Sunday, May 12, 2013

Freedom Festival 2013

Freedom Festival 2013

   Yesterday (May 11) was the day many in Toronto look forward to all year, the annual Marijuana March, a protest that has been taking place every year for almost as long as I can remember. In recent years it has turned into not only a march but an all day festival.

   As a young man I remember the Prime Minister of this country telling the people that if they just elected him one more time he would decriminalize marijuana in Canada. Well lucky Pierre Trudeau was yanking our chain then as others have since and I'm sure his kid Justin will in the next election. I can remember marching with my three year old daughter on my shoulders, yesterday at seventeen she was there with her friends and about 12 to 14 thousand other mostly young people. Young people and adults who should not have to worry about a criminal record or going to jail because they eat or smoke a plant that GOD saw fit to put on this earth. Add yesterday’s numbers to every other city and town across this country who also march year after year and it quickly becomes clear that that the government of Canada is not interested in what the majority of Canadians want or need. 

 It’s been perfectly clear to almost all Canadians, police chief’s and politicians that the prohibition against marijuana has failed miserably and yet these public official’s continue to make criminals out of not only the sick and disabled who depend on it to live a normal life but pray on many hard working Canadians who enjoy using it recreationally.

   I could talk about the many benefits this humble little plant could bring to our society and how much better off we could be taking advantage of the many uses this plant has. All of that means nothing though because our government serves the industry and people who wanted it made illegal in the first place and not the people of Canada. Your vote means nothing compared to big money and oil who give the government of Canada their marching orders. I can't help but wonder how long it would stay illegal if the thousands who come out to the festival were to close down the court house in old city hall every day where they dish out the fines and incarcerations?
    For the second or third year in a row now the government has refused to issue permits for this event and yet people turn out for it anyway and it still goes on. The people sell and trade the baked goods and people commit the same crimes of smoking the weed that you arrest us for every other day when we are not in the same overwhelming numbers. We the people have nothing but contempt for the politicians who will not decriminalize it and the police who enforce this stupid law.

   The people have spoken Mr. Harper, Shame on all you fools on the hill. One day we will not need to gather in numbers to keep from getting busted for smoking a joint in the park. But until that day we will meet in your park once a year and hold up a big middle finger to all you fools on the hill. I will come out every year as I have done for the last forty, and my child will continue to do so for me after I'm gone and one day we will have justice.

Lawrence McCurry
May 12, 2013

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