Monday, May 28, 2012

Return of the Black Bloc Stooges 

    Occupy was the start, the forces of globalization, corporations, banks and those who support the one world government are now in control of the people who have been protesting against them! I’ve been seeing it over the last year now in Toronto. When Occupy started last October I could plainly see that something was very wrong. Occupy was an inside job . 
   The people who had a firm control over the Occupy movement were the same people out of the universities who had been pushing the global warming hoax, Al Gore’s carbon taxes, and Marxist communism. 
    It became clear very quickly that these socialists with the help of the unions were the real power behind Occupy. Occupy was billed as a protest against corporate greed and massive banking fraud but after day one this was never mentioned again. The leaders (Who did not camp in the park) were building a cult from those who did. And there were standard cult techniques being employed. Within the short period of a couple of weeks these leaders had their followers marching in support of the Robin Hood Tax and chanting down with capitalism. 
    So what was the outcome of the Occupy movement? From what I can see the result was it split a strong activist community in Toronto right down the middle. It also soured and turned off many people who were never involved before. People who have woke up to the problems in our country and wanted to do something about it were left with a bad experience and went back to being people who stay at home and do nothing because they were lied to and deceived by these phony Occupy leaders. 
    By the time May Day had rolled around in Toronto these socialists, Marxists, TROTSKYIST and communists were handing out red flags and still feeding the brain washed horde they had collected though occupy. The big difference now was their vanguard was the infamous Black Bloc. 
    The seasoned political activists among us know the Black Bloc well from the G-20 in Toronto and the SPP meetings in Montebello. We also know these people are often agent provocateurs working in the interests of police, government and the globalist cabal of bankers that some believe really run this world. It is no surprise to us as well that these Black Bloc agent provocateurs are working hand in hand with these same occupy socialists who have claimed ownership of every protest and political action that now takes place in Toronto and Canada.
    Their current project is to expand the student protests taking place in Montreal to other cities and provinces in Canada in an attempt to usher in what they refer to as “The Maple Spring,” a reference to the Arab spring protests that have brought down the government in Egypt. In every protest and action that now takes place in Toronto it is assumed you are on side with this socialist agenda and black bloc tactics or you are not welcome. If you believe in non violent protest you are naïve, if you don’t believe capitalism is the problem you have no place on the street. Make no mistake here; these people are smart enough to know that the problem is not capitalism but the globalism and corporatism that have plagued the whole world.
    Canada has always been a working mix of both capitalist and socialist philosophies. You will find few Canadians who don’t think education and health care should not be socialized, you will also find many who would agree with the students that higher education should be accessible to all and not just those who can afford it. Many, myself included have even said for years it should be free. However that does not translate into doing away with capitalism or democracy for that matter.
    No these socialists, Marxists and communists are not stupid. They are naïve however if they think this current uprising will lead to the socialist utopia they believe they can achieve. The concepts of capitalism and democracy have already been twisted out of shape and all but destroyed by the forces of globalism and corporate banking and there’s no reason at all to think that the ideal society these socialists think they are going to get will not be rolled over and crushed with even less effort.
    The long and short of it is these socialists, Marxists and Black Bloc, weather they know it or not, are the tools of the very same people they are protesting against. As they block traffic and chant “fuck the police” surely they must know they are giving the very excuse for the police to get violent. They are playing right into their hands. Canadians know the system is broken, by pushing communism and Marxism they are ensuring political change will be stalled because Canadians don’t want Marxism either.
    We are all familiar with the concept of the Hegelian Dialectic, otherwise known as “Problem-Reaction-Solution” For the globalist bankers to create a one world government and banking system they must maneuver the public into demanding it. First the problem, crash out the world economic systems, have the bought and paid for governments you control implement harsh austerity budgets to pay you back. Next step is reaction, which is now starting in Canada as it has already in many other countries. But don’t expect these "student protesters" or the politicians to address the real problems. The protesters will talk about tuition fees and police brutality, the government about order and public safety; the news papers will fuel the fire talking about the breakdown of Canadian society and as food and gas prices continue to rise along with unemployment the people will follow these fake activists and take to the street. As things go from bad to worse the government will clamp down on our freedoms and civil rights and continue to give away our Canadian sovereignty to a corporate global authority just as they have been doing for years. 
    The one thing that will not happen on either side, protesters or government will not identify or address the real problem, that of monetary and political reform. The final act in this political theatre is the solution. The world bank and the IMF will step up with a one world banking system just as the Vatican called for, To oversee this world banking system we will also get an increasingly more powerful world government. 
    So as it now stands all decent and protest in Toronto is now firmly in the control of people who either knowingly or unwittingly are working for the cause of the bankers, one percenters and the new world order. As they roll out their black bloc tactics this summer and the police respond the way police do remember this is all part of the plan the one percent have for us. Real activists do not support this these black clad stooges and neither should you. 

 Lawrence McCurry
 May 29, 2012