Monday, May 23, 2011

The “Truth Movement” is not about fairies and unicorns!

The “Truth Movement” is not about fairies and unicorns!

   I have always said that I am happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with anybody who stands against the New World Order and those globalist scum that have hijacked democracy in the free nations of the world. Now, that being said I feel I am being forced to define what is and is not part of the large worldwide movement that we call the “Truth Movement”.
   First let me address why I feel the need to be so arrogant as to even try to define what the movement is and is not. In short it is because I am starting to see how the truth movement is being hijacked in much the same way the powers that be have hijacked our democratic process. In fact there is so much division at this point amongst the people in the movement pertaining to beliefs that really have nothing to do with the goals of the movement, I feel that we are almost on the point of collapse.
   Although many will argue the modern day movement is an extension of the hippy movement of the sixties, Most will not dispute the popular movement of today really gained ground and has taken off as a result of the large number of people that became active around the lies and deceit that grew out of the way the U.S. government responded to the events of 9/11. The real father of the truth movement is George W. Bush. When he made the decision to lump the 9/11 movement in with the people who did not buy the explanation of the Kennedy assassination  or the UFO cover up and collectively called them all “conspiracy theorists”
    Although the 9/11 truth movement has remained one of the central pillars of what many refer to as the Truth Movement, it has grown to encompass a whole range of beliefs that are central to the human condition, the fringe element that shares these core beliefs however has now also grown to the point of alienating the less colorful political activists that have made the movement what it is today.
   The greatest danger to the Truth Movement today are not these core beliefs that we can all agree exist, but the esoteric and religious beliefs that the fringe wing nuts push along with it. Those who wrongly believe that every conspiracy theory and belief about religion or the spiritual nature of man has a place at the table of what we all refer to as the truth movement. They do not. That is not to say that all these new age spiritual believers or bible thumpers are wrong, just that their views must be separated from the views and goals of the movement.
   To define what is the “Truth Movement” is as arrogant on my part as defining what the movement is not. This may be too narrow a definition for many and probably is, but seeing as how this thing has turned into a worldwide movement with uprisings and insurrections starting to take place in many countries of the world, I believe it is time we all addressed what our definitions and motives are before the movement and the world slip off into total mayhem.

So what are these core beliefs that the movement is centered around?
  There is in the world today a group(s) of elite banking and corporate interests that control most governments, media, and the economic and military systems of the world. These governments and economic systems no longer serve the majority of the population and are now in fact being used to control and enslave the populations of the world. These elites are consolidating their power by finical means, forcing the governments they control to make war on those they do not and each other. By improvising the people of all countries though austerity measures and deliberate economic downturn and unemployment. The consolidation of the free press and terrorist false flag attacks (such as 9/11 and the London bombings) are just some ways amongst many that they use to manipulate the masses in the direction of their plans. The goal of the elites? A one world government consisting of large economic trading blocs such as the European and North American unions. A culling of the world’s population to ensure complete and unopposed control of the world.
   The movement recognizes that money and control of the main stream media   can control a democratic system as easy as weapons and bombs can topple   another. The goals of the movement can be summed up in one simple yet complex word, Change. People all over the world are sick of being lied to, having important information hidden from them and being manipulated into actions that run counter to their best interests. They realize that the control of the resources and the monetary systems of the world are benefiting a small elite group to the detriment of the majority. There can be no justice, peace or equality in the world under the systems that humanity is now saddled with. In short the Truth Movement wants change and the political uprisings, protests against austerity, corruption, war and police brutality that are taking place across the world today are the result.
The Problem with the Truth Movement?
   Since the early days, the movement has embraced many issues and concepts as part of their group such as police brutality and how it relates to a growing fascist state, the cover up of UFO’s, national sovereignty issues, as well as many others. The problem is that since the early days of the movement other groups and people have also used the core beliefs of the movement to sell their own agenda’s, incorporating the beliefs and goals of the movement to push their own brand of religion, philosophy, prophecy, numerology and general nuttiness.
    Some groups such as The Zeitgeist Movement will carefully lay out in detail the core beliefs of the movement but then offer their solutions, some of which would run very counter to what most would endorse. The Zeitgeist model, a one world government where all labor is mechanized and resources and society are controlled by a supercomputer that cares for all humans who live in this cashless utopia where there is no crime and luxury items such as boats and cars are shared by all.
    Even individuals, who some look at as leaders in a leaderless movement, such as David Icke, will with great skill, educate you in the core beliefs of the movement and then tell you the Queen is an evil alien Lizard and push his new age spiritual beliefs and experiences. What is happening here is that these people are combining their own agenda’s with the core beliefs of the movement that touches us all as being true, and repackaging it all to present to you with one big package of truth.
    Followers of these groups, individuals and beliefs will often expect others in the movement to also buy the whole package of what they personally believe and if they do not, they are often considered to be less or misinformed. Some will even go as far as labeling these fellow “Truthers” as shills or sympathizers of the elite.
    A good example of what I’m trying to put forth here would be this statement. We can all agree that there is well documented evidence that the government has lied to the public in that UFO’s exist and that some of them may be alien in nature. Fair enough, most all in the movement would accept that statement as one of the core beliefs of the “Truth Movement”. That the governments have been telling the public lies and are hiding information in this matter. This however does not mean that anybody who calls out bullshit when you tell about your conversations with the galactic alliance is a shill, provocateur or is in any way naive or misinformed.
   Just because you are on a journey for personal “truth” or have accepted a concept based on some aspect of one of the core beliefs, such as, the elite are luciferians, they all conduct themselves by the code set out in the protocols of Zion, or they are really alien lizard people. Even though these things may or may not be true, they are not the belief of all in the movement and should not be considered talking points when discussing the movement in any serious discourse.
   If you are a Christian or a new age spiritual follower that does not mean you cannot be on side with the movement, but you cannot expect the movement to be on side with you. Your personal or spiritual beliefs have no place in it. You may be able to apply your knowledge of numerology, revised history or bible prophecy to events in the world today but that does not mean they are part of the core beliefs that make up the truth movement.
   If the Truth Movement intends to attract the kind of numbers it needs to achieve the goal of real change that humanity must have, then the fringe element within its ranks must be curbed before it ends up alienating the majority.
    Yes I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you against the fascist tide, but shut the hell up about the fairies and unicorns ok.

Lawrence McCurry
May 23, 2011


  1. I have to question this entire article. There is no references to anything except your opinion which truly means very little in the respects you speak of. You do not stand shoulder to shoulder with the tell anyone to shut up if their truth is not in sync with your own personal agenda which is still wrapped up in a system that is, and always has been made to control still believe in this system and want to perpetuate it as a political activist. The idea that beliefs serve no place in this movement is laughable as what we all believe in is relevant but still say that beliefs don't count is a very NWO thing to do...further separations Mr.McCurry and horribly short-sighted. What you might think about the people who have connection with source, or god or whatever it is that some of us refer to is none of our business. That being said you seem to take great pleasure is belittling people to gain favour for your argument. There is NOTHING journalistic about this. It's arrogant, self-righteous and quite sad. If you don't like what's being said about beliefs then walk away from it...all you are doing here is shooting yourself in the foot. No examples, no references of any kind worth anything at all really. Just your opinion...and you know what they say about opinions...

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  3. Another point...I see you have proclaimed yourself to be a journalist...where are your credentials for this? It's not apparent in any of your writings that you've had any instruction in what one presents as a are presenting and opinionated column if anything...even that is stretching it. This is not meant to be insulting but as a journalist myself, I am shocked at the claims you are making here in this article and the others I have now read. Journalism, at it's core, is an unbiased look at things to present to the world yet you do nothing of the sort. You present your thoughts just as biased as MSM by attempting to direct the masses where YOU would like them to go. It's a rookie mistake but one you will surely learn from. Hopefully you will write your way out of this destruction writing behaviour...destructive behaviour against humanity to be truthful.

  4. Please look up the word "Editorial" Trevor...Oh I mean army of one. Yes this is my opinion and at the start of the article it states that even I consider this piece to be arrogant. Your problem with it is not my journalistic aspirations but the fact that it was aimed at “Fringe wing nuts” like you.
    When you state “Journalism, at it's core, is an unbiased look at things to present to the world” Not only is that a lie it’s a wopper. If you sir were really a journalist as you claim you would have recognized an editorial when you see one. In reality what you are is the type of fringe wing nut this piece speaks out against and only wish to discredit this commentary because it hits too close to home for you. Below just to further your journalistic education I am posting the definition of an editorial column.

    * An editorial is an article that contains the writer's opinion. Editorials are usually run all together on a specific page of the paper and focus on current events. Editorials are not considered news stories.

  5. You have clearly mistaken me for someone else...this is where your assumptions get jump to conclusions about things you know absolutely nothing about and you are completely ignorant about are toxic about it and infect those around you as you pass it along.
    You can call this whatever you like but it reads more like a diary entry than an editorial piece. Journalism AT IT'S CORE was meant to be sir have much to learn.

  6. Army of One, you can deny that you are in fact Trevor Davy all you want, the crap you spew gives away your identity. I have the moral fortitude to stand behind what I say and you use my real name and that alone says volumes about this discourse. If you care to dispute that you are who I claim you are then please, by all means, please have the balls to sign your real name to your comments.
    The problem you have with this article is that it was aimed squarely at the fringe element such as yourself. You have more interest in promoting your own agenda and nutty opinion than the change that humanity is striving for and you are using the truth movement for your own purposes. You sir are part of the problem and not the solution.
    Lawrence McCurry

  7. This is just a perfect example of you think you know better than others Lawrence...Army of One is problem I have with this article is that you don't have a clue what you are speaking about...not even about the Luciferian NWO. time I won't bother to read your articles, I just couldn't figure out for the life of me what would take a person 3 days to write an article on the idea you were spouting on I realize that I was waiting for fact based information, and not the the mindless drivel you came up with. Well done Lawrence..Brava :P

  8. this is a spiritual war and if and god does play a part and quit thinking your vote still counts lol fuck fairy's and unicorns

  9. OMG - I cannot stand the mantra Love light and peace ... esp. coming from those who exhibit no love and no peace-fullness in their nature... so I like to say Namaste Bitch .. know your enemy.. the enemy is ignorance.. thanks for shining your light Lawrence... I'm off Facebook... can only take so much of the horseshit there ... no worries.. keep on keeping on... peace xx

  10. It can't be a spiritual war for everyone. Bringing religion into the movement ruins it thoroughly because it needs to reach a larger audience of all faiths. Only truth, no Dogma.