Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy Toronto proposed List of demands

we propose the Occupy Toronto Movement consider and vote that the following statement to be issued to all media on behalf of the movement
   It has become clear that globalism and corporate greed have become a detriment to the majority of Canadians. It has also become apparent that our political system serves these banking and corporate interests and not majority of Canadians that have elected them to their office to serve the people of Canada. 
   We the people of the Occupy Toronto Movement demand on behalf of the people of Canada the following policies be instituted immediately.

1.       An end to the fractional reserve banking system, that the government Of Canada return to financing the public debt though the Bank of Canada interest free and reclaim the power to create our own currency away from the private banking system. 

2.       Restrictions be placed on the rights of corporations. Corporations are not people and should not share the same rights of people. Corporations must be banned from making political donations. Corporations should be taxed on the import of finished goods and machinery as well as a heavy tax on the out sourcing of labor and jobs outside of Canada. Excessive executive recompense has also become detrimental to Canadian business and should also be restricted by law.

3.       A healthy fourth estate being essential to the democratic process, a return to stringent media ownership laws are necessary to insure a free press in Canada.

4.       An immediate end to all Canadian military intervention in all foreign countries.

5.       It is clear that our current political system does not represent the wishes or needs of the Canadian people therefore we demand that a national dialog be undertaken to deal with the pressing need for political reform in Canada.

6.       For too long Corporations and the wealthiest income earners in Canada have not met their obligations to rest of the country, the belief that giving tax breaks to this group creates employment is a fallacy. We therefore demand that policies be instituted that require large corporations and the top ten percent of income earners be taxed at a higher rate and that taxes for the rest of Canadians be reduced.

7.       The Canadian criminal code be reviewed and policing policies be examined to ensure the rights and freedoms of Canadians are upheld and that the charter of rights and freedoms be strictly adhered to by all police services across Canada. Furthermore all Canadian police services submit to the authority of civilian review committees.

8.       All policies and negotiations that threaten Canadian sovereignty such as CETA, SPP, and Border Security agreements are suspended immediately, and Canada’s participation in international agreements such as Codex Alimentarius and agenda 21 are put on hold pending review in a more public forum. Canadian sovereignty is to be considered the right of the people and not to be traded or bartered by our government.

9.       Canada’s natural resources are to be considered the property of all the Canadian people. All harvesting, mining, logging and oil extraction to be reviewed with consideration to environmental impact and benefit to the people of Canada and not the corporations that extract them.

10.   Basic human rights and freedoms of the individual are to be considered paramount, and shall supersede all laws passed by government. Every Canadian has the right to food, shelter, basic education and health care and the freedom to live unencumbered of excessive government intervention. 

we propose this document be distributed amongst the people of Occupy Toronto and voted on in the afternoon general assembly on Saturday November 12, 2011 and if passed, issued as a press release on behalf of the Occupy Toronto Movement immediately that day.


  1. Hey Lawrence....

    Not on Facebook now.. but wanted to leave a comment and to keep in touch...

    I just saw this when I was searching for more slanderous comments about me in Occupy to screen capture / save ... .. Kinda makes it all part of the 'climate camp' world of carbon tax lovin' sheeple ... cheers from down East .. will be on a show with TJ Wilson on March 11th (NY's Sallie Elkordy) .. call in - I used your short docu in my blog to get the fluoride out of schools here (the one you made with Dan Dicks) .. forever grateful.. cheers xx Sally

  2. Thanks Sally, Missed the show but will ask Terry about the archive. Keep up the good work