Monday, January 18, 2016

Gregory and the She Hags of Twitter

Gregory and the She Hags of Twitter

  Freedom of speech has been on trial in a Toronto courtroom and the verdict comes down on Jan 22. This story involves a 54 year old graphic artist named Gregory Alan Elliott and two militant feminazis named Steph Guthrie and Heather Reilly. (There was a third woman who dropped out)
   It all started when this group of self-important feminazi she hags got together on twitter and started hatching out a plan to ruin a man’s life. Their target was a young game designer who had made a game that spoofed a famous feminazi video blogger named Anita Sarkeesian. Guthrie Tweeted that she wanted the inventor’s “hatred on the Internet to impact his real-life experience” So she Tweeted to prospective employers to warn them off the young man and even sent the local newspaper in his town a link to the story about the game.
   The evil practice of publicly shaming and attempting to destroy the reputation of anybody who opposes the Marxist left has been a tactic that has been used for some time by radical feminists and social justice warriors.
   Gregory Elliott disagreed with the tactic and Tweeted that he thought the shaming “was every bit as vicious as the face-punch game” that the young man had created. He suggested to Guthrie that if the young man ended up killing himself that would not look good on her or her organization. And this is where it gets bizarre; Up to that point the two were getting along fine online, Elliott even offered to produce a free poster for Guthrie’s witopoli (Women in Toronto Politics) group. But now they turned on him, Guthrie was not happy just labeling him a Troll and blocking his tweets, She demanded that he cease even referring to them when making comments about heated political issues. After thousands of tweets, from Elliott and the group of left-tard feminazis that Steph Guthrie was conspiring with, in 2012 Gregory Elliott was charged with criminally harassing first Guthrie, then Reilly and another woman who withdrew her charge. At no time did Elliott ever come close to threatening or sexually harassing any of these women. He just disagreed with their political tactics publicly.
   After spending three days in jail Elliott came up for bail. The crown actually tried to have him detained until trial, he was granted bail but with the condition that he was banned from using the internet. Being a graphic artist and depending on the internet of course he lost his job as well. Three years latter this un-employed father with a wopping legal bill waits on a justice system to decide whether to send him to jail or not for up to six months because he opposed a handful of feminazi political wannabe’s on Twitter.
   Once again at no time did Elliott ever threaten or sexually harass these women, He just strongly disagreed with them on twitter. Their claim is that his disagreement made them feel unsafe and they felt stalked because he would comment on what they were doing politically.
   This is not a joke or satire folks, this is really happening!
   The real victim here is Gregory Alan Elliott who has suffered greatly at the hands of these evil she devil social justice warriors. He has endured public false allegations of being a pedophile, made unemployable by harsh bail conditions and the mob mentality of the left and even had an art exhibit put on by a restaurateur in Kensington Market to help pay the legal fees vandalized. That’s right they sought out this restaurant that was hanging Elliott’s work and threw coffee on it while publicly denouncing him.
   So for giving his opinion on Twitter over a political matter this man has faced public shaming, false allegations, lost his job, had his art exhibit vandalized, had criminal harassment charges laid and faces six months in jail.
   So who is this evil feminazi she devil Steph Guthrie who seems to be the ring leader in all this you ask? Well oddly enough when I was discussing this story at the newspaper office "Canada's #1 seduction guru, Dimitri The Lover" pipped up with his own personal story about she hag Steph Guthrie…
    A few years ago I positioned myself down the street from Robarts Library to pick up U of T broads.  A gal in horn-rimmed glasses leered at me as she walked by.  She looked like Luann Van Houten from The Simpsons, but dirtier and slightly more pear-shaped.  I got a thing for geeky broads.  I normally would have accosted her with one of my patented pickup lines, but my gut told me she had a nefarious purpose.  She was giving off a sinister, creepy, vile vibe.  I felt like I was being baited, so I resisted the temptation.
   But she did not give up.  She walked by me a second time, closer and with a more obvious leer.  Again I ignored her.  She tried a third time, even more overtly, and I again ignored her.  Then in frustration she burst out "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" and laid into me about me being a "misogynist" (she obviously read some of my online posts on seduction).
   She was angry and irrational, so I went into "psychiatrist talking down menopausal dyke hostage taker" mode, and calmly suggested that if she disagreed with my opinions, we go for a coffee, my treat, and have a polite, friendly debate.  My calm, rational male demeanor caused her to physically freeze with a dropped jaw.  A couple of seconds later she said in a defeatist tone "What's the point?  You're always right!" then scurried off like a cockroach.
   After our encounter I felt sorry for her.  I assumed her father or another male relative/friend molested her, and she felt bitter toward men.  She likely used the "What's the point?" line in arguments with him.  I hypothesized she enjoyed being slapped across the face, roughed up, and sexually ravaged after provoking a man (a lot of women do).  The right man had not yet domesticated this feral shrew.  Then several months later I learned she was FemiMarxist CUNT Steph Guthrie.  She started following me on Twitter and employed similar baiting techniques on other men online.
   I don’t know if the account of Dimitri The Lover has much to do with this story but it’s good for a laugh and if it gets under the skin of this warped hag with a penchant for ruining a man’s life and livelihood because she thinks her point of view is more important than anybody else’s, well good. People like her and the wing nuts of the left that have been pushing cultural Marxism and radical feminism down the throats of the rest of us are dangerous people. This case makes it perfectly clear that they wish to curtail free speech for anybody that disagrees with them.
   This is a dangerous time for Canada, if we allow these warped leftists to use the court system to jail and remove the free speech of Gregory Alan Elliott then we are truly lost as a nation.

Lawrence McCurry


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  4. I heard it all growing up - and they have tortured my little brother and I for 40 years for not going along with their Satanic perverted agenda.

    My Grandfather helped found the CCF w PET, and they are all hardcore Fabian Communists, who set out over 80 years ago to subvert Canada by stealth into a communist terror state.

    To a large extent, they have succeeded. The Fabians were never going to tell you where you were going, along the way they decided not to mention we'd ARRIVED.