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Bend Over Toronto, The Pan AM Games are Almost Here

Bend Over Toronto, The Pan AM Games are Almost Here

   If governments are supposed to represent the will of the people I would like to know who asked for the pan Am games?  Officially the cost of the Pan Am games starting in Toronto ( July 10 - 26) and the Parapan Am Games (Aug 7 – 15) Are supposed to come in for around  2.57 billion dollars, Yes That’s Billion with a B.

   Of course we all know there’s always cost over runs and graft and corruption not mentioned in this official figure. The cost on PACHI the creepy gay friendly porcupine alone is estimated to cost upwards of $134,550.00 we don’t even have porcupines here, I would think a skunk or a raccoon would be more appropriate, at least they can be seen on the streets of Toronto.

    The 2015 Pan American Games will become the first completely ecologically friendly games, because it will be fully carbon neutral, which is code for the globalist bankers have their finger in the pie as well for a big piece of that tax payer money.

   It seems the games organizing committee also scored big time with high compensation and bonus packages for its executive team.  According to Wikipedia
  In 2012, it was revealed that former CEO Ian Troop made CA$552,065, with several other senior staff making between CA$100,000 and CA$400,000. Additionally, in 2013 it was revealed that as part of his compensation package, Troop would be eligible for a CA$780,000 bonus at the end of his contract, if the games had finished successfully. Other executives are eligible for bonuses of up to 100% of their salaries upon completion of their contract In 2015, it was revealed that Troop's replacement, Saad Rafi, would receive a bonus of 100% of his CA$428,794 salary upon completion of his contract.

    In September 2013, it was reported that many senior members of the organizing committee, including then CEO Ian Troop, expensed Ontario taxpayers for things such as a cup of tea. Even Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, said "I'm just going to say it's ridiculous. It is the kind of entitlement that is unacceptable" And she should know being an expert on how to blow the money of the hard the working people of Ontario. To the average person living in poverty on a disability pension in Ontario and getting by on less than 15,000.00 a year this kind of spending on a creepy porcupine and the entitlements of a bunch of political fat cats is totally obscene.

   The billions of dollars spent on the Pan Am games are only the start of the nightmare for residents of Toronto. All levels of government have gone on a spending spree using the excuse of the games for everything from building projects that will later be sold off to cronies at a discount price to the temporary lighting of the Bloor Viaduct which is estimated to cost us 3.8 million dollars by the time it’s finished. (If it’s finished on time for the games)

Rendering of what the Luminous Veil lighting project will look like on Prince Edward viaduct
when the underside is lit up.

   Don’t expect to get to work on time during the games either, even with the money spent on transit and road improvements by the city (Not that the airport train will help any of you working stiffs) traffic in the city will be a nightmare. Malls and restaurants will be crowed and it’s safe to say that normal business will be slowed considerably.

   Furthermore word on the street is that the anarcho-syndicalists and paid protesters have big plans to disrupt and destroy using their planed  “diversity of tactics”  These are the same jokers who dressed in black during the G-20 and broke windows up Yonge St. These black bloc anarchists have had plans in place for some time to disrupt the games. According to writer Greg Renouf one unrepentant  G-20 anarchist has been working in the office of city councilor Shelley Carroll.  

    It no secret that there’s going to be trouble from the professional protest gang, social media has been buzzing for months with plans to disrupt the games with potential riots, storming facilities, venues and so forth.

Screen shot courtesy of Undercoverkity

   Was the idea of bringing the Pan Am games to Toronto one the people of Toronto really wanted or was it a plan for politicians and big business to line their pockets at your expense?  Maybe this was a question that should have been asked a long time ago. Now your only course of action is to bend over and try to enjoy it. Let the fun and games begin!

Lawrence McCurry
June 2018

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  1. Amazing that even when you invert the colours, this PanAmScam mascot still looks like a porcupine with LGBT quills.