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Elliott Not Guilty, FREE SPEECH 1 – MARXIST SHE HAGS 0

Elliott Not Guilty, FREE SPEECH 1 – MARXIST SHE HAGS 0

    On the morning of Friday Jan 22, I was waiting for a tweet from a friend of mine who was in a Toronto court room, waiting to find out if the Canadian court system would be standing up for freedom of speech on the internet in Canada or if they would be giving in to the femimarxist she hags that had arranged this farce to be brought into a criminal court in Toronto.
   In last month’s edition of this paper I brought you the story of Gregory Alan Elliott and the She Hags of Twitter. Elliott, a 54 year old graphic artist, was embroiled in a political disagreement with a gang of radical feminists on twitter over their treatment of a young game designer. At no time did Elliot ever threaten or sexually harass these women, he just strongly disagreed with their political tactics. In the end three of these woman convinced a Toronto cop (Who one of the women was close to) to charge Elliot with criminal harassment, a charge that carries up to four years in prison!
   The leader of these femimarxist hags was Steph Guthrie, the founder of a group called Witopoli or Women in Toronto Politics. This group has close ties to many of the radical far left female Toronto city councilors such as Kristyn Wong-Tam and Shelley Carroll who called on young women to “cyberbully” people.
    The women involved in the case, Steph Guthrie, Heather Reilly and a third woman whose allegations were dropped from the case when rumors started circulating that she was romantically involved with one arresting officer.
   This case is a shining example of how modern feminists and social justice warriors believe they not only have the right to control everybody’s speech but are more than willing to use force to push their far left radical political agenda right down your throat.
   Politics aside, Steph Guthrie is a particular type of vindictive psychopath. In November 2012, a few weeks before Elliott was charged with criminal harassment, Guthrie and others started spreading lies that Elliott was a Pedophile. Guthrie testified that she knew these rumours about Elliott propositioning an underage girl weren’t true, but neglected to tell Detective Banglid because “I wasn’t trying to harm him unduly, but I was not trying to help him.”
   Remember Guthrie's problem with Elliot started when he opposed her over her vindictive treatment of a young game designer, Ben Spurr. Guthrie accused Spurr of making a “misogynist” game and then proceeded to ( in her own words ) “sic the Internet on him” to convict “the fuck” in the court of public opinion. When Elliott’s defense asked Guthrie if she was concerned her attacks against Spurr could result in his being harmed, she unabashedly stated that she was “okay with that.” When the defense repeated the question, Guthrie once again made it very clear she believed he deserved whatever was coming to him.
   People close to Elliot describe him as an “Overly helpful” sort of guy, a really nice guy who will bend over backwards to help you out with whatever project you are working on. He is a prolific artist and poet with examples of his graphic art work all over Toronto. This father of four offered his services for free to Guthrie for her group. She repaid him for his offer by turning on him the first time he suggested that what she was engaging in was  “every bit as vicious as the face-punch game” Spurr had created.
   Guthrie and her coven of Marxist witches enthusiastically conspired to totally destroy Gregory Elliot’s life. With the help of the Toronto police dept., the crown prosecutor and the left controlled media that’s just what they did.
   Even though the Judge came out and said not guilty on Friday, Elliot still suffered greatly. The arrest and harsh bail conditions not only caused Elliot to lose his job, but the restriction on not being allowed to use the internet has not allowed him to work at all. Add to that the loss of his reputation and lies in the media and the humongous legal bills, it quickly becomes clear that these evil she hags of twitter are still giggling like the little bully’s in the schoolyard they are. They win this little game of “culture Marxist firing squad”. It never mattered to them weather Elliot was found guilty or not, only to everyone else in Canada.
   Sure freedom of speech was upheld in that court room, But Gregory Alan Elliott paid a very high price for it, Guthrie and her disgusting little friends now play the victim’s denied justice to their deluded SJW sycophant friends.
   So for all of you smug sjw butt holes out there who like Guthrie are laughing behind your hands thinking this is a win either way just remember. You have now tipped your hand. All Canadians can now see that that you just held a gun to all our heads (collectively speaking) threatening to kill freedom of speech for all, just to close down one voice that disagreed with your culturally Marxist agenda.
   As of deadline Steph Guthrie's group of radical femimarxists  Witopoli or Women in Toronto Politics still has made no mention at all of the victory of Gregory Alan Elliott. Not on Facebook, Twitter or their web page? Guthrie and her group of vindictive femimarxists has caused great harm to this man and his family and yet there's no acknowledgement, little lone an apology.

Lawrence McCurry

January 2016

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