Sunday, April 28, 2013

Canada’s Right/Left Extremists

Canada’s Right/Left Extremists

   With a far right neoconservative government in Canada which may have very well come into power in an illegitimate way, there is a phenomena taking place that concerns me even more. That’s the massive amount of people flocking to the extreme left as a result.
   By extreme left I’m not talking about the NDP of old under people like Jack Layton or Ed Broadbent. I’m referring to a very large and growing group of people flocking to groups that can only be defined by names like, The International Socialists, The Socialist League, Trotskyist and international Bolshevik tendency, Canadian Marxists…and on and on, these communists go by many names and change them often.
   The problem is not that people have these far left political beliefs as much as it is the activist and anarchist groups they use to hide their beliefs behind. The names of these groups they also change often mostly to hide the political agenda behind them from the dupes they recruit to swell their ranks. They gain these recruits by forming groups that they use to infiltrate and take over legitimate causes.
   These people think nothing of using violence as a means to their ends and are the very same people who wore masks and dressed in black at the G-20 and were used and controlled by police to be the excuse that was needed to justify that billion dollar budget. These people call themselves the “Black Bloc Anarchists”  but they go by many other names as well like “No one is illegal”, Queers Against Israel Apartheid, The Ruckus Society, anti-racist action, just to name a few.
   These groups of people are well organized, well-funded and national. Their influence spreads across this country from coast to coast. They are funded using money from U.S. foundations like the Tides and Rockefeller foundations and labor groups like CUPE and CAW, That’s not to say all members of unions in Canada are communist but by funding the red agenda they are buying ideological co-operation and the bodies of the dupes they recruit to support their union causes.
   This became blatantly obvious with the failed Occupy movement in Canada. Occupy was billed as a movement to stop the corporate greed and banking fraud but thanks to the people who took control, it was everything but that, Occupy was a coup d'état of grand proportion for these fake activists who, until that time only had a limited success on the university campuses of Canada. By taking control of the Occupy movement in Canada before it even got off the ground they were able to expand their sphere of influence and start recruiting the social under-class and ordinary Canadians who had social concerns to be used as cannon fodder for their far left agenda.
   They now believe they control all protest and social justice activism. Any group or activist who are not controlled by this group are slandered and lied about publicly and physically attacked and bullied privately. When the group “We Are Change” in Victoria B.C. refused to be pushed around by this group of socialist anarchists. They held a rally called “Occupy Solutions” at the B.C. legislature. In response to We Are Change not falling into the controlled Occupy script the group of masked, fake activists protested the rally, handing out flyers calling WAC racists and bigots. On the net they outed one of the leaders of WAC as a homosexual and took over and “occupied” the coffee shop where WAC held their weekly meetings. Never mind that the claims of racism and bigotry were totally untrue and unfounded. That’s just one example of how these people operate. In another incident that I have written about, these Black Bloc anarchists attacked and beat writer Greg Renouf in Kensington Market in Toronto because he has been persistent in the critical writing about the individual’s that are part of this group in both Toronto and Vancouver. In that case after months of lying about his character publicly he was attacked physically by a few of these masked social anarchists. Even though the police were provided with the names and unmasked photographs of the attackers to this date they still refuse to make an arrest?  

( UPDATE One of the assailants was arrested when Renouf spotted him at a recruiting table at Ryerson University. Six months after the assault)

   During the red badge student protests in Hamilton, Ontario one of these communists pushed a student, citizen journalist into a police horse in an attempt to silence his voice in the protest because he was not spewing their collectivist dogma with his bull horn. All this brings us to their current pet project, the idle No More protests. Anyone who believes that the INM movement is a grass roots movement by native Canadians that just sprung up all on its own have not been paying attention.
  Idle No More is a well-organized campaign with lots of money and planned coordination and these same professional protesters behind it.

    One of the ongoing targets of these fake political activists are the group that they and George Bush refer to as “conspiracy theorists” but the truth of it is they have those amongst them that wish to also control the truth movement as well. Many of the people who speak the truth are weary of these people. Publicly many in the truth movement will not speak out against these people, although some have condemned the actions of the black Bloc. These socialist anarchists tell those who follow them that the Black Bloc is a tactic and not a group. That it is just another tactic in the socialist activists’ tool box. But many in the Truth movement know the lies behind this. A good example of this was the G-20 in Toronto, First these people supported the Black Bloc that gave the police the excuse for violence then afterwards they took control of all the protest against the same police violence they co-operated in creating. At Occupy they cried that they had a right to free speech and the right to protest and at the same time censored anybody in social media who spoke the truth about them and publicly smear and slander anybody who speaks against them at protests.
   The biggest enemy to these people is the truth. This is why they slander, beat and intimidate any people of the truth movement that they have not been able to co-opt. Most of the alternative media not controlled by their faction know this. Well-funded outlets that they use to spread their propaganda like Media co-op and masquerade as alternative media but are in fact socialist rags with a political agenda and not interested in the truth at all. They are no better than the main stream media that spread the lies of the bankers and large corporations that own them.

    In the last couple of years protest has been manufactured behind the scenes by people with connections and support to groups like lead now, move on and common cause. Large money has been thrown into protests like the robocall, student red square, occupy and Idle no more actions. The people recruited though these protests used to beef up political actions and protests like ocap (Ontario coalition against poverty) and protests at the Liberal leadership conventions. The occupy zombie horde has been used to protest city budget meetings and votes that impact public service unions and recently have even turned up as muscle in the Porter air lines strike. 

     In looking at these so called social justice anarchists we must ask ourselves what is their real agenda? On the surface they seem to covertly support the agenda of the United Nations, Global warming and agenda 21. Which means in reality they support the agenda of the banks and large corporations in bringing Canada into a globalized world while appearing to confront both the political right and left that also support a globalized Canada. Sounds crazy don’t it?

   After watching these people closely over the course of a couple of years I believe they are a cult, only a few at the top know what’s really going on and the rest have invested so much of their lives and energy into it, believe so intensely, have such a fear of being ousted there’s no way out or any critical thought of why they continue to support their leaders. Those who have taken Ruckus society training even have secret matching tattoo’s. Again these people are well organized, national, well-funded and dangerous. They are also not being honest with the people who call them friends. Let us be more aware of who we all throw our support behind in these dangerous times.

Lawrence McCurry
April 26, 2013


  1. Why does the Idle No More facebook page delete your article and ban anyone who posts it? Probably for the same reason why you ban people from your facebook page.

    Hello Pot meet Kettle.

    Hypocrisy - You wear it well Lawrence.

  2. So you're telling me you're but hurt because I don't want you as a friend on facebook???? Go play with your masked friends at starting a riot somewhere ok.