Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Left  Regressives use tax money to stifle 

free speech.

   This story starts some weeks ago when a small community newspaper started using Canada post to distribute the paper. In March they published a picture of Pierre Elliott Trudeau in a Nazi uniform. A Jewish Canada Post letter carrier claimed to be offended by this and refused to deliver the paper, the union got behind this and started holding back delivery until police could determine whether or not the paper constituted hate speech.  After a police investigation it was determined the paper did not contain hate speech and Canada Post continued to deliver the paper to residents of the ward as they were paid to do.

   For those of you who would think this would be the end of this matter you don’t realize how much our society has been totally permeated by the practice of cultural Marxism.
   “Cultural Marxism is an ideology which emphasizes culture as a main cause of inequalities. Critics have seen cultural Marxism and its influence as an important cause of political correctness and as an important cause of a perceived decline of humanities, social sciences, culture, and civilization in the Western world.”

   Many people are of the belief that the political left in Canada has moved so far to the left of the political spectrum that the word communism is an accurate description. Some even go so far as recognizing its most fervent followers as an obedience cult. It appears this obedience cult of the political left have declared war on “Your Ward News” and have pulled out all the stops to shut down the free speech of this small paper that uses humor and satire to point out to the left that the Emperor has no clothes.

   The lengths the left have gone to have escalated to the absurd, it started with one of the Grand poohbahs of the left, Warren Kinsella blogging that the paper was a “neo-Nazi rag” and put a call out for help in closing them down. Next the creepy followers of the left obedience cult started mercilessly calling and visiting advertisers nonstop. Most of these advertisers were small businesses that were frightened by this and could not afford to stand up to the pressure of their phones ringing night and day and the visits of these creepy “political activists” frightening away their customers.

   Normally this would have been enough to close down any newspaper that had the gall to stand up to the Marxist left but in this case publisher Leroy St.Germaine and newly appointed editor James Sears looked at it as an opportunity to print even more stories in space that had already be paid for by these advertisers who had paid for a year in advance and no longer wanted their ad’s run. Sears who is the leader of a non-registered and newly formed political party (The New constitution Party of Canada) has decided free speech and freedom of the press is not something to be taken lightly and has put his own money where his mouth is.

  In the following issues of the paper Sears stepped up the satire and played up to the cultural Marxists who smugly think they had the right to control what you can and cannot read, with a number of cartoons and articles meant to provoke thought and discussion of the subject of free speech.

   But the next thing to happen was truly frightening in my opinion. The government of Ontario decided that they did not like this community paper telling Emperor Wynne she had no clothes and decided to use half a million dollars of your tax money to bribe the police into looking again at their decision that this paper did not constitute hate speech. On July 16 Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts announced at a press conference held half a block away from the office of Your Ward News that the province is providing an additional $449,000 in funding for a 15-force provincial police team that investigates and prosecutes hate crimes and hate propaganda.

   According to the east York Chronicle Potts said that “he was chosen from the Liberal caucus to make the announcement in part because he has expressed strong concerns about an east Toronto publication known as Your Ward News, which has enraged many people in East York and area with articles, editorials and photo/cartoons that many regard as being racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi.” What he did not say was that the paper had been very critical of the Ontario Liberal party and considered his party to be the ones acting like Nazi’s. Potts also said “The minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Yasir Naqvi is very aware of my feelings about the publication,” Potts then babbled on about Canada post saying “as a Crown corporation it should have a higher moral compass and not associate its services with such an awful publication.” and “Whether or not it breaks the law, this publication is deeply offensive. I think it’s also a bad business decision by Canada Post. I’m certainly a lot less likely to use its services”

   Really Mr. Potts you are less likely to use Canada post because they do what they are mandated to do and that’s service their customers equally and fairly???? 

   Not only is this a clear case of Cultural Marxism but it's also a slap in the face to free speech and freedom of the press. This is a clear case of the Ontario Government bribing the police with half a million dollars of your tax money and in essence saying, "We don't like this paper because they don't like us and we want you to look again and close this paper down for us!"

   Is this what the government of Ontario has come to? In my opinion as a writer and media critic I’m a lot more frightened by the Nazi like actions of the Wynne government than I am of a community paper, I decided I was going to submit a fluff article to Your Ward news on the PAN AM games which they published in their July edition. It was a factual article on the costs and impact of the games on Toronto. In no way, shape or form was this article racist in any way. (for those of you who wish to read this article without going to the paper it can also be viewed on my blog site here.) As if on cue twitter erupted with messages calling me a Nazi and suggesting fellow bloggers should distance themselves from me. 

    This is not just a bunch of overzealous social justice warriors, this is a well-coordinated campaign straight out of Karl Marx’s little red play book. Of course the left will never admit that Cultural Marxism even exists, in fact their own definition of it is

 “The term "cultural Marxism" is most commonly encountered as a snarl word decrying everything right-wingers don't like, alluding to a conspiracy theory involving sinister left-wingers in the cultural and artistic spheres, including the media and academia, supposedly being engaged in a decades-long plot to undermine Western culture. With bonus anti-Semitism.”

   So it’s only a “conspiracy theory” That the left is trying hard to close down Your ward news and I’m a conspiracy theorist for recognizing it as such? In fact the left-tards have been calling me that since I started asking where all the money was coming from and going to during the Occupy movement hoax. For a short time they tried calling me a misogynist but that did not stick so they went back to conspiracy theorist.

    I have decided to continue to write and submit articles to Your Ward News out of principal. Even though I don’t always agree with everything they may publish. I think that if you the reader agree with me that free speech and freedom of the press are issues that need to be defended in Canada, You should read, subscribe and support this small community publication. This small paper may be the last bastion free speech outside of the internet in Canada and we all know the government will get their claws into the internet next.

Classic Liberalism:
" I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it"

New (progressive) Liberal Left:
" I disapprove of what you say, And I will publicly shame you, Lobby to have you censored and demand you be fired from your job "

Lawrence McCurry
July 12 2015

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