Friday, August 20, 2010

Globalization in Canada

Globalization in Canada

   It’s difficult to understand the push towards the globalization of Canada’s economy without buying into a concept that has been widely dismissed by many as the conspiracy theory of a one world government or the New World Order. Make no mistake here, globalization is real and has been talked about extensively by our Prime Ministers both conservative and Liberal, Both former P.M. Paul Martin and current P.M. Stephen Harper have recently been speaking on the subject. It appears that both major parties in Canada are on the same page when it comes to the subject of globalization, even to the point where both talk about Canada giving up its sovereignty. This is a key point in understanding what these men are talking about, if you don’t fully understand the word sovereignty please grab a dictionary and thesaurus and look it up right now.

So just what is Globalization ?

Well these two men would tell you it is nothing more than a complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural, and political changes seen as increasing, integration, and interaction between people and companies in World Wide locations. A trend toward increased flow of goods, services, money, and ideas across national borders and the subsequent integration of the global economy. Trade agreements, nothing more. So Canada can sell more to the world! Sounds good? Martin even has a cute little jelly bean story that he uses to explain it all. Well there is more to it, a lot more and they don’t talk much about that.

The World Bank :  “Globalization - the growing integration of economies and societies around the world...“

World Trade Organization (WTO) : “Globalization can be defined as a historical stage of accelerated expansion of market capitalism, like the one experienced in the 19th century with the industrial revolution. It is a fundamental transformation in societies because of the recent technological revolution which has led to a recombining of the economic and social forces on a new territorial dimension“

International Forum on Globalization (IFG) : “Globalization is the present worldwide drive toward a globalized economic system dominated by supranational corporate trade and banking institutions that are not accountable to democratic processes or national governments“

What your Prime Minister has not said is “Well Canada you can kiss democracy goodbye” The reason he won’t say this is because you have already lost it. The same supranational corporate trade and banking institutions that the IFG is talking about have already taken over the government of Canada (and most other countries) and the way they have done it is by stacking the major political parties in Canada with their own handpicked people. It is fact, not some conspiracy theory that most of our Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers and many provincial premiers have worked for Paul Desmarais and power Corp. When everybody we elect to Parliament comes from Big corporate and banking interests and go back to them when we vote them out, why would they not work towards handing over the entire country and everyone in it over to the same corporate and Banking control!

    Already we have seen our government start to dismantle our country though bills like C-6, and C-36 which gives control of all your food and medicine over to these supranational corporate concerns, up to the point of kicking down your door to enforce the global regulations. ( No court order needed ) The recent G-20 conference in Toronto was also a very good example of what these globalists think of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Canadian government has been aggressively working towards plans like the security and prosperity proposal (SPP) and The North American Union (NAU). In case you didn’t know, these are plans to merge Canada, The United States and Mexico into one big super Union like the European Union (E.U.) to standardize the laws, regulations, currency and social policies and remove the borders to allow the free flow of the labor force. If you have not already heard about this it is because the media (TV, newspapers and radio) are already owned by these corporations and bankers thanks to a change in the media ownership laws by globalist P.M. Brian Mulroney.

There is nothing that these globalists do not want control of, our schools, prison’s, utilities, hospitals, roads and infrastructure and our national parks. I recently found out that even the street lights in my city (Toronto) are now privately owned. Every government building, road, telephone pole, utility and government service sold to or controlled by the private sector. You may even see your prisons, schools and hospitals being run by private super corporations with McDonalds serving the food. Don’t laugh its being done in the U.S. already. Instead of large corporations and banks paying taxes, your tax money will all go to them. A lot of it already does. Corporate subsidies or what is commonly referred to as corporate welfare is at an all time high. The banks are raking in over a hundred and seventy million dollars a day from Canadian tax payers in interest on the deficit. That money could have been created interest free from the Bank of Canada if not for globalization.

   Should globalization continue under the NAU Mexicans and Americans could freely come to Canada to live and work, social programs that Canadians enjoy like universal health care and others would suffer if not disappear altogether. Our standard of living will not go up but down, that is unless you are a banker, corporate executive or a politician. I’m sure police and government inspectors will do ok. But there is no question about the rest of us, it will not be pleasant. More than just the standardized size of Jelly beans that Mr. Martin would have you believe.

   Once globalization is complete you will have four major trading blocs the NAU the E.U the recently formed African Union and the yet to be formed Asian Union. At this point these four blocs would then form a world council with a world currency governed by The World Bank under the U.N., and by the way, this will not be a democracy because super corporations and banks don’t roll that way.

This is the globalization of the Canadian economy, not my opinion. Recently Prime Minister Stephen Harper said “ Canada does not really have an economy any more, We are in a global economy, Some people may not like it but it’s a reality” As far as Harper is concerned it’s a done deal and you have no say, That’s just the way things are. Well truth be known things are like that because Harper and Martin and others have made it that way. The truth is the global economy needs Canada not the other way around. Canada has no need for an outfit like Wal-Mart to sell us junk that is made in China. All those jobs that have left this country can come back to Canada and we can make our own junk and sell it in a Canadian store that we could call say…..Eaton’s and if that global economy, those global supranational corporate trade and banking institutions want Canadian lumber, Sudbury nickel, PEI spuds they can make us a fair deal on our terms.

 Free Trade, foreign bankers, the American military complex, Chinese toys and tainted pet food, Corporations and politicians that will have our Canadian sovereignty can GO TO HELL!

  No Mr. Harper some people don’t like it and I’m telling them they don’t have to accept it either! Canadians can take back our sovereignty, We can elect a government that will take control back from the banks the power to create our own money, We can take back our natural resources from the multinational corporations that think they own them and produce what Canada needs right here in Canada. If the rest of the world, that global community, wants what Canada has to offer, let them come to us deal fairly and on OUR terms.

Globalization is not a reality Mr. Harper. It is an evil plan of the global elite and Canadians can see right through what your Conservative’s and the Liberal party are doing and we will put a stop to it, right here in Canada.

Lawrence McCurry – August 20, 2010

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  1. Excellent article Lawrence!
    I will be sure to share it with family and friends.

  2. Clear, Concise and well laid out. It's great to have the reference material laid out so clearly. I too, will pass it on!

  3. Good article Lawrence... thanks again for your work... My only additional comments to readers would be to read a few good books by businesswoman (with in the USA: Joan Veon (deceased) - who attended many of these globalists' shindigs ie. U.N. meetings which she likened to going to a 'play where the players play their parts' .. in her books "Prince Charles The Sustainable Prince" and "United Nations Global Strait Jacket" you are carefully made aware of the timeline and the work done to put this framework into place... as well, a more recent book I would recommend is Rosa Koire's "Behind the Green Mask" her website: and are both good places to research what's happening and how to proceed... as well: in the USA working to spread awareness and solutions on this issue... you can learn more by finding some youtube uploads of both these women's talks.. they are two excellent sources... Peace.. and let's expose the NWO/Agenda 21