest at the bottom of this article as I was so disappointed with the performance this year. You really dropped the ball guys.  

Lawrence McCurry
June 10, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Freedom Festival 2013

Freedom Festival 2013

   Yesterday (May 11) was the day many in Toronto look forward to all year, the annual Marijuana March, a protest that has been taking place every year for almost as long as I can remember. In recent years it has turned into not only a march but an all day festival.

   As a young man I remember the Prime Minister of this country telling the people that if they just elected him one more time he would decriminalize marijuana in Canada. Well lucky Pierre Trudeau was yanking our chain then as others have since and I'm sure his kid Justin will in the next election. I can remember marching with my three year old daughter on my shoulders, yesterday at seventeen she was there with her friends and about 12 to 14 thousand other mostly young people. Young people and adults who should not have to worry about a criminal record or going to jail because they eat or smoke a plant that GOD saw fit to put on this earth. Add yesterday’s numbers to every other city and town across this country who also march year after year and it quickly becomes clear that that the government of Canada is not interested in what the majority of Canadians want or need. 

 It’s been perfectly clear to almost all Canadians, police chief’s and politicians that the prohibition against marijuana has failed miserably and yet these public official’s continue to make criminals out of not only the sick and disabled who depend on it to live a normal life but pray on many hard working Canadians who enjoy using it recreationally.

   I could talk about the many benefits this humble little plant could bring to our society and how much better off we could be taking advantage of the many uses this plant has. All of that means nothing though because our government serves the industry and people who wanted it made illegal in the first place and not the people of Canada. Your vote means nothing compared to big money and oil who give the government of Canada their marching orders. I can't help but wonder how long it would stay illegal if the thousands who come out to the festival were to close down the court house in old city hall every day where they dish out the fines and incarcerations?
    For the second or third year in a row now the government has refused to issue permits for this event and yet people turn out for it anyway and it still goes on. The people sell and trade the baked goods and people commit the same crimes of smoking the weed that you arrest us for every other day when we are not in the same overwhelming numbers. We the people have nothing but contempt for the politicians who will not decriminalize it and the police who enforce this stupid law.

   The people have spoken Mr. Harper, Shame on all you fools on the hill. One day we will not need to gather in numbers to keep from getting busted for smoking a joint in the park. But until that day we will meet in your park once a year and hold up a big middle finger to all you fools on the hill. I will come out every year as I have done for the last forty, and my child will continue to do so for me after I'm gone and one day we will have justice.

Lawrence McCurry
May 12, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Canada’s Right/Left Extremists

Canada’s Right/Left Extremists

   With a far right neoconservative government in Canada which may have very well come into power in an illegitimate way, there is a phenomena taking place that concerns me even more. That’s the massive amount of people flocking to the extreme left as a result.
   By extreme left I’m not talking about the NDP of old under people like Jack Layton or Ed Broadbent. I’m referring to a very large and growing group of people flocking to groups that can only be defined by names like, The International Socialists, The Socialist League, Trotskyist and international Bolshevik tendency, Canadian Marxists…and on and on, these communists go by many names and change them often.
   The problem is not that people have these far left political beliefs as much as it is the activist and anarchist groups they use to hide their beliefs behind. The names of these groups they also change often mostly to hide the political agenda behind them from the dupes they recruit to swell their ranks. They gain these recruits by forming groups that they use to infiltrate and take over legitimate causes.
   These people think nothing of using violence as a means to their ends and are the very same people who wore masks and dressed in black at the G-20 and were used and controlled by police to be the excuse that was needed to justify that billion dollar budget. These people call themselves the “Black Bloc Anarchists”  but they go by many other names as well like “No one is illegal”, Queers Against Israel Apartheid, The Ruckus Society, anti-racist action, just to name a few.
   These groups of people are well organized, well-funded and national. Their influence spreads across this country from coast to coast. They are funded using money from U.S. foundations like the Tides and Rockefeller foundations and labor groups like CUPE and CAW, That’s not to say all members of unions in Canada are communist but by funding the red agenda they are buying ideological co-operation and the bodies of the dupes they recruit to support their union causes.
   This became blatantly obvious with the failed Occupy movement in Canada. Occupy was billed as a movement to stop the corporate greed and banking fraud but thanks to the people who took control, it was everything but that, Occupy was a coup d'├ętat of grand proportion for these fake activists who, until that time only had a limited success on the university campuses of Canada. By taking control of the Occupy movement in Canada before it even got off the ground they were able to expand their sphere of influence and start recruiting the social under-class and ordinary Canadians who had social concerns to be used as cannon fodder for their far left agenda.
   They now believe they control all protest and social justice activism. Any group or activist who are not controlled by this group are slandered and lied about publicly and physically attacked and bullied privately. When the group “We Are Change” in Victoria B.C. refused to be pushed around by this group of socialist anarchists. They held a rally called “Occupy Solutions” at the B.C. legislature. In response to We Are Change not falling into the controlled Occupy script the group of masked, fake activists protested the rally, handing out flyers calling WAC racists and bigots. On the net they outed one of the leaders of WAC as a homosexual and took over and “occupied” the coffee shop where WAC held their weekly meetings. Never mind that the claims of racism and bigotry were totally untrue and unfounded. That’s just one example of how these people operate. In another incident that I have written about, these Black Bloc anarchists attacked and beat writer Greg Renouf in Kensington Market in Toronto because he has been persistent in the critical writing about the individual’s that are part of this group in both Toronto and Vancouver. In that case after months of lying about his character publicly he was attacked physically by a few of these masked social anarchists. Even though the police were provided with the names and unmasked photographs of the attackers to this date they still refuse to make an arrest?  

( UPDATE One of the assailants was arrested when Renouf spotted him at a recruiting table at Ryerson University. Six months after the assault)

   During the red badge student protests in Hamilton, Ontario one of these communists pushed a student, citizen journalist into a police horse in an attempt to silence his voice in the protest because he was not spewing their collectivist dogma with his bull horn. All this brings us to their current pet project, the idle No More protests. Anyone who believes that the INM movement is a grass roots movement by native Canadians that just sprung up all on its own have not been paying attention.
  Idle No More is a well-organized campaign with lots of money and planned coordination and these same professional protesters behind it.

    One of the ongoing targets of these fake political activists are the group that they and George Bush refer to as “conspiracy theorists” but the truth of it is they have those amongst them that wish to also control the truth movement as well. Many of the people who speak the truth are weary of these people. Publicly many in the truth movement will not speak out against these people, although some have condemned the actions of the black Bloc. These socialist anarchists tell those who follow them that the Black Bloc is a tactic and not a group. That it is just another tactic in the socialist activists’ tool box. But many in the Truth movement know the lies behind this. A good example of this was the G-20 in Toronto, First these people supported the Black Bloc that gave the police the excuse for violence then afterwards they took control of all the protest against the same police violence they co-operated in creating. At Occupy they cried that they had a right to free speech and the right to protest and at the same time censored anybody in social media who spoke the truth about them and publicly smear and slander anybody who speaks against them at protests.
   The biggest enemy to these people is the truth. This is why they slander, beat and intimidate any people of the truth movement that they have not been able to co-opt. Most of the alternative media not controlled by their faction know this. Well-funded outlets that they use to spread their propaganda like Media co-op and Rabble.ca masquerade as alternative media but are in fact socialist rags with a political agenda and not interested in the truth at all. They are no better than the main stream media that spread the lies of the bankers and large corporations that own them.

    In the last couple of years protest has been manufactured behind the scenes by people with connections and support to groups like lead now, move on and common cause. Large money has been thrown into protests like the robocall, student red square, occupy and Idle no more actions. The people recruited though these protests used to beef up political actions and protests like ocap (Ontario coalition against poverty) and protests at the Liberal leadership conventions. The occupy zombie horde has been used to protest city budget meetings and votes that impact public service unions and recently have even turned up as muscle in the Porter air lines strike. 

     In looking at these so called social justice anarchists we must ask ourselves what is their real agenda? On the surface they seem to covertly support the agenda of the United Nations, Global warming and agenda 21. Which means in reality they support the agenda of the banks and large corporations in bringing Canada into a globalized world while appearing to confront both the political right and left that also support a globalized Canada. Sounds crazy don’t it?

   After watching these people closely over the course of a couple of years I believe they are a cult, only a few at the top know what’s really going on and the rest have invested so much of their lives and energy into it, believe so intensely, have such a fear of being ousted there’s no way out or any critical thought of why they continue to support their leaders. Those who have taken Ruckus society training even have secret matching tattoo’s. Again these people are well organized, national, well-funded and dangerous. They are also not being honest with the people who call them friends. Let us be more aware of who we all throw our support behind in these dangerous times.

Lawrence McCurry
April 26, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Boycott The Toronto Raptors

    Last night at the Air Canada Center in Toronto fans of the Toronto Raptors were left standing in line in freezing subzero temperatures so security could follow the commands of the U.S. NBA headquarters and wand check all patrons one at a time in a search for illegal weapons!
   That’s right folks, the paranoid U.S. police state has come to Canada and the NBA decided that Canadian basketball fans should be treated like gun toting criminals. It’s bad enough that you can no longer fly anywhere in Canada without the ok of the American no fly list and groping at the airport, but now just to see a basketball game in this city you have to submit to a search by some untrained cop wanna be.
   And what happens when this Bozo in a uniform gets a hit on his little wand? Will he stick his hand in your pocket and play with your junk? Or feel up your teenage daughter because the wire in her bra set his stick a beepin?
    Truth of the matter is the NBA has no right to violate your rights under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms, we already have strict gun control laws in Canada and if somebody is in violation of those laws it’s a matter for the Toronto Police not some minimum wage clown at a basketball game. You also have the right not to be searched without reasonable cause.
   The NBA, The Air Canada Centre and the Toronto Raptors have stepped over the line and are offending the sensibilities of Canadian’s here and we should not be submitting to this U.S. style oppression here. Our rights as Canadians are being incrementally taken away in the name of globalization and merging our standards to accommodate a growing American police state.
    Today when I protested these searches on the Toronto Raptors facebook page I was immediately banned and my post taken down. Why? Does Raptor management know what they are doing is wrong?
   If we allow this type of treatment to continue we will find ourselves total slaves to American policy here where we live. (Even more so that is).
   I call for an explanation from the Toronto Raptors why they thought it was more important to follow orders from the U.S. NBA head office and let their fans freeze in subzero winter cold.
     I call for a total BOYCOTT of all NBA games in Canada until this policy of personal illegal searches is stopped in Canada.   

===Lawrence McCurry===
February 21, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Media Co-op takes out hit on writer!

   Local activists are abuzz over the blatant threat published yesterday by media co-op out of Vancouver against writer and true activist Greg Renouf over an article he wrote last week condemning violence in the social justice (fake activist) community.
  In an article published under the pseudonym RENOUFISAGOOF  media co-op clearly crossed the line with the article titled “Greg Renouf: Dangerous Reactionary” . The article calls for Renouf to be “shut down  in whatever capacity possible” and  referred to him as a “dangerous right-wing reactionary” and a “racist”  As a friend of Greg’s I can assure you that he is neither right wing or racist. In fact I believe he was dating a black woman at one point. (sorry to tell tales out of school) Point is, this leftist social justice cult are the dangerous people and they are targeting Greg Renouf for pointing that fact out.
   Cult? You bet I just used the word cult because that’s just what these people are, with some of them right down to matching gang tattoos. These social justice cult leaders (Or  facilitators as they called themselves during Occupy) rule over their group in much the same way other cults operate, praise for those acting in an approved manner and insults and social shunning for those who don’t toe the line. For those of us who out right oppose their little mind control game, we are branded as enemies of the people and labelled with names like right wing, racist, government agent, and the one they tried to hang on me misogynist. (My daughter burst out laughing when I told her to go look it up)
   But what this article is attempting to do is not funny at all. These leaders are cowards, when four of them “masked up” and laid a beating on Greg last June in Kensington Market with one of their anarchist flag poles he ended up with a trip to the hospital and staples in his head. Well even though the Toronto police showed a lack of interest in investigating and arresting those responsible Greg was successful in getting a couple of beat cops to do their job and arrest one of them when Greg ran across him again at Ryerson University a month ago. He was recruiting students for their cult at a table and this activity was actually sanctioned by the University and/or the student union!!!
   So now that one of them has been arrested for their violence against Greg they are attempting to get one of their zombies to do it for them. The first attempt to do this was at an OCAP rally, before marching on the Ontario Liberal convention a couple of weeks ago.

  An attempt at mob violence did not come to pass however when one of these social anarchists grabbed the mic and started spewing lies to the crowd. I have to hand it to Greg in the calm way he handled this incident, He is a better man than I because I would not have been as calm and level headed as he and Frank were that day.
   This brings us to this anonymous threat. Media Co-op and Rabbel.ca are the mouth piece of these dangerous socialist anarchists. It’s one thing to spread their blatant communist propaganda but it’s another thing when this platform is used to call out for violence to be committed on an individual just because you don’t like what he writes!
If media co-op does not care to be more responsible with what they publish and post in the future I'm sure they will end up dealing with more than an angry blog post from me, and I will be the first person sitting in a court room cheering on whoever it is that shuts them down  in whatever capacity possible.

===Lawrence McCurry===
February 12, 2013