Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My testimony at the Board Of Review

The following statements were made by me (Lawrence McCurry) today, Jan 23, 2018 at THE CANADA POST BOARD OF REVIEW In the matter of Minister Judy Foote’s interim probationary order respecting James Sears, Lawrence (Leroy) St.Germain and YOUR WARD NEWS

       In the matter of Minister Judy Foote’s interim probationary order respecting Dr.James Sears, Lawrence (Leroy) St.Germain and YOUR WARD NEWS
This is the written submission of Lawrence McCurry to The Board of Review.

    My statement to this board of Review will be my personal perspective. I’m a writer and a political activist not a lawyer, instead of addressing the legal aspects of this review I intend to address the moral and political ramifications of the actions taken by the honourable Judy Foote.

     I first became aware of politics as child under the administration of Pierre Elliott Trudeau during the FLQ crisis of 1970 when I was about nine years old. Trudeau had invoked the war measures act and for the first time in my life I started pondering and asking questions about politics and our political system in Canada.

    My father Walter McCurry was wounded twice in the service of this country fighting Nazi’s in the Second World War. He was a husband and father who worked six days a week and while growing up he must have said to my brothers and I thousands of times “ I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

    He was very serious when he told this to his sons and had laid his life on the line to fight for the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Make no mistake here, what this board of review is here to address is nothing less than the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press in Canada and I pray to God you understand the gravity of the task you have undertaken here in this review.

    Do I believe that YOUR WARD NEWS is a hate filled Nazi rag? No I do not! What I do believe is that these Nazi hate speech allegations and lies were spread and promoted by a Liberal party back room hack for personal, political and party reasons. I believe this Liberal Party insider is also the driving force behind a so called community group who has asked for and has been granted standing at this review.

    When Warren Kinsella ( already a public figure ) started to stir up community resentment against our paper he became fair game for any truths and criticism we were to print about him. The same holds true for his unwitting minion and internet friend Kelly Fairchild. Kinsella’s reasons for this very public Vendetta were many. Beside the fact that this paper has been highly critical of the liberal party which he supports, the paper also exposed large payments he had received from the former Ontario liberal Premier Dalton Mcguinty. We also mocked his self-perception as a Nazi fighter due to some hack novel he penned about the Heritage front. Mr. Kinsella makes his living by being a political advisor and professional Nazi alarmist.

    When Warren Kinsella enlisted the help of his old friend Bernie Farber, a man who has made his living being a professional promoter of the Jewish political agenda and Richard Warman, a public servant who’s only claim to fame is that he has brought more cases to the human rights commission than any other lawyer of course we mocked these men in a satirical fashion to expose the hidden political agenda behind their motives for doing so.

    It’s my belief that these three men by first manipulating public opinion and then by filing a frivolous lawsuit with the human rights commission against Canada post, blatantly maneuvered MP Judy Foote into taking the actions that she did.

    Kinsella and his group openly supported the notion that Canada Post should act as a censor on behalf of the Canadian people by stopping the distribution of YOUR WARD NEWS. The notion that a government controlled Crown Corporation should act as a censor of political opposition and opinion is not a Canadian value but a communist/Marxist position.
    Canada is in the grip of a postmodernist philosophical morass. For decades our universities and institutions of higher learning have pushed a far left political agenda, an agenda that is basically a re-working of Marxist philosophy. The old Marxist struggle between the bourgeoisie (the property owning class) and the proletariat (the industrial working class) just did not resonate in Western Society. In the new philosophy of the postmodernist it has become the struggle between victim and the oppressor.

    As political correctness (also known as cultural Marxism) ran amok in Canadian society our universities spewed out social justice Warriors armed with a Marxist philosophy of victim and oppressor. This experiment with postmodernism has produced a far left/globalist political philosophy that has invaded the Canadian body politic like a cancer.

    This new political philosophy disparages objective truth, mocks free speech or debate, and smears all dissenters as racists, misogynists, anti-semites, homophobic, Nazi, fascist, islamophobic take your pick we have all heard these names before. If you are not labeled with one of these titles then one of your associates may be and you are therefore guilty by association. The leaders of this new revolution have no problems appropriating any ethnic or social group they can class as victims and demand justice on their behalf.
    Free speech and open debate becomes giving a platform to the oppressors and anybody they label as one of the above is an oppressor. This has led to terrorist gangs of masked revolutionaries in Canadian cities who have no problems using violence and intimidation to quash opposing political action or speech. Were you to take a dictionary and look up the word terrorism the definition would read- 

1.     1.
a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
"four commercial aircraft were hijacked by terrorists"
1.     1.
unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
"a terrorist organization"

    I cannot think of a better definition to describe these groups who hide their faces and use violence and intimidation to “counter protest” any Canadian who dares hold a protest, give a speech or speaks out against anything that does not fit the political narrative they control. These home grown terrorists, spawned by this Marxist political philosophy often change the names of and flow between the groups they support, groups such as ANITFA, BOARDERS NO MORE and BLACK LIVES MATTER just to name a few. The ring leaders of these fluid and ever changing groups seem to be full time paid agitators who are funded though many sources, such as unions and foreign-sponsored non-governmental agencies such as The Tides foundation and Leadnow.

    While the police only arrest the most blatantly violent members of these groups on petty charges such as assault and disturbing the peace, our political leaders including the Prime Minister engage in virtue signaling and paying lip service to their divisive core concepts such as White male privilege, third-wave feminism and massive immigration from non-compatible cultures. 

    It is the opinion of many Canadians that Western society and the white working class are under attack worldwide and here in Canada by this creeping Marxist political philosophy. Long held Canadian values such as democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and even family values and the Christian religions are in grave peril in the opinion of many Canadians.

    Many also believe that international bankers and globalists push this left wing globalist agenda in an attempt to consolidate political power that goes far beyond wealth accumulation and control. National borders and a Canadian identity with national self-determination is not a concept they support.

    There is no question that Warren Kinsella, as an advisor to the Liberal party and not a duly elected member of the government, influenced, persuaded and manipulated the decision of the honourable MP Judy Foote. In fact in a letter sent by MP Judy Foote to Mr. Deepak Chopra, President of Canada Post on March 2, 2016 she mentions Warren and Lisa Kinsella by name. Stating that in her opinion our publication had committed the Criminal Code Offence of Defamatory Libel against the Kinsella’s and engaged in criminal hate speech, an unfounded and propagandist position that Kinsella had been using to try and silence our political position.

    Both Warren Kinsella and MP Judy Foote were well aware that our paper had been under close scrutiny by the police department and the legal establishment for some time and they have not seen fit to lay any criminal charges once so ever, Nor has Kinsella who claims to be a lawyer ever even laid a civil charge of libel at any time.  

    Every newspaper must have a method of distribution. Some contract with the city to put boxes on street corners, some contract with the transit system to distribute their publication to its riders, while others use private distribution companies or paper boys. We decided to contract with Canada post to use their bulk mail system for very good reason. A large percentage of people who live in the city of Toronto live in apartment buildings where their mail boxes are totally inaccessible to all but Canada Post who have a monopoly on the locked mail boxes of apartment dwellers. To access distribution to this large section of the population one has no choice but to use the services of Canada Post. 

    I started out with a statement of what I believe YOUR WARD NEWS is not.  What do I see Your Ward News as? YWN is an interesting mix of opinion, alternative news and commentary with a right of centre, anti-Marxist position. But above all else it’s satirical publication. A light hearted promulgation of anti-Marxist opinion and alternative news in a journalistic style that is reminiscent of a cross between Gonzo journalism and Mad Magazine.

    Very often our dissenters criticize our paper, not by attacking our content or position but by attacking our editor James Sears for his personal history and belief system, which is not necessarily the editorial position of our publication. If public discourse were a debating club, James Sears would be the captain for the opposition.

    Now do some people find our publication offensive? Yes they do and we’re fine with that as nobody is forcing them to read it. Anybody who receives our publication in their mail box is entitled to deposit it in the nearest recycling box or line their bird cage with it, just as I do with offensive literature that the liberal party of Canada sends to my mail box.

    Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is “feeling offended” in the realm of the beholder. Words are words; each person is in charge of their own emotions. To blame us or anyone else because you feel angry, offended or upset shows an abandonment of responsibility and an utter lack of emotional maturity. When you call opinion hate speech, you do so because you have had a groove scratched in your mind by a political philosophy that tells you that you are not responsible if you feel offended by those who you don’t agree with. They have tricked you into thinking that your free speech is not as important as somebody else’s feelings.

    Finally in closing I’d like to say that I find the actions of MP Judy Foote in suspending the rights of our editor and publisher from using the mail system of this country is totally reprehensible. Canada post is not only a service provided by the government of Canada but a sacred trust granted by the people of Canada. The job of Canada post is to fulfill their contractual obligations and to deliver mail to and for the Canadian people, not to act in some Stalinist manner to censor and protect the Canadian public from opinions the government of the day has deemed disagreeable.

    Free Speech is not hate speech, no matter who claims otherwise.

Lawrence P.J. McCurry
Contributing writer and philosophical advisor for YOUR WARD NEWS
May 29, 2017

    I’d like to address the real reason we are here. We are here today due to the slick and polished campaign of one man and his public relations company. A man who has taken it upon himself to direct and shape public opinion against YOUR WARD NEWS for political reasons and personal gain.

   Warren Kinsella, his friends and associates have very professional reasons for their all-out attack on YWN and it’s editor Dr. James Sears. Our detractors from the start have used the very same set of post-modernist/Marxist slurs that Kinsellla has been using since the beginning of his campaign, words like “Racist, homophobe and misogynist” but when you ask these detractors which articles they found to be such, none of these people can answer that question as most of them have never read the paper.

   People like Warren Kinsella and Bernie Farbar and groups like B'nai Brith and Friends Of Simon Wiesenthal Center make their very living off being professionally offended, and although not listed on the web site for the Daisy Group, Kinsella’s company, up until a couple of weeks ago The Friends Of Simon Wiesenthal Center were clients of his.

   Warren Kinsella is a long time back room operative for the liberal party of Canada and Ontario. When our newspaper printed a story about how every politician Kinsella has ever “Helped” over the years has seen their career’s crash and burn and about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Kinsella was paid by disgraced out going  Premier Dalton Mcguinty he was afraid of losing face with the very  politician’s that are his bread and butter.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the charges that have been recently been laid against our editor and publisher are politically motivated and that Kinsella feels he is helping his friends in the liberal party in their endeavor of silencing a newspaper that has been very critical of the way they have been governing Canada and Ontario.

   Kinsella has also used the lies he tells about YWN to peddle his hack novel about Nazi’s and hate groups. And yes they are LIES. YWN is Not some Nazi hate rag and no matter how many times Kinsella tells that lie, it’s just not true. In fact I know of plenty of people in the Jewish community who resent the fact that Kinsella presumes to speak on their behalf when it comes to the paper.

   Recently Warren Kinsella’s wife Lisa has announced she will be running for Toronto City council for ward 32 with the endorsement of Mary-Margaret McMahon the current sitting councilor. This is the very same seat that Dr. James Sears ran for in the last municipal elections in 2014 and this campaign against Sears and the paper can also be viewed as a preemptive strike to aid in her election chances.

   When public figures Like Kinsella, Farber, Richard Warman or liberal politicians make inflammatory statements like they have about YWN it has a profound effect on people. That’s why it’s fair game for us to talk about them.

     But it also does something else, when you call opinion hate speech, you do so because you have had a groove scratched in your mind by a political philosophy that tells you that you are not responsible if you feel offended by those who you don’t agree with. They have tricked you into thinking that your free speech is not as important as somebody else’s feelings. It encourages an abandonment of responsibility and an utter lack of emotional maturity in people. Something you don’t have a right to is the right not to be offended.

  Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is “feeling offended” in the realm of the beholder. Words are words; each person is in charge of their own emotions. To blame us or anyone else because you feel angry, offended or upset shows an abandonment of responsibility and an utter lack of emotional maturity. When somebody like Kinsella campaigns against us nonstop, calling us hateful, racist, Nazis and misogynists, it’s like he is taking a big rusty nail and scratching a grove in the minds of people. He’s coming to conclusion and judgement for you, he’s circumventing your critical thought process. Most of all he’s using you to shut down the voice of those who politically oppose him and his political friends who make a very good living off the backs of the public.

    Your needle gets stuck in a big rusty groove so you will have a knee jerk reaction to what? A small community paper that prints alternative news, politics, opinion and satire? This big rusty groove makes people who have never even seen our paper think it’s some kind of illegal hate speech Nazi rag.

   Many of the stories in this paper are satirical in nature and outrageous in subject but that is opinion not hate. We openly denounce violence and injustice towards all people regardless of ethnicity or gender. That being said we also reserve the right to talk about these matters and believe that having the right to free speech to openly discuss matters of ethnicity and gender is a right to practice and defend.

    Kinsella and his friends seem to think it’s a good idea that we allow Canada post to act as a censor of the mail that we might send to each other in this country, or that the Liberal party should have the right to close down a newspaper that is critical of the way they govern this country. Well I’m here today to tell you all that’s not going to happen.

    Warren Kinsella and his friend Richard Warman though the use of a litigious and frivolous lawsuit blatantly manipulated MP Judy Foote into taking the wrong actions that she did and this fact needs to be taken into consideration by this Board of Review and corrected.

   There’s no question that this is a matter of free speech and freedom of the press in Canada and if this BOR wishes to come out on the right side of history they will recommend that the interim order issued my Minister Foote be lifted and the mailing rights of Sears, St.Germain and YWN be restored.


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