Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Justice, No Nothing……

 Why have the Metro Toronto police given a free pass to the Black Bloc to commit crime in Toronto?
     It has been well over a month since members of the covert crime gang known as the BLACK BLOC committed a serious assault on Toronto blogger Greg Renouf and it seems the Toronto police Dept. refuse to make an arrest even though the victim of this vicious assault has identified two of his attackers!
     Greg Renouf is a local writer who has written extensively on the Occupy movement and their relationship with the socialist/anarchist wing of the Black Bloc.
        Many of you will remember this same group of criminals from the G-20 protests of 2010 in Toronto. Word on the street at the time was that some of the Black Bloc may have been police officers just like the agent provocateurs at the SPP in Montebello Quebec in 2007.  There is no question that this same gang of “anarcho-primitivists” as Renouf had referred to them has been infiltrated by police in the past and most likely still are.
       For months Renouf has been writing articles critical of both the Black Bloc and the controlled Occupy movement that has embraced them. Renouf has shown great courage and restraint in uncovering the secret communist/Marxist control behind the Occupy movement and the various infiltrations of other activist causes like the casserole and student movements of late. Although Renouf usually makes sure he is armed with his Camera and the crowd at protests he did not expect to be jumped at night in a small park at Bellevue Square beside Toronto’s Kensington Market. Around 11:30pm on June 23rd four of these cowards beat Renouf with a wooden flag pole and kicked him when he fell to the ground. These men were not wearing masks and Renouf could clearly identify two of his attackers. There were also a number of shocked witnesses. Although Renouf sustained serious injuries that required a trip to hospital by ambulance to close the large wounds to his head, he was still able to meet with police the next day and provided names and pictures of two of his four attackers.

      The case was turned over to Detective Williams of 14 div. who seems to be in no hurry to investigate or make an arrest. In fact in the month since the attack the victim has been told that Detective Williams has been on vacation, days off and has yet to return any of the victim’s phone calls personally. Is he waiting for this man to be killed by these thugs or is he just hoping it goes away? There is now speculation on the street that the reason there has been no arrests in this case is because one of Renouf’ s attackers is himself a Metro Toronto police employee. That is quickly becoming a lot easier to believe than the excuse that Detective Williams is too busy to investigate the matter or just too lazy to do his job.
      The power of the alternative media to cover stories that the main stream corporate media refuse to touch is important to the freedom we still have left to us in this society. When a group of criminal thugs are permitted by police to beat a writer for the soul reason that they don’t like what he has to say about them is a travesty not one of us can afford to overlook.
     Whether you sympathize with the protests or not, whether you agree with what he writes or not, when the voice of the alternative media is silenced we are all in the jackpot.  
     If the Toronto police are playing with the safety and life of Greg Renouf just to save the identity of one of their own, who may even be complaisant in this crime they had better come clean sooner rather than later!

Lawrence McCurry
July 30, 2012


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