Monday, June 10, 2013

Bilderberg 2013

Big win for The Bilderberg group 2013

    This year was a win for the shadow government and the Bilderberg group and a big fail for the truth movement and the alternative media. Unlike last year at Chantilly Virginia there was no Bilderberg protest this year, instead they had a party. A party where instead of a protest, that should have been making it difficult for the globalists meet, people partied in a park down the road.

   My friends in the alternative media, People like Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks gave us fluff reports like how nice the cops are compared to North America, Hugs with police and films of themselves getting their ego stroked by the fans and preaching to the choir? On top of it they all bowed to the person they privately refer to as the turd in the truther punch bowl David Icke???? WTF guys.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have respected the work of these guys for years and have met and worked with some of these guys on a personal basis, but the so called coverage of this year’s conference was a bust on so many levels it has left me shaking my head. The alternative media made themselves the stars of the show this year and the speeches they gave were nothing new to us or the lucky few the police allowed to attend. Yes there were a couple of thousand at that festival but there were many more the police stopped from attending. Where’s the film of that? What makes David Icke, the well paid public speaker and author such a big deal? And what makes you guys think what you have to say is more important than trying to report on what the globalists are actually doing up at the grove hotel? Why were you all in a park instead of blocking traffic in the whole neighborhood stopping the flow to and from that hotel???
    The only real coverage came from our old friend from Occupy, Commonly known as Dom. He was the only one who put out an arrest film, the only one who asked real questions of the police and the only one who cast a suspicious eye on the people who organized the useless festival. It was Dom who reported that this fail of a festival was arranged by the same people in the U.K. who brought the (Bilderberg George Soros) funded Occupy hoax to London. And make no mistake, the Bilderberg festival was as useless and controlled as the Occupy hoax was.
     So Alex Jones went on the BBC who told him to shut up and told the sheep he was a nutter, Luke and Dan pointed their cameras at each other and the clowns and they all gave praise to David Icke who will no doubt write another book about how the Bilderbergers are really alien lizard people.
    Meanwhile the globalists go on advancing their elite agenda, safe in the knowledge that all protest and dissent is safely being controlled by the people who have been calling the shots for us the last couple of years. I’ll leave a film from last year’s protest at the bottom of this article as I was so disappointed with the performance this year. You really dropped the ball guys.  

Lawrence McCurry
June 10, 2013

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  1. This is excellent. Time to give the "truther" tree a good hard shake, and let these birds-of-a-feather fall out.