Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My testimony at the Board Of Review

The following statements were made by me (Lawrence McCurry) today, Jan 23, 2018 at THE CANADA POST BOARD OF REVIEW In the matter of Minister Judy Foote’s interim probationary order respecting James Sears, Lawrence (Leroy) St.Germain and YOUR WARD NEWS

       In the matter of Minister Judy Foote’s interim probationary order respecting Dr.James Sears, Lawrence (Leroy) St.Germain and YOUR WARD NEWS
This is the written submission of Lawrence McCurry to The Board of Review.

    My statement to this board of Review will be my personal perspective. I’m a writer and a political activist not a lawyer, instead of addressing the legal aspects of this review I intend to address the moral and political ramifications of the actions taken by the honourable Judy Foote.

     I first became aware of politics as child under the administration of Pierre Elliott Trudeau during the FLQ crisis of 1970 when I was about nine years old. Trudeau had invoked the war measures act and for the first time in my life I started pondering and asking questions about politics and our political system in Canada.

    My father Walter McCurry was wounded twice in the service of this country fighting Nazi’s in the Second World War. He was a husband and father who worked six days a week and while growing up he must have said to my brothers and I thousands of times “ I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

    He was very serious when he told this to his sons and had laid his life on the line to fight for the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Make no mistake here, what this board of review is here to address is nothing less than the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press in Canada and I pray to God you understand the gravity of the task you have undertaken here in this review.

    Do I believe that YOUR WARD NEWS is a hate filled Nazi rag? No I do not! What I do believe is that these Nazi hate speech allegations and lies were spread and promoted by a Liberal party back room hack for personal, political and party reasons. I believe this Liberal Party insider is also the driving force behind a so called community group who has asked for and has been granted standing at this review.

    When Warren Kinsella ( already a public figure ) started to stir up community resentment against our paper he became fair game for any truths and criticism we were to print about him. The same holds true for his unwitting minion and internet friend Kelly Fairchild. Kinsella’s reasons for this very public Vendetta were many. Beside the fact that this paper has been highly critical of the liberal party which he supports, the paper also exposed large payments he had received from the former Ontario liberal Premier Dalton Mcguinty. We also mocked his self-perception as a Nazi fighter due to some hack novel he penned about the Heritage front. Mr. Kinsella makes his living by being a political advisor and professional Nazi alarmist.

    When Warren Kinsella enlisted the help of his old friend Bernie Farber, a man who has made his living being a professional promoter of the Jewish political agenda and Richard Warman, a public servant who’s only claim to fame is that he has brought more cases to the human rights commission than any other lawyer of course we mocked these men in a satirical fashion to expose the hidden political agenda behind their motives for doing so.

    It’s my belief that these three men by first manipulating public opinion and then by filing a frivolous lawsuit with the human rights commission against Canada post, blatantly maneuvered MP Judy Foote into taking the actions that she did.

    Kinsella and his group openly supported the notion that Canada Post should act as a censor on behalf of the Canadian people by stopping the distribution of YOUR WARD NEWS. The notion that a government controlled Crown Corporation should act as a censor of political opposition and opinion is not a Canadian value but a communist/Marxist position.
    Canada is in the grip of a postmodernist philosophical morass. For decades our universities and institutions of higher learning have pushed a far left political agenda, an agenda that is basically a re-working of Marxist philosophy. The old Marxist struggle between the bourgeoisie (the property owning class) and the proletariat (the industrial working class) just did not resonate in Western Society. In the new philosophy of the postmodernist it has become the struggle between victim and the oppressor.

    As political correctness (also known as cultural Marxism) ran amok in Canadian society our universities spewed out social justice Warriors armed with a Marxist philosophy of victim and oppressor. This experiment with postmodernism has produced a far left/globalist political philosophy that has invaded the Canadian body politic like a cancer.

    This new political philosophy disparages objective truth, mocks free speech or debate, and smears all dissenters as racists, misogynists, anti-semites, homophobic, Nazi, fascist, islamophobic take your pick we have all heard these names before. If you are not labeled with one of these titles then one of your associates may be and you are therefore guilty by association. The leaders of this new revolution have no problems appropriating any ethnic or social group they can class as victims and demand justice on their behalf.
    Free speech and open debate becomes giving a platform to the oppressors and anybody they label as one of the above is an oppressor. This has led to terrorist gangs of masked revolutionaries in Canadian cities who have no problems using violence and intimidation to quash opposing political action or speech. Were you to take a dictionary and look up the word terrorism the definition would read- 

1.     1.
a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
"four commercial aircraft were hijacked by terrorists"
1.     1.
unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
"a terrorist organization"

    I cannot think of a better definition to describe these groups who hide their faces and use violence and intimidation to “counter protest” any Canadian who dares hold a protest, give a speech or speaks out against anything that does not fit the political narrative they control. These home grown terrorists, spawned by this Marxist political philosophy often change the names of and flow between the groups they support, groups such as ANITFA, BOARDERS NO MORE and BLACK LIVES MATTER just to name a few. The ring leaders of these fluid and ever changing groups seem to be full time paid agitators who are funded though many sources, such as unions and foreign-sponsored non-governmental agencies such as The Tides foundation and Leadnow.

    While the police only arrest the most blatantly violent members of these groups on petty charges such as assault and disturbing the peace, our political leaders including the Prime Minister engage in virtue signaling and paying lip service to their divisive core concepts such as White male privilege, third-wave feminism and massive immigration from non-compatible cultures. 

    It is the opinion of many Canadians that Western society and the white working class are under attack worldwide and here in Canada by this creeping Marxist political philosophy. Long held Canadian values such as democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and even family values and the Christian religions are in grave peril in the opinion of many Canadians.

    Many also believe that international bankers and globalists push this left wing globalist agenda in an attempt to consolidate political power that goes far beyond wealth accumulation and control. National borders and a Canadian identity with national self-determination is not a concept they support.

    There is no question that Warren Kinsella, as an advisor to the Liberal party and not a duly elected member of the government, influenced, persuaded and manipulated the decision of the honourable MP Judy Foote. In fact in a letter sent by MP Judy Foote to Mr. Deepak Chopra, President of Canada Post on March 2, 2016 she mentions Warren and Lisa Kinsella by name. Stating that in her opinion our publication had committed the Criminal Code Offence of Defamatory Libel against the Kinsella’s and engaged in criminal hate speech, an unfounded and propagandist position that Kinsella had been using to try and silence our political position.

    Both Warren Kinsella and MP Judy Foote were well aware that our paper had been under close scrutiny by the police department and the legal establishment for some time and they have not seen fit to lay any criminal charges once so ever, Nor has Kinsella who claims to be a lawyer ever even laid a civil charge of libel at any time.  

    Every newspaper must have a method of distribution. Some contract with the city to put boxes on street corners, some contract with the transit system to distribute their publication to its riders, while others use private distribution companies or paper boys. We decided to contract with Canada post to use their bulk mail system for very good reason. A large percentage of people who live in the city of Toronto live in apartment buildings where their mail boxes are totally inaccessible to all but Canada Post who have a monopoly on the locked mail boxes of apartment dwellers. To access distribution to this large section of the population one has no choice but to use the services of Canada Post. 

    I started out with a statement of what I believe YOUR WARD NEWS is not.  What do I see Your Ward News as? YWN is an interesting mix of opinion, alternative news and commentary with a right of centre, anti-Marxist position. But above all else it’s satirical publication. A light hearted promulgation of anti-Marxist opinion and alternative news in a journalistic style that is reminiscent of a cross between Gonzo journalism and Mad Magazine.

    Very often our dissenters criticize our paper, not by attacking our content or position but by attacking our editor James Sears for his personal history and belief system, which is not necessarily the editorial position of our publication. If public discourse were a debating club, James Sears would be the captain for the opposition.

    Now do some people find our publication offensive? Yes they do and we’re fine with that as nobody is forcing them to read it. Anybody who receives our publication in their mail box is entitled to deposit it in the nearest recycling box or line their bird cage with it, just as I do with offensive literature that the liberal party of Canada sends to my mail box.

    Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is “feeling offended” in the realm of the beholder. Words are words; each person is in charge of their own emotions. To blame us or anyone else because you feel angry, offended or upset shows an abandonment of responsibility and an utter lack of emotional maturity. When you call opinion hate speech, you do so because you have had a groove scratched in your mind by a political philosophy that tells you that you are not responsible if you feel offended by those who you don’t agree with. They have tricked you into thinking that your free speech is not as important as somebody else’s feelings.

    Finally in closing I’d like to say that I find the actions of MP Judy Foote in suspending the rights of our editor and publisher from using the mail system of this country is totally reprehensible. Canada post is not only a service provided by the government of Canada but a sacred trust granted by the people of Canada. The job of Canada post is to fulfill their contractual obligations and to deliver mail to and for the Canadian people, not to act in some Stalinist manner to censor and protect the Canadian public from opinions the government of the day has deemed disagreeable.

    Free Speech is not hate speech, no matter who claims otherwise.

Lawrence P.J. McCurry
Contributing writer and philosophical advisor for YOUR WARD NEWS
May 29, 2017

    I’d like to address the real reason we are here. We are here today due to the slick and polished campaign of one man and his public relations company. A man who has taken it upon himself to direct and shape public opinion against YOUR WARD NEWS for political reasons and personal gain.

   Warren Kinsella, his friends and associates have very professional reasons for their all-out attack on YWN and it’s editor Dr. James Sears. Our detractors from the start have used the very same set of post-modernist/Marxist slurs that Kinsellla has been using since the beginning of his campaign, words like “Racist, homophobe and misogynist” but when you ask these detractors which articles they found to be such, none of these people can answer that question as most of them have never read the paper.

   People like Warren Kinsella and Bernie Farbar and groups like B'nai Brith and Friends Of Simon Wiesenthal Center make their very living off being professionally offended, and although not listed on the web site for the Daisy Group, Kinsella’s company, up until a couple of weeks ago The Friends Of Simon Wiesenthal Center were clients of his.

   Warren Kinsella is a long time back room operative for the liberal party of Canada and Ontario. When our newspaper printed a story about how every politician Kinsella has ever “Helped” over the years has seen their career’s crash and burn and about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Kinsella was paid by disgraced out going  Premier Dalton Mcguinty he was afraid of losing face with the very  politician’s that are his bread and butter.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the charges that have been recently been laid against our editor and publisher are politically motivated and that Kinsella feels he is helping his friends in the liberal party in their endeavor of silencing a newspaper that has been very critical of the way they have been governing Canada and Ontario.

   Kinsella has also used the lies he tells about YWN to peddle his hack novel about Nazi’s and hate groups. And yes they are LIES. YWN is Not some Nazi hate rag and no matter how many times Kinsella tells that lie, it’s just not true. In fact I know of plenty of people in the Jewish community who resent the fact that Kinsella presumes to speak on their behalf when it comes to the paper.

   Recently Warren Kinsella’s wife Lisa has announced she will be running for Toronto City council for ward 32 with the endorsement of Mary-Margaret McMahon the current sitting councilor. This is the very same seat that Dr. James Sears ran for in the last municipal elections in 2014 and this campaign against Sears and the paper can also be viewed as a preemptive strike to aid in her election chances.

   When public figures Like Kinsella, Farber, Richard Warman or liberal politicians make inflammatory statements like they have about YWN it has a profound effect on people. That’s why it’s fair game for us to talk about them.

     But it also does something else, when you call opinion hate speech, you do so because you have had a groove scratched in your mind by a political philosophy that tells you that you are not responsible if you feel offended by those who you don’t agree with. They have tricked you into thinking that your free speech is not as important as somebody else’s feelings. It encourages an abandonment of responsibility and an utter lack of emotional maturity in people. Something you don’t have a right to is the right not to be offended.

  Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is “feeling offended” in the realm of the beholder. Words are words; each person is in charge of their own emotions. To blame us or anyone else because you feel angry, offended or upset shows an abandonment of responsibility and an utter lack of emotional maturity. When somebody like Kinsella campaigns against us nonstop, calling us hateful, racist, Nazis and misogynists, it’s like he is taking a big rusty nail and scratching a grove in the minds of people. He’s coming to conclusion and judgement for you, he’s circumventing your critical thought process. Most of all he’s using you to shut down the voice of those who politically oppose him and his political friends who make a very good living off the backs of the public.

    Your needle gets stuck in a big rusty groove so you will have a knee jerk reaction to what? A small community paper that prints alternative news, politics, opinion and satire? This big rusty groove makes people who have never even seen our paper think it’s some kind of illegal hate speech Nazi rag.

   Many of the stories in this paper are satirical in nature and outrageous in subject but that is opinion not hate. We openly denounce violence and injustice towards all people regardless of ethnicity or gender. That being said we also reserve the right to talk about these matters and believe that having the right to free speech to openly discuss matters of ethnicity and gender is a right to practice and defend.

    Kinsella and his friends seem to think it’s a good idea that we allow Canada post to act as a censor of the mail that we might send to each other in this country, or that the Liberal party should have the right to close down a newspaper that is critical of the way they govern this country. Well I’m here today to tell you all that’s not going to happen.

    Warren Kinsella and his friend Richard Warman though the use of a litigious and frivolous lawsuit blatantly manipulated MP Judy Foote into taking the wrong actions that she did and this fact needs to be taken into consideration by this Board of Review and corrected.

   There’s no question that this is a matter of free speech and freedom of the press in Canada and if this BOR wishes to come out on the right side of history they will recommend that the interim order issued my Minister Foote be lifted and the mailing rights of Sears, St.Germain and YWN be restored.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

An open letter to the YWN Can. Post BOR

An open Letter
Nov. 22, 2017

In the matter of Interim Prohibitory Orders issued against Leroy St. Germaine, Lawrence Victor St. Germaine and Dr. James Sears and Your Ward News.

To the Board of Review

    It has become clear that the Board of Review is attempting to sweep this whole matter under the carpet, No less than a week after the board sent out a communique on the Constitutional issues, the Liberal government follows up with charges of hate crimes against the newspaper!
    As recently as October 19, 2017, David Hopkinson, a media relations spokesman for the Toronto Police, told the media “We get complaints about the publication all the time. Every time, we investigate. Every time, we take this quite seriously.”  To date, he added, “it is determined not to be a hate crime.”

    In January 2017, Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash said “The law is clear. It has to balance, as all things do, freedom of speech with speech that is considered beyond the bounds of free speech, ... Our investigators have done this for a while. They know what is required, they’re good at what they do. If there is sufficient evidence they then go to the next step.”  The article then stated "A previous police investigation into the content of Your Ward News found NO LAWS WERE VIOLATED."

    How can they BACKDATE the charges to the March 2015 issue?  The timing is highly suspicious.  Warrants issued for the arrests of the Editor and Publisher a few days after a decision from the Board of Review basically stated that no evidence of hate speech was provided by Minster Foote?

    Now at the request of Warren Kinsella and Richard Warman the Board is seriously considering suspending these hearings until these trumped up hate charges are dealt with? Since when did the opinions of Kinsella and Warman have more merit than anybody else given standing at this farce of a hearing? Also why is this board moving so quickly to consider suspending these hearings when it has done nothing but drag its feet and draw out these proceedings as long as it possibly could over the last year?

    Over the past year I have received numerous e-mails from concerned Canadians who believe that the decision to suspend the mailing privileges of Your Ward News was a politically motivated decision due to our exposing of Liberal party corruption both federally and provincially. It is becoming clear to the general public that Liberal party insiders such as the Kinsellas and Richard Warman are orchestrating a Witch Hunt, manipulated Federal MP Judy Foote into taking the action she did and that you, The Board of Review seem to be playing right along.

    The fact that the government of Canada has even made these decisions is a travesty of Justice and a blow to freedom of speech and freedom of the press for all Canadians. I warn you all right now the country is watching what you are doing and the decisions of this Board of Review will be talked about for years to come. These charges that have been laid are not an excuse for you to just take the money and run. This is not an easy out for you no matter what Warren Kinsella and Richard Warman are suggesting. You three must now ask yourselves which side of history you wish to come down on, the side of free speech and freedom of the press or that of back room corrupt crony politics?

    My suggestion is you continue with this hearing without delay and make your recommendations to the minister before these charges come to court to avoid the appearance of collusion and bias on your part.

Lawrence McCurry
Staff writer for Your Ward News

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Long Rusty Groove

A Long Rusty Groove

  I would like to say thank-you to Your Ward News fan of the month, Kelly Fairchild. Kelly is a local Artist and activist who donates ten percent of her art sales to charitable causes she believes in.
   Kelly has been a big help to our little paper this month by promoting our paper not only within our publishing area (where we distribute the paper for free) but well outside of it and even internationally! Because of a petition Kelly started, the hits on our web site and paid subscriptions from outside of our publishing area have skyrocketed. This is the petition that Kelly posted on change.org.

Canada Post
This is a formal Petition asking for you to discontinue delivering the hate-speech paper Your Ward News to the general population. 
Every month this paper is delivered to thousands of homes.  Every month this paper uses name-calling and false allegations as a way to bully people.  Every month this paper calls women sluts, whores, she-hags, bitches, cock-teasers, and femi-Marxists.  Dr. James Sears who runs the paper, regularly degrades women of various ethnicities (Asian, Jewish), by commenting on their sexuality (saying that “Jewesses” are frigid, but good at giving head).  He regularly posts photos of women in sexually degrading photo-shopped images. Images that should not be slipped into our mailboxes. 
These pages are filled with profanity, and slanderous comments about politicians and regular civilians.  These pages are filled with lies.  Lies about women, lies about feminists, lies about religions and races, lies about immigrants, lies about homosexuals, and lies about men who don’t believe that women should be submissive.  This paper spreads false allegations against female nurses, and false allegations against organizations that work to help women and children who are victims of violence.  Those who speak up against James Sears end up as targets in his paper, and are subjected to name-calling, personal insults and sexually degrading remarks and/or photo-shopped images. 
This paper is offensive and dangerous, and we should not be subjected to this trash invading our homes.   James Sears values “Freedom of Speech” above all, (above integrity, above humanity, above decency) and we wouldn’t dream of denying him this ‘right’, so we are simply asking Canada Post to discontinue delivering this paper, to those who don’t subscribe.   This “newspaper” offers no factual information, or constructive input.  It exists solely as a platform for those who wish to spread hate and misinformation.  Your Ward News is not a “newspaper”, it is propaganda that is meant to insult, and degrade those who are different than its editor James Sears.  Which is why we are asking that this paper not be delivered to unsubscribed homes.  
Those who subscribe to Sears’ distorted and harmful way of thinking should simply subscribe to his paper.  While this hate-speech paper should be shut down entirely, we will settle (for now), with Canada Post agreeing to discontinue delivering Your Ward News to non-subscribers.

   Of course Kelly had help from her friend Warren Kinsella and his collective in promoting this to the large numbers it received. Right away Kinsella tweeted and facebooked Kelly’s petition far and wide amongst his brain washed minions which made it such a success.
    The only problem is most of what Kelly says about us is just not true. For starters I don’t lie Kelly. I stand behind every word I have ever had published in this paper. Now it’s true my bat shit crazy editor James and our warped graphic artist Robert tend to put satirical pictures and outrageous by-lines to my work but I do have journalistic standards and I do not lie. Many of the stories in this paper are satirical in nature and outrageous in subject but that is opinion not hate. We openly denounce violence and injustice towards all people regardless of ethnicity or gender. That being said we also reserve the right to talk about these matters and believe that having the right to free speech to openly discuss matters of ethnicity and gender is a right to practice and defend.
     Here’s something you don’t have a right to Kelly, the right not be offended.  Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is “feeling offended” in the realm of the beholder. Words are words; each person is in charge of their own emotions. To blame us or anyone else because you feel angry, offended or upset shows an abandonment of responsibility and an utter lack of emotional maturity. Since when did people become such crybabies that we couldn’t stand hearing a certain word or phrase, being called a name, or tagged with a label?  
   When idiot box talking head Warren Kinsella or puppet politicians like Dimwit  Arthur Potts or Marxist Mary Margaret McMahon make public statements about us it has a profound effect on people. That’s why it’s fair game to talk about them.
     But it also does something else, for one thing it encourages that abandonment of responsibility and an utter lack of emotional maturity in people like you Kelly Fairchild. When somebody like Kinsella campaigns against us nonstop, calling us hateful, racist, Nazis and misogynists, it’s like he is taking a big rusty nail and scratching a grove in the minds of people. He’s coming to conclusion and judgement for you, he’s circumventing your critical thought process. Most of all he’s using you to shut down the voice of those who politically oppose him and his political friends who make a very good living off the backs of the public.
    Your needle gets stuck in a big rusty groove so you will have a knee jerk reaction to what? A small community paper that prints alternative news, politics, opinion and satire? This big rusty groove makes people who have never even seen our paper think it’s some kind of illegal hate speech Nazi rag. How do I know this is true? Below are just a few examples taken from the first couple of pages of responses to the petition.  

These people are not even Canadian who are signing this petition to Canada post! No link to the paper was published with the petition and these people have never seen the paper!

      Most of the people who signed this on line petition calling us Nazis and accusing us of spreading hate speech (which is illegal) have never seen the paper and have come to this conclusion because somebody told them it was so. If this paper were really hate speech I would be in prison or in court saying this instead of printing it and putting it in your mail box!
   Kelly it’s you who lie when you call opinion hate speech, you do so because you have had a groove scratched in your mind by a political philosophy that tells you that you are not responsible if you feel offended by those who you don’t agree with. They have tricked you into thinking that your free speech is not as important as somebody else’s feelings.
   Now here’s something else you and Warren will wrongly consider hate speech. If this paper or my words in it are offensive to you, TOO GOD DAMN BAD!  

Lawrence McCurry

February, 2016

Elliott Not Guilty, FREE SPEECH 1 – MARXIST SHE HAGS 0

Elliott Not Guilty, FREE SPEECH 1 – MARXIST SHE HAGS 0

    On the morning of Friday Jan 22, I was waiting for a tweet from a friend of mine who was in a Toronto court room, waiting to find out if the Canadian court system would be standing up for freedom of speech on the internet in Canada or if they would be giving in to the femimarxist she hags that had arranged this farce to be brought into a criminal court in Toronto.
   In last month’s edition of this paper I brought you the story of Gregory Alan Elliott and the She Hags of Twitter. Elliott, a 54 year old graphic artist, was embroiled in a political disagreement with a gang of radical feminists on twitter over their treatment of a young game designer. At no time did Elliot ever threaten or sexually harass these women, he just strongly disagreed with their political tactics. In the end three of these woman convinced a Toronto cop (Who one of the women was close to) to charge Elliot with criminal harassment, a charge that carries up to four years in prison!
   The leader of these femimarxist hags was Steph Guthrie, the founder of a group called Witopoli or Women in Toronto Politics. This group has close ties to many of the radical far left female Toronto city councilors such as Kristyn Wong-Tam and Shelley Carroll who called on young women to “cyberbully” people.
    The women involved in the case, Steph Guthrie, Heather Reilly and a third woman whose allegations were dropped from the case when rumors started circulating that she was romantically involved with one arresting officer.
   This case is a shining example of how modern feminists and social justice warriors believe they not only have the right to control everybody’s speech but are more than willing to use force to push their far left radical political agenda right down your throat.
   Politics aside, Steph Guthrie is a particular type of vindictive psychopath. In November 2012, a few weeks before Elliott was charged with criminal harassment, Guthrie and others started spreading lies that Elliott was a Pedophile. Guthrie testified that she knew these rumours about Elliott propositioning an underage girl weren’t true, but neglected to tell Detective Banglid because “I wasn’t trying to harm him unduly, but I was not trying to help him.”
   Remember Guthrie's problem with Elliot started when he opposed her over her vindictive treatment of a young game designer, Ben Spurr. Guthrie accused Spurr of making a “misogynist” game and then proceeded to ( in her own words ) “sic the Internet on him” to convict “the fuck” in the court of public opinion. When Elliott’s defense asked Guthrie if she was concerned her attacks against Spurr could result in his being harmed, she unabashedly stated that she was “okay with that.” When the defense repeated the question, Guthrie once again made it very clear she believed he deserved whatever was coming to him.
   People close to Elliot describe him as an “Overly helpful” sort of guy, a really nice guy who will bend over backwards to help you out with whatever project you are working on. He is a prolific artist and poet with examples of his graphic art work all over Toronto. This father of four offered his services for free to Guthrie for her group. She repaid him for his offer by turning on him the first time he suggested that what she was engaging in was  “every bit as vicious as the face-punch game” Spurr had created.
   Guthrie and her coven of Marxist witches enthusiastically conspired to totally destroy Gregory Elliot’s life. With the help of the Toronto police dept., the crown prosecutor and the left controlled media that’s just what they did.
   Even though the Judge came out and said not guilty on Friday, Elliot still suffered greatly. The arrest and harsh bail conditions not only caused Elliot to lose his job, but the restriction on not being allowed to use the internet has not allowed him to work at all. Add to that the loss of his reputation and lies in the media and the humongous legal bills, it quickly becomes clear that these evil she hags of twitter are still giggling like the little bully’s in the schoolyard they are. They win this little game of “culture Marxist firing squad”. It never mattered to them weather Elliot was found guilty or not, only to everyone else in Canada.
   Sure freedom of speech was upheld in that court room, But Gregory Alan Elliott paid a very high price for it, Guthrie and her disgusting little friends now play the victim’s denied justice to their deluded SJW sycophant friends.
   So for all of you smug sjw butt holes out there who like Guthrie are laughing behind your hands thinking this is a win either way just remember. You have now tipped your hand. All Canadians can now see that that you just held a gun to all our heads (collectively speaking) threatening to kill freedom of speech for all, just to close down one voice that disagreed with your culturally Marxist agenda.
   As of deadline Steph Guthrie's group of radical femimarxists  Witopoli or Women in Toronto Politics still has made no mention at all of the victory of Gregory Alan Elliott. Not on Facebook, Twitter or their web page? Guthrie and her group of vindictive femimarxists has caused great harm to this man and his family and yet there's no acknowledgement, little lone an apology.

Lawrence McCurry

January 2016

Le Papillon on the Park shuts down

Le Papillon on the Park shuts down

   In the seventeen years Abdul Malik worked for Le Papillon he made an amazing rise from dish washer to head chef in a in a highly rated fine dining restaurant (first at one location then in the spin off location) at Le Papillon on the Park. Most people who hold such a position study for years and work as sous-chef s and line cooks under Master chefs before attaining such a position as head chef for an establishment such as Le Papillon on the Park. To these Masters of the culinary arts their reputations and that of the fine dining establishments they work for is everything.
   It appears Malik had little respect for either his profession or the restaurant he worked in. In fact, due to his complaint with the Human rights tribunal of Ontario, I doubt he will ever work as head chef for such a place again. The 25 employees he put out of work are left wondering why they are looking for new jobs and the owner and his family have had their dream shattered because of this government’s kangaroo court that sided with Malik, his nephew and their friend when they decided to play the race card after years of employment.
   Paul Bigue originally founded Le Papillon with his friend Sandra Kane, and his brother Marc, opening Le Papillon in 1974 in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. In 2008 the partners amicably split, with Kane re-opening Le Papillon on Front St. and Paul and his wife Danielle opening Le Papillon on the park. Abdul Malik chose to make the move to the new restaurant with Paul. The restaurant featured French Canadian cuisine with a special tourtiere recipe. It also had an open kitchen style floor plan where the kitchen is open and visible to the dining room. Malik made it clear he did not like it.
   The opening of the restaurant was a big success and the establishment quickly picked up a crowd of regular patrons both locally and far beyond. As time went on the only problem they seemed to have was a high turnover in the kitchen staff. After time the restaurant was a success and well received by critics, that is until Malik and his friends played the race card which generated press that killed the business. At this point cultural Marxism reared its ugly head. The ensuing press of the Human Rights Tribunal painted Malik and his friends as poor discriminated fellows who were being oppressed by a racist employer.
   Paul Bigue the owner of Le Papillon on the Park posted the following statement on his restaurant’s web site.

   On a Friday night in January 2011, our chef Abdul Malik (a 17 year employee), his nephew and sous-chef Arif Hossain (a 12 year employee), as well as a friend of theirs, Nahid Ashfaq Islam, marched out in rage and did not return because we required them to train a new female cook. Fortunately, we were able to retain a few chefs from a friend of ours and re-opened the next day until we found permanent replacements.
   In response, Mr. Malik went to the Ontario Labour Relations Board and filed a complaint of discrimination. The Board thoroughly investigated, found his accusations to be unjustified, and denied his claim.
   Not content to accept the judgment of the Labour Relations Board, the three individuals filed false claims of discrimination against my wife Danielle at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and asked for $100,000 in compensation. They received free advice from the Tribunal as well as free legal counsel. In other words, they had absolutely nothing to lose.
   Six months after our hearing and thirty one months after we were cleared by the Labour Board, Tribunal adjudicator Judith Keene found us guilty. Because the HRTO is not a court of law, there was no appeal process available to us. It is also famous for its 96% conviction rate. Devastated, we have taken our case to the Ontario Superior Court in order to reverse the HRTO decision.
Meanwhile, last December the Toronto Star wrote a one-sided story which perpetuated the falsehoods, harming our reputation and in turn impacting our business.
   It remains on the front page of Google search results six months later. Our sales this year have dropped by 20%, which, coupled with our lawyers fees (past and present) resulted in us not being able to discuss the case until it has gone to the Ontario Superior Court. We were advised that risking a PR blow-up on such a touchy subject could bankrupt us, so we kept our public reply short and formal even though it frustrated us enormously to do so.
We have operated restaurants in Toronto for more than 40 years with the utmost integrity. We have great respect for the men and women we have had the privilege of working with, and consider them members of our family. We will defend our reputation and refuse to allow a few misguided individuals to destroy our good name and a business that employs 25 (wonderful) people. 
   So after 17 years all of a sudden Malik realized he was being discriminated against and his employers were monstrous bigots!
   Part of the problem began when Nahid Islam joined the kitchen staff and the three started speaking Bengali in the kitchen which Danielle Bigue had a problem with and mentioned that for safety and in respect to other employees English should be spoken in the kitchen. Some of the other false claims made by the three to the HRTO was that observances for Ramadan were not respected and that one day in August 2010 he was told by his boss to taste the soup. Malik had made the soup the night before and felt he should not have to taste anything during his observances. He claimed that at first declined to taste the soup, but Ms Bigue told him that he should taste it and he was worried about being fired. He also claimed that on more than one occasion he was asked to taste a pulled pork sandwich that the owners wanted to add to the menu. Mr. Islam also testified that Ms Bigue told Islam that the tortière did not have enough flavour, and that he should taste it and tell her his opinion. Mr. Islam told Ms Bigue that he was prohibited from eating pork and that he was fasting. He indicated that Ms Bigue told him that “if you make food, you have to taste it”. 
   This brings up an interesting point here, I have spoken to many chefs and we have all seen at least one of the top chef type cooking shows that permeate the television these days. As a chef that prepares meals in a fine dining establishment you are expected to taste the food you prepare!
   A restaurant that features French Canadian cuisine is going to have pork on the menu! Here we have three people who claim to be professionals who also claim to have no need to ever taste the restaurants signature dish!
   From reading the transcript of the HRTO hearings it’s also clear that the management of Le Papillon on the park went out of their way to accommodate the three when it came to their religious practices.
   How is it that it took Malik 17 years (and Hossain 12 years) to come to the conclusion that their employers were racist and file a complaint first with the labour board and then with the HRTO? And why did this come to a head right when they were asked to train a female chef? A female chef who besides being a woman, probably took her chosen profession seriously.
   There is no appeal process for a ruling from the HRTO except to the Divisional court of Ontario and then only if the HRTO made a mistake in a legal ruling. Needless to say there was no reversal from the Divisional court, only more lawyer fees and court costs. The courts at this time ordered the restaurant to pay the three well over $100,000. Plus court costs within thirty days. Again from the Le Papillon on the Park web site.
UPDATE May 22, 2015: We lost our appeal at the Superior Court.
   The allegations were false and we were treated unjustly by the HRTO. Unfortunately, and to our surprise, there was no appeal process available. Our only recourse was to take this case to the Divisional Court not for retrial, but for review. In other words they had to figure out whether or not the HRTO had made a legal mistake in their decision. We suppose they did what they could. Had we the option to retry the case, we would have won.
   This case has ruined our reputation and our health. Our standards and integrity are what have kept us in business for 40 years in this city, and to have the public believe that we discriminated against our staff was a huge personal blow that we haven’t been able to recover from. Patrons that dined with us for years stopped coming overnight, we received menacing calls and emails and we continue to read hateful comments about our family and business online. This has been devastating and extremely frustrating.
   We’ve come to learn that the HRTO has a very high conviction rate and no appeal process. We made the mistake of wearing the truth like our shield and didn’t represent ourselves properly. The public, especially small business owners like us, need to know that there are misguided individuals that are profiting from the free legal counsel and systems that were put into place to protect those who actually need it. This is really happening. As soon as our story made it into the press in December 2013, we received dozens of calls and emails from business owners that were wrongfully convicted on discrimination charges at the HRTO and lost their businesses. People were furious, and their stories were horrible. It’s extremely disheartening to be added to that list.
   This has been the most difficult thing we’ve ever faced as a business, and above all as a family. I suppose our greatest mistake was that we were naive enough to think that justice would prevail and it did not.
    No small business can take a financial blow like the one imposed by the HRTO and survive. Few businesses can field a barrage of political correctness from the red press, especially when that press is a bunch of one sided lies from immigrants playing the race card.
   So now Le Papillon on the Park is closed with a For Sale sign on it. The building has been remortgaged (most likely to pay off the fines and court costs) 25 people are looking for new jobs and a family is ruined.
   But Malik, his nephew and their friend have hit the jackpot. They are now free to take their windfall and go open a shawarma hut somewhere. I doubt the Toronto Star food critic will ever review the place but I somehow don’t think they will care.
Lawrence McCurry

January 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Gregory and the She Hags of Twitter

Gregory and the She Hags of Twitter

  Freedom of speech has been on trial in a Toronto courtroom and the verdict comes down on Jan 22. This story involves a 54 year old graphic artist named Gregory Alan Elliott and two militant feminazis named Steph Guthrie and Heather Reilly. (There was a third woman who dropped out)
   It all started when this group of self-important feminazi she hags got together on twitter and started hatching out a plan to ruin a man’s life. Their target was a young game designer who had made a game that spoofed a famous feminazi video blogger named Anita Sarkeesian. Guthrie Tweeted that she wanted the inventor’s “hatred on the Internet to impact his real-life experience” So she Tweeted to prospective employers to warn them off the young man and even sent the local newspaper in his town a link to the story about the game.
   The evil practice of publicly shaming and attempting to destroy the reputation of anybody who opposes the Marxist left has been a tactic that has been used for some time by radical feminists and social justice warriors.
   Gregory Elliott disagreed with the tactic and Tweeted that he thought the shaming “was every bit as vicious as the face-punch game” that the young man had created. He suggested to Guthrie that if the young man ended up killing himself that would not look good on her or her organization. And this is where it gets bizarre; Up to that point the two were getting along fine online, Elliott even offered to produce a free poster for Guthrie’s witopoli (Women in Toronto Politics) group. But now they turned on him, Guthrie was not happy just labeling him a Troll and blocking his tweets, She demanded that he cease even referring to them when making comments about heated political issues. After thousands of tweets, from Elliott and the group of left-tard feminazis that Steph Guthrie was conspiring with, in 2012 Gregory Elliott was charged with criminally harassing first Guthrie, then Reilly and another woman who withdrew her charge. At no time did Elliott ever come close to threatening or sexually harassing any of these women. He just disagreed with their political tactics publicly.
   After spending three days in jail Elliott came up for bail. The crown actually tried to have him detained until trial, he was granted bail but with the condition that he was banned from using the internet. Being a graphic artist and depending on the internet of course he lost his job as well. Three years latter this un-employed father with a wopping legal bill waits on a justice system to decide whether to send him to jail or not for up to six months because he opposed a handful of feminazi political wannabe’s on Twitter.
   Once again at no time did Elliott ever threaten or sexually harass these women, He just strongly disagreed with them on twitter. Their claim is that his disagreement made them feel unsafe and they felt stalked because he would comment on what they were doing politically.
   This is not a joke or satire folks, this is really happening!
   The real victim here is Gregory Alan Elliott who has suffered greatly at the hands of these evil she devil social justice warriors. He has endured public false allegations of being a pedophile, made unemployable by harsh bail conditions and the mob mentality of the left and even had an art exhibit put on by a restaurateur in Kensington Market to help pay the legal fees vandalized. That’s right they sought out this restaurant that was hanging Elliott’s work and threw coffee on it while publicly denouncing him.
   So for giving his opinion on Twitter over a political matter this man has faced public shaming, false allegations, lost his job, had his art exhibit vandalized, had criminal harassment charges laid and faces six months in jail.
   So who is this evil feminazi she devil Steph Guthrie who seems to be the ring leader in all this you ask? Well oddly enough when I was discussing this story at the newspaper office "Canada's #1 seduction guru, Dimitri The Lover" pipped up with his own personal story about she hag Steph Guthrie…
    A few years ago I positioned myself down the street from Robarts Library to pick up U of T broads.  A gal in horn-rimmed glasses leered at me as she walked by.  She looked like Luann Van Houten from The Simpsons, but dirtier and slightly more pear-shaped.  I got a thing for geeky broads.  I normally would have accosted her with one of my patented pickup lines, but my gut told me she had a nefarious purpose.  She was giving off a sinister, creepy, vile vibe.  I felt like I was being baited, so I resisted the temptation.
   But she did not give up.  She walked by me a second time, closer and with a more obvious leer.  Again I ignored her.  She tried a third time, even more overtly, and I again ignored her.  Then in frustration she burst out "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" and laid into me about me being a "misogynist" (she obviously read some of my online posts on seduction).
   She was angry and irrational, so I went into "psychiatrist talking down menopausal dyke hostage taker" mode, and calmly suggested that if she disagreed with my opinions, we go for a coffee, my treat, and have a polite, friendly debate.  My calm, rational male demeanor caused her to physically freeze with a dropped jaw.  A couple of seconds later she said in a defeatist tone "What's the point?  You're always right!" then scurried off like a cockroach.
   After our encounter I felt sorry for her.  I assumed her father or another male relative/friend molested her, and she felt bitter toward men.  She likely used the "What's the point?" line in arguments with him.  I hypothesized she enjoyed being slapped across the face, roughed up, and sexually ravaged after provoking a man (a lot of women do).  The right man had not yet domesticated this feral shrew.  Then several months later I learned she was FemiMarxist CUNT Steph Guthrie.  She started following me on Twitter and employed similar baiting techniques on other men online.
   I don’t know if the account of Dimitri The Lover has much to do with this story but it’s good for a laugh and if it gets under the skin of this warped hag with a penchant for ruining a man’s life and livelihood because she thinks her point of view is more important than anybody else’s, well good. People like her and the wing nuts of the left that have been pushing cultural Marxism and radical feminism down the throats of the rest of us are dangerous people. This case makes it perfectly clear that they wish to curtail free speech for anybody that disagrees with them.
   This is a dangerous time for Canada, if we allow these warped leftists to use the court system to jail and remove the free speech of Gregory Alan Elliott then we are truly lost as a nation.

Lawrence McCurry