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Financing The Revolution, What effect does money have on the fight against Money?

Financing The Revolution, What effect does money have on the fight against Money?


     At this time I feel I must address the elephant in the room. How is money affecting the new revolution and what role does it play in waking people up to the fact that money is the tool being used to enslave us?

   From Alex Jones to Gerald Celente, From Gary Franchi to yes even this humble author, we have all accepted advertising revenue to offset the cost of getting the message out to you. (Although I have yet to receive any funds, I have allowed Google ad’s on my blog site where I post my articles.)  One cannot address the problems and terror of the coming “New World Order” without starting with the fact that it is the control of the monetary system that gives them the power to even try to pull off what’s going on. It’s easy to see how money has hijacked our political systems all over the world and how the fiat money system is being used to control the populations of the world though debt. This is what the new revolution or the great awakening is all about.

     Why is it then a taboo subject for us to discuss where the money that our leaders generate comes from or how much they are paying themselves out of these funds? Is it fair game to criticize Alex Jones for the amount of advertising or the content of advertising he allows on his radio show? Is it a fair question to ask Gerald Celente how much money he made on the same stock market that he publicly calls a sham? Don’t get me wrong I highly respect both of these men for the brave position they have taken. There is no doubt at all that it costs big bucks to run the kind of operation that Alex does. Because of the nature of the business they are in, it almost puts them in the same position as a popular preacher or a minister of God might find himself in.

   We all know what happened to Jim Baker of the PTL club or Jimmy Swaggart, but we also have to recognize what their downfall did to the large christen political movement they were a big part of. Are some of the leaders of this new revolution that we look to for news and information leaving themselves open to the type of scandal that could destroy this movement before it really gets off the ground? I believe this is a legitimate question that must be asked and addressed.

    Recently one of the leaders who runs a website that is widely followed by many people I know had a staff member that posted an advertisement from one of his sponsors on his face book page. I left a comment that perhaps face book is not the appropriate place to put an advertisement, Now to his credit he considered it fundraising and thanked me for my comment when I explained that although I expected advertising on his website and in the content of the information reports he publishes, but to place an ad on face book was not a good idea. The fans of his website however were not as kind in lambasting me, going as far as accusing me of trying to curtail his freedom of speech.

    If money can subvert our political system we have to expect the elite to try and use money to silence the voices that inspire this revolution to take it back! This is a warning not only to the Benjamin Franklins that bring us news and information about the revolution, but the political leaders as well. The main stream news wasted no time criticizing U.S. congressman Ron Paul when they pointed out he had taken a donation from a racist group. To his credit he deflected this criticism by noting he only took donations from individuals and not corporations and what individuals personally believe was none of his business.

   As an outsider looking in, (I’m Canadian) I can see this happening with the tea party movement in the U.S. At one time the Tea party was a political movement for real change, but as soon as big money from sources like CNN started coming to the party it became clear that the elite had taken over and were subverting the movement. Hopefully enough people in the tea party will wake up and fight to get the party back.

   The point being this, for those that are to be the bearers of truth to the masses, those that bring the news of the revolution that the controlled media dare not speak of, You must be above reproach. You must be extra vigilant to not only be honest, but also ethical and open about where your funding comes from and how you use it.

    The two revolutionaries in history that are closest to my heart, Benjamin Franklin of the United States and William Lyon Mackenzie of Canada.( who’s wanted poster, put out by the crown hangs above my desk as I write this) Both were writers and newspaper men, both men used words and the truth to bring about real political change. In the end they both ended up printing their own money as well. ( This worked out much better for Franklin then it did for Mackenzie ) Perhaps the key to this new kind of revolution will be a new form of currency made by us, to replace the bogus notes issued by the bankers and United Nations tyrants who would be kings? Until that time, those that bring us the ammunition in this info war and those who will lead the way to regaining our sovereignty and freedom must be on guard, vigilant to the fact that the money that funds the movement can also corrupt.


Lawrence McCurry – May 17, 2010


Some Hero’s of the new revolution

Alex Jones

Gerald Celente

Gary Franchi

Ron Paul

Melissa Brade




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