Friday, April 30, 2010

Now is the time



     Why now is the time to get politically involved no matter how repugnant you may find politics to be.  Now is the time to get down and dirty.

There is no doubt that the recent implementation of the HST in Ontario and B.C. is nothing more than a massive tax grab that will cause big time inflation in the Canadian economy. When the government sites monetary policy on a constant basis as a move to keep down inflation why would they then implement a tax that is sure to cause inflation?

  It has been clear for some time now that bankers and large corporations have hijacked the main stream political parties in Canada and no longer even try to make a secret of it! Any grass roots political movement that may start up in Canada is quickly infiltrated and co-opted by these greedy bankers and corporations. A good example of this is the demise of the Reform Party here in Canada. If you recall during the 1993 elections Brian Mulroney had just turned the reins of the Progressive Conservative Party over to Kim Campbell, Mulroney had been such an open and unrepentant criminal  that there was no way in the world they would ever receive the popular vote. (In fact they won only two seats) Western based Reform Party’s Preston Manning had started to make some very good headway in the east and although could not have won this election they could very well have picked up enough seats to win Official Opposition status, which would mean an important source of funding for the member funded reform party and a much greater influence in parliament.

     Reform was making good headway in Ontario and it looked like they would form the next new official opposition party when the Toronto  news papers came out with the headlines that the Reform Party in Ontario was full of Nazi’s and racists. The truth of the matter, which did not come out until after the election was that CSIS mole Grant Bristow had signed up these people to the reform party while spying on them for the Canadian secret service. The end result of all this was that Reform lost out on Official opposition status by one seat to the Bloc Québécois . This gave the Conservative party time to infiltrate the Reform ( as well as other small parties ) and take over so that the popular grass roots movement was dead and gone.

   The whole “Grant Bristow affair” was quietly swept under the carpet after a short royal commission where CSIS out and out lied about Grant Bristow and were caught in those lies by the Toronto Star. I personally knew Grant Bristow in the 70s and 80s when he worked for a strip joint and dealt drugs for a living and can assure you he worked for CSIS and was guilty of manipulating the outcome of the federal election of 1993. I intend to write more on this matter at a later date.

The point is this, If you and I do not get involved in the political system in Canada now, it will be too late to do so after the government gives away our sovereignty to NAFTA and the U.N  ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

The world financial crisis (depression) is not an accident, it’s a consolidation of world economies by the bankers and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) it was deliberately done. Steven Harper and the rest of our politicians are complacent in the economic problems that our country and the whole world is going though today! If you have lost your job or your house it’s because Harper and the bankers wanted you to. And don’t fool yourself Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal party are in on it too, the NDP is funded by trade unions that are also controlled.


For starters we need to take back this hijacked political system and use it against them. You need to get out and vote again, even if you have not done so in years, You must vote now and encourage your friends and family to do so as well. You must also get involved with a political party that will fight against this corporate banker takeover of your rights and freedoms.

   I have joined The Canadian Action Party and will be actively supporting this small independent party as long as their current policies of returning control of government borrowing to the bank of Canada and away from the private charted banks remain in place. We must give the main stream political parties in Canada their walking papers and put an end to the professional politicians whose only interest in life is to get elected so they can steal from and oppress you and your family. Getting elected to government is meant to be a service to your fellow Canadian, not a means to gaining wealth or to be a family business. Almost every Prime Minister we have had since Lester B. Pearson has been in the employ of Paul Desmarais and power Corp. Both P.C and Liberal.

If you personally do not do something to change the way politics are conducted in Canada you will surely suffer the consequences. And sooner rather than later. So I ask you, What are you going to do about it?


                                                                                                                                               Lawrence McCurry - April 30 2010

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