Wednesday, June 16, 2010



The following points are facts. They are not some tin hat wearing conspiracy theory, the ravings of some mad man, mine or anybody else’s opinion, speculation, rumor, estimation or belief. They are fact. Provable, verifiable, incontestable, documented, irrefutable fact. In other words the following points are all TRUE.

·         Almost all of our Prime Ministers and many of our cabinet ministers and provincial premiers since Lester B Pearson have been employees of Paul Desmarais and Power corp.

·         The elite of Canada and the world, the most powerful leaders of the media, politics and education have for decades been meeting in secret with bankers, corporate leaders, and European monarchy with the goal of imposing an unelected fascist dictatorship one world government on Canada and the whole world.

·         Canadian prime ministers and politicians have publicly stated that Canada must give up its Sovereignty ( The same sovereignty that our fathers have fought and died for ) and yet for the most part these statements go unreported and unexplained by the main stream media.

·         The Canadian government has been arming local police forces with riot gear, sound cannons, machine guns, tanks and other military weapons for use on its own citizens.
     ( That’s you and me )

·         In the last twenty years most of the manufacturing jobs in Canada have been moved to third world countries and the profits from this slave labor market have gone to corporate and banking interests that have bought political influence in both the PC and Liberal parties.

·         Fluoride ( the same fluoride they put in drinking water ) is a cumulative poison. It is a waste product of nuclear reactors. According to a recent report in the Globe & Mail recent research is suggesting that fluoride may be connected to a number of serious conditions, including the development in teenage boys of osteosarcoma, the rare bone cancer that killed Canadian icon Terry Fox, reduced intelligence levels in children, and impaired thyroid function. Just read the fine print on a tube of tooth paste or a box of rat poison.

·         The Canadian government pays over 170 million dollars a day ( Your tax money ) to private banks in compound interest on the deficient.( This is interest, not the principal on the loan ) Canada allows these same private banks to create and print as much Canadian currency as they want, when that is clearly the purpose of the publicly owned Bank of Canada.

·         Canada has spent over a BILLION dollars on the G-8 and G-20 meetings in Toronto in June 2010. The downtown area of Canada’s largest city has been turned into a police state. Local businesses have been forced to close, people who live in the area have been encouraged to leave during these meetings and anybody standing on the public sidewalk with a camera is stopped by police asked for I.D. and told it is now illegal to take pictures of banks and buildings in the area. Anyone who does not comply is arrested.

·         Sadly the majority of Canadians believe there is nothing they can do to change or stop all of the above or are too apathetic to care.

Wake Up Canada

Lawrence McCurry
       June 16, 2010

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