Thursday, February 21, 2013

Boycott The Toronto Raptors

    Last night at the Air Canada Center in Toronto fans of the Toronto Raptors were left standing in line in freezing subzero temperatures so security could follow the commands of the U.S. NBA headquarters and wand check all patrons one at a time in a search for illegal weapons!
   That’s right folks, the paranoid U.S. police state has come to Canada and the NBA decided that Canadian basketball fans should be treated like gun toting criminals. It’s bad enough that you can no longer fly anywhere in Canada without the ok of the American no fly list and groping at the airport, but now just to see a basketball game in this city you have to submit to a search by some untrained cop wanna be.
   And what happens when this Bozo in a uniform gets a hit on his little wand? Will he stick his hand in your pocket and play with your junk? Or feel up your teenage daughter because the wire in her bra set his stick a beepin?
    Truth of the matter is the NBA has no right to violate your rights under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms, we already have strict gun control laws in Canada and if somebody is in violation of those laws it’s a matter for the Toronto Police not some minimum wage clown at a basketball game. You also have the right not to be searched without reasonable cause.
   The NBA, The Air Canada Centre and the Toronto Raptors have stepped over the line and are offending the sensibilities of Canadian’s here and we should not be submitting to this U.S. style oppression here. Our rights as Canadians are being incrementally taken away in the name of globalization and merging our standards to accommodate a growing American police state.
    Today when I protested these searches on the Toronto Raptors facebook page I was immediately banned and my post taken down. Why? Does Raptor management know what they are doing is wrong?
   If we allow this type of treatment to continue we will find ourselves total slaves to American policy here where we live. (Even more so that is).
   I call for an explanation from the Toronto Raptors why they thought it was more important to follow orders from the U.S. NBA head office and let their fans freeze in subzero winter cold.
     I call for a total BOYCOTT of all NBA games in Canada until this policy of personal illegal searches is stopped in Canada.   

===Lawrence McCurry===
February 21, 2013


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