Saturday, December 19, 2015

25,000 and counting…

25,000 and counting…

When P.M. wannabe Justin Trudeau promised to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees if elected he was bolstered by a Main stream media narrative, a staged photo of a dead baby face down on the beach in Greece. Mass immigration has always been a cornerstone of the Liberals it helps them get elected over and over, it wins them support from leftist Marxists, anarchists and extremists like “No one is illegal

    The problem is when the media started showing this mass exodus of so called Syrian refugees, people started seeing it for what it really was, an invasion. This wave of humanity pouring into Europe appeared to be 90% of young men of fighting age. Not only were only 10% women and children but it was also clear these were not all Syrians?  This wave of fighting age men were from a hodgepodge of middle eastern countries and they had attitude and a plan. This migration was heading straight to the promise land of Germany, They had no interest in their poor countries of passage like Greece or the old eastern bloc countries. This wave of so called refugees were heading straight to money town.

    Now before we get to what happened in Paris or Justin trying to save face in this ever changing shit storm that is world politics let’s look at what’s been really going on as far as Muslim immigration in France, England and Germany. TOO MUCH AND TOO FAST. There are Muslim enclaves in all of these countries where the native host countries are not permitted or welcome. To say that over the last twenty years these western European countries have been swamped and invaded by Muslims would not be an understatement at all.

   What happened in Paris was more than just a violent terrorist act, it was the first volley of a civil war that will engulf those countries. cultural genocide is not a pretty thing to witness.

   Now I’m not saying all Muslims want to take over or are evil people, they have been displaced or shall we say moved like pieces on a chess board. You don’t need to own a tin foil hat to realize that there are many industries that profit from conflict. One story across my desk was about ISIS Terrorists Driving Toyota Pickup Trucks, the companies that make the ak47’s and ammunition must be making a killing. Shoulder rockets and land mines of all sorts, all legally being traded on stock exchanges worldwide when we should be treating these merchants of death like we do meth labs.

   Call it a racist viewpoint if you will but at some point we have to turn the immigration tap down, to do that we have to reign in the military complex as well as the military itself. And of course at the end of the day the bankers.

  So where does that leave us? How does Paris and the German flood affect us? Well pandering Justin T has no choice but to follow through with his 25,000 to save face and not look like the shmuck that doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. Of the 25,000 the government says it will bring into Canada by Jan. 1, some 10,000 are expected to land in Ontario, mostly in the GTA, Now that the emotional wave that the media pushed with the dead child is starting to ebb people are starting to think this promise though in a rational way, the realization that these people will need medical care and housing is a problem the people of Toronto will have to deal with and pay for.

    It’s likely that most will actually be from Syria and if Justin is smart he will make most of them women, children and families. Though most of the refugees are single men there is no way the liberal government can screen these men in time for Jan 1 to ensure they are not a security risk, so most likely he will select mostly women and children and forgo most of the security screening.  Estimates on the cost of this according to Canadian Press are $876.7 million in this year alone, largely due to the cost of the airlift, and perhaps $1.2 billion over six years.  It also appears that Premier Kathleen Wynne will be putting the needs of these refugees ahead of the people on disability and old age pension who can’t find affordable housing or have access to doctors.

    Justin Trudeau has made this generous gesture of accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees but it’s your tax money that will support these people, your children that will have to make room in their schools, Your health care system that will have to treat and look after them and your taxes that will be going up. The 10,000 that will land in the GTA over the next few weeks will be bringing third world problems to our door step and it’s you, not Justin who will have to deal with this.

Nov, 17 2015

Lawrence McCurry

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