Thursday, September 10, 2015

Reading This? Good for you!

Reading This? Good for you!

   I see a lot of controlled thinking these days. You know who I’m talking about; the 80 to 90 percent of people who allow someone else do their thinking for them. In this age where the controlled corporate media collectively spin the narrative it’s an easy trap to fall into.

   This is a story of freedom of speech and freedom of the press and how it relates to the paper you are holding in your hands right now.

   What I have witnessed surrounding the publication and distribution of this small independent paper over the last couple of months scares the hell out of me. It scares me in terms of what Canada has become and where it’s going. Most of all it scares me that a group of people with a common political agenda can convince so many people that the heavy handed CENSORSHIP that they inflict in the public's name is not only acceptable, but a good and justifiable thing to do!

   First let’s look at what this paper is and the terrible sins it committed to drive the political left into such an apoplectic froth. When Dr. James Sears came to your ward news he brought with him a style and a vision for the paper that is unique and not seen in most publications since the 1960’s. Your Ward News is a rich mix of humor, satire and alternative media style journalism. While keeping with the tradition of publisher Leroy St.Germaine, Your Ward News pokes fun at and holds up a critical mirror to far left politics and politicians that have permeated the Canadian body politic like a bad case of Montezuma's Revenge.

   Sears pulled no punches in referring to the left as Zionists, communists, Marxists and scoundrels, using Nazi imagery and art to reflect the way he feels the left act and conduct themselves. Sears recognized that the left controls those who don’t think for themselves by using the tools of political correctness and cultural Marxism. Sears challenges the left by ignoring these methods of control, “To Hell with political correctness it’s a control method”. The sin of Your ward News was pointing out that The Emperor has no clothes.

   But this paper is more than just Sears, there’s Robert the graphic artist who skillfully creates powerful visual images that the humorless left don’t have the intellect to appreciate, Leroy our publisher whose tenacity and fearlessness inspire us all and half a dozen contributing writers who bring truth with a unique style and point of view.  
   The left have gone to great lengths not only to close this paper down but to ensure people don’t read or look though the paper and maybe, just maybe start thinking for themselves.

   It started when a leading propaganda spin doctor of the radical left, Warren Kinsella tweeted out the call and blogged to the Borg like obedience cult of the left that the paper was a “Nazi Rag” and should be shut down. Around the same time a Jewish Canada post letter carrier filed a complaint with his union that he was offended by the paper which prompted a hate speech investigation by police and Canada post. The fact that the police and Canada post cleared the paper of the ludicrous allegation and forced the union to do its job and deliver the paper did not stop the campaign.

    Next the creepy followers of the left obedience cult started mercilessly calling and visiting advertisers nonstop. Most of these advertisers were small businesses that were frightened by this and could not afford to stand up to the pressure of their phones ringing night and day and the visits of these creepy “political activists” frightening away their customers. Part of this campaign was a word of mouth and social media attack warning people of this evil publication and how this little newspaper would corrupt their minds, homes and children. Not only was the paper publicly attacked as a racist and Nazi rag but the editor Dr. James Sears was also personally attacked as being a misogynist and racist himself and when competing community newspapers reported on YWN they referred to him in a condescending manner by his old twitter handle of DIMITRI THE LOVER. An account used to spoof radical feminism.

   The next salvo in this campaign to squash the free speech of this paper was truly frightening as it came from the provincial government of Liberal Kathleen Wynne. On July 16 Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts announced at a press conference held half a block away from the office of Your Ward News that the province is providing an additional $449,000 of your tax money in funding for a 15-force provincial police team that investigates and prosecutes hate crimes and hate propaganda.

   According to the east York Chronicle Potts said that “he was chosen from the Liberal caucus to make the announcement in part because he has expressed strong concerns about an east Toronto publication known as Your Ward News, which has enraged many people in East York and area with articles, editorials and photo/cartoons that many regard as being racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi.” What he did not say was that the paper had been very critical of the Ontario Liberal party and considered his party to be the ones acting like Nazi’s. Potts also said “The minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Yasir Naqvi is very aware of my feelings about the publication,” Potts then babbled on about Canada post saying “as a Crown corporation it should have a higher moral compass and not associate its services with such an awful publication.” and “Whether or not it breaks the law, this publication is deeply offensive. I think it’s also a bad business decision by Canada Post. I’m certainly a lot less likely to use its services”

   One can only look at this for what it is, A far left wing government using half a million dollars of your tax money to bribe the police to reverse their decision or find a way to shut down a newspaper that is critical of the way they govern, To publicly encourage a crown corporation or it’s union that supports their agenda not to do its duty to treat this paper like any other customer and to encourage anybody else to do whatever they can to join them in this frightening act of censorship.

   Needless to say Canada post Carriers union followed this up by holding back delivery of the August edition of the paper by filing yet another complaint, this time with the outrageous complaint that the ink in the newspaper caused a rash on the union employee that had to sort the paper at the postal plant. More total nonsense that held up delivery of the paper for yet another two weeks.

   Finally after the union was forced by management to do their job, the office of Your Ward News was vandalized by somebody spray painting the words “NAZI FUCK” across the front of the building. This was not the act of some tagger or graffiti artist but a calculated act of terrorism, a terrorist act that was encouraged by our government. This act of terrorism was aimed like a gun at the employees who put out YWN to intimidate and frighten.

   I find it shocking that many in Canada (especially the political left) seem to have no concerns about freedom of speech in Canada. Many have no problems with restrictions on freedom of speech or censorship on material they personally disagree with.

   Any way you look at what’s happened in the last couple of months this is a clear case of attempted censorship of the press and free speech. I have talked to half a dozen people who hate this paper without ever having read it or even having looked at it. Only having heard what others have told them what to think. If you have read this and still hate this paper good for you. At least you have come to this point of view yourself and not let someone else do your thinking for you.

Lawrence McCurry
Aug, 20 2015

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