Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toronto was the ball in the New World Order Cup

It’s now been a week since the G-8,G-20 summits in Toronto. I’ve felt I needed to take this time to step back and look at what really happened here before I write about it. There are two aspects to consider, the crime that was committed behind the fence and crimes committed on the other side of the fence in what the police did on the streets to draw attention away from it.

At the G-20 meeting world leaders met in luxury to discuss how the people of their country’s would adhere to fiscal consolidation and international financial reform to pay off deficits and to bring government spending in line with GNP, while at the same time instituting taxes to combat global climate issues and promote green initiatives . Bank taxes to fund the IMF World Bank were left up to individual countries (Their banking systems). Our Prime minister stressed over and over at a post G-20 press conference that Canada is in a global economy and that Canadians may not like it as it’s a loss of our national Sovereignty….If you cut though all the political double speak, what was being done at the G-20 was plans were being made to tax the populations of the world to an even greater extent for the benefit of the banks who all these politicians are in the employ of! At the same time more planning was made to convert the economic monetary systems of the world in anticipation of the one world government and the one world monetary system of the IMF & U.N. World Bank. This fiscal consolidation and international financial reform they speak of is also referred to as austerity measures or in plain speak the cutting of social programs like health care, education, and public infrastructure so more of your tax money can be given to the banks, disguised as the system of theft that has been set up as compounded interest on sham loans of money printed by the banks and loaned to your government.

Make no mistake about this people. The Canadian and world governments have been taken over by private banks and mega corporations to install a one world government or new world order as some have called it. This world government is not a democracy, it is a fascist dictatorship. You do not get a vote, they think they own you! Why is it that Stephen Harper and Liberal prime Ministers before him like Paul Martin have all come out and publicly stated that Canada must give up its Sovereignty?

Please grab a dictionary or a thesaurus and look up the word Sovereignty right now! Your fathers and grandfathers fought and died for this sovereignty that your government is so Horney to give away!

The controlled main stream media must also take some blame for everything that happened over the weekend as well, for not telling the truth about what the G-20 meetings are really all about, for not reporting on what the protesters were protesting about or how police were violating people’s rights under the charter since long before the meetings ever began.

While leaders inside the fence furthered their plans to fleece the people though the criminal banking system, outside the fence the police gave the public a lesson in how foolish people have been in believing the constitution and the charter of rights and freedoms is more than just another piece of toilet paper. What I witnessed over those three days was something I thought only happened in third world banana republics or communist countries. What I saw happening on a very large scale was illegal search and seizures, mass assaults on people who were committing no crimes and mass arrests of people who again were committing no crime. In many cases these people were not even protesters, but merely people walking on the streets of the city they called home. After the police had illegally thrown what may have been well over a thousand people into a make shift cage, they admitted the law they used to arrest them never existed! Many were held for up to twenty-four hours, their hands bound with plastic ties, in makeshift cages with no place to sit except a cold dirty concrete floor. Twenty to thirty people in a small cage with a portable toilet, no door, no toilet paper, made to beg for water and food, which they were seldom given, no access to medical attention or a telephone to call a lawyer. Women were strip searched by male officers, not given access to female sanitary products, made to use the open toilet while male officers watched and made comments about how they would be raped in prison.

The police chief Bill Blair quickly went on television telling lies and making lame excuses for the police excesses. He claimed rubber bullets were never used when they were clearly shown doing so with the protesters picking up the bullets and showing them on TV. He also showed a cache of weapons he claims were confiscated from protesters that later turned out to be toys taken from a man who was stopped on his way to a role playing game. The padded arrows, chain saw and rubber ax were no more than props for the game.

When it became clear the chief was floundering in public, the Mayor and premier of Ontario went on television to back him up, declaring he did a fine job under difficult circumstances. That after the action of the Black Block Anarchists on Saturday, the stepping up of police actions were justified.

Let’s look at how the police handled the block then. In my last article I recounted how I had witnessed the police allow the BB past police lines in Saturday’s march and head towards Yonge St. to break windows where police had mysteriously disappeared and how police all but put a bow on a police car that was given over to protesters to burn while police stood back and watched. This car was not torched by the mob but by a couple of masked anarchists while most of the crowd stood back and took pictures. In fact it is the very way that police responded to the tactics of the Black Block that has led to wide spread speculation that some of these masked vandals may have been police provocateurs. There is no doubt in my mind this was all done on orders from above to justify the obscene amount of money spent on this meeting of world criminals.

Well Premier McGuinty, Mayor Miller, Chief Blair know this, Property damage committed by a small handful of vandals does not justify violating the rights of thousands of people! You along with Stephen Harper have committed a crime that far exceeds any crime that was committed by masked anarchists over the G-20 weekend! A crime that was perpetrated on all Canadians. The Canadian people may demand that you all be put in a cell for what you have done and they will be right in doing so.

Lawrence McCurry

July 6, 2010

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