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Canada The Alarm Clock is going off !

Canada The Alarm Clock is going off ! 


There is something wrong in this country, in this world. You have always known it, you have always felt that there are things the government does, polices they carry out, that make no sense at all. Policies that the people who elected them do not want. Why does the Canadian government borrow money off the charted banks like the Royal, CIBC, TD and the BMO at high interest when the Bank of Canada should be printing the money and lending it to the government interest free? If this were the case the deficit would be paid off in short order and your taxes would go to your medical system, building roads and such, Instead of paying the interest rates to big banks that get rich off your labour? Most of your taxes go to paying the interest on the deficit not the principal of the loan or services that benefit you. If the government were to issue money by the bank of Canada, take the control of money back away from the major charted banks in Canada, if this were the case the taxes you pay would go down in short order.

     Why does Canada have troops in Afghanistan?  Do you really believe that by having Canadian soldiers there they are somehow protecting you? Do you believe that those troops, raiding the houses of people like you and I, somehow stops some deranged terrorist from blowing up the subway? If anything I would think that it makes a scenario like that more likely. We used to pride ourselves on being peace keepers, now we are nothing more than the lap dogs of the American war machine. I ask you why? Make no mistake, Canadians are being killed. By your own government who send them to Afghanistan to fight an unjust police action that nobody wants.

Whether you vote for the conservatives or liberals in this country you seem to get the same bad government and policies, politicians when running for office promise all kinds of things and yet we continue to see the same bad government no matter which party gets elected. The reason for this as we all know is because of corporate collusion between government and the corporations and banks. Our government is pushing us towards an economic union with the United States and Mexico and yet any Canadian can tell you that this type of union and business agreements with these countries will only bring down our standard of living and bring about a destruction of the social programs that make us who we are as Canadians!

At this point you must ask yourself, Are we living in a democracy or a corporate dictatorship?

Even in China you get a choice to vote between comrade A or comrade B, but are those people free? Are we? Oh sure you have free speech,(for now) but if what you say and want is being ignored by those who lead you, free speech has no value at all. A child in the supermarket has free speech but does its parents fill the cart with candy? That’s how the politicians of Canada think of you, you are children and they know what’s best for you, and like a child you let them do it to you.

     There is no question at this point we are being led into a new world order, In fact it’s already here, They have yet to cross the T’s and dot the I’s  but we are on the final steps. Will this New Order mean the loss of our way of doing things and our standard of living here in Canada? YES IT WILL. The UN and World Bank are not democracies!  In fact, One of the leaders of this shadowy group of bankers and despots is a man Canadians voted out of government long ago Maurice Strong. Besides being a powerful man in the United Nations Strong is connected to a large Canadian company called Power corp. Power Corp is a major Canadian company with assets in North America and Europe in a number of industries. These industries include media, pulp and paper, and financial services. The master of power corp. is Paul Desmarais, and a short list of Canadians who have worked for power corp. are Former Prime Ministers of Canada,  Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chrétien, (Chrétien's daughter France is married to the son of Paul Desmarais, Sr., André.) Paul Martin, Brian Mulroney as well as many, many other cabinet ministers and provincial premiers.


Is world government under the UN and World Bank such a bad thing? After all we all collected coins for UNICEF at Halloween to feed starving children in third world countries? Would that not mean the end of war? This is what they would like us to believe but the truth of the matter is those kids are still starving and the UN has gotten us into shooting wars like Afghanistan, Africa and Eastern Europe. In fact the World Bank and UN have made matters worse in countries they have made deals with and micro manage, You could even call it resource theft on a scale never before seen in all of the great colonial conquests of the past.

   The sad truth of the matter is if Canadians (And the world) don’t wake up and soon to the fact that a takeover has happened and democracy has become a bought and paid for sham, You and your children will be no more than slaves to the few that have stolen your birthright, your human rights and freedom!

This is not some crackpot conspiracy theory, it is fact. Please look into it for yourself. At this point most people’s eyes glaze over and they say “Yea but what am I supposed to do about it?” Well there are a number of constructive things the average Canadian can do about it.

Educate yourself and others

Remember those bankers and corporate leaders own most of the news papers, television and radio stations. Under the Mulroney government the law on media ownership was changed so now most of the media in Canada is controlled by very few people like his old boss at power corp. So the chances that you will get information about what is being done to you from main stream media is slim to none. Talk to your friends, neighbors and anyone who will listen about what you find out. Send them articles and internet links about what is happening in Canada and the world. The most important thing you can do is spread the message that will wake the sleeping masses before it’s too late. You can make it happen and only you can do this.

Stop Playing their Games

Do not join the military, If you are a police officer, do not accept duty protecting their secret meetings (G-20, Bilderburg group, and the like) also refuse duty to stand guard at protests. These are your brothers, sisters, parents and children that you are going to pepper spray and tear gas.

Protest, but do so peacefully, behind those masks, helmets and billy clubs are police that are in the same boat as you, they are being used to oppress you by evil people who have come to think of themselves as our Masters, Most of those police people took that job because deep down they want to help people. Many of them are as the Roman soldiers that nailed Jesus “they know not what they do”

Do business with small “Mom & Pop” companies whenever possible, remember an outfit like Wal-Mart pays an oppressed person in china 14 cents to produce a toy they sell in Canada for $15 dollars and they do not pay their fair share of taxes back to Canada. This kind of action is a hardship to you, but would you want to be that under paid person in China? Their plan is to see to it that in the future you or your children will be.

 If you belong to a main stream political party (Liberal, PC or NDP) consider where the money comes from and what you are supporting. Please resign or consider joining The Canadian Action Party instead. At this time the CAP seems to be awake but be vigilant, remember what happened to the Reform party!

  You may be one of those people that say “ I don’t get involved in Politics” or “It’s not my problem, I just keep my head down” Well I say to you, if you don’t take an active interest in these matters now it will be too late later and you and your children will wake up one day soon to find you are a slave in bondage. No one can help you if you don’t help yourself now. Confront your local politicians, friends, neighbors; ask them what they are doing to stop this takeover! Confront oppression wherever you see it, most of the time when you see a security guard they are there to intimidate you not protect you. This is a method to morally degrade society not protect you from crime as they say it is. I used to just see uniformed security guards in banks and shopping malls, now I see them in the bars and pubs where I go to relax. How do these unarmed security guards prevent crime? Don’t fool yourself the next step is to give them guns. Why is the government arming our police forces with machine guns and tanks? We are talking about police not military here; these weapons are meant to be used on you and other Canadian citizens.

I can go on and on with examples of how this takeover of our Canadian sovereignty has and is happening right now. Please my friends wake up and act before it’s too late.


                                                                                                                   Lawrence McCurry – April 8, 2010


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