Friday, June 18, 2010

The Story of the Fifth estate propaganda and the G-20 Circus

The Story of the Fifth estate propaganda and the G-20 Circus

Why all the propaganda from the main stream media about the upcoming G-20 conference in June?  I have seen new stories every day in the news for over the last week, very often the lead story. It all started a couple of weeks ago with a You-Tube video of an anarchist group calling itself the FFFC. I have spoken to many people I know involved in many different protest groups and all of them have told me the same thing, No one has ever heard of this group before. There is however a few reasons that make me believe this may be a staged event by police provocateurs. For one thing this film was posted on You-tube with a very polished message in a very short time after the event, the film makers (appearing to be a west coast based group) commit the crime in Ottawa and promise to attend the G-20. Wow these guys really get around. Oddly enough the event takes place the same day the government announces the cost of the G-8,G-20 to the Canadian public. Days later when the opposition calls out the government in parliament for the amount of tax payer money spent on the event, the government sites the bank attack only three miles from the house where they sit. (Note they cited the bank blast and 9/11)
Most of the stories reported on the nightly news range from fluff pieces to acts of vandalism that at any other time are not even considered news. I recall one story where a reporter was standing in front of a wall in an ally off Spadina Ave. where someone had taken a can of red spray paint and written “G-20 = New World Order” across the wall. The reporter droned on about how these groups not only engage in vandalism but can be very dangerous. The joke about this is that lane way off spadina Ave. has been covered in graffiti as long as I can remember! The message was written on top of other graffiti that has been there for years! Yes there has been spray painted vandalism on bank machines and bus shelters in Toronto and in one case a local teenager was arrested for it. I doubt he belonged to a dangerous anarchist group. In fact the media has been pushing the anarchist label to the point of making it dangerous to peaceful activists, last week at my local watering hole when I made a comment about my non support for our troops in Afghanistan I was called an anarchist and physically attacked by some drunken old man! I merely pushed him away and it was not a big deal (afterwards we bought each other a drink) Point is this same old man used to call me a tin hat wearing conspiracy theorist and now I was an anarchist, I doubt he even knew what an anarchist is.
One story last week that got a lot of play on TV news was about a mysterious man with a foreign accent and three fingers on one hand who bought a large amount of fertilizer without being checked first by the RCMP. Composite drawings and descriptions were plastered all over while speculating he was building a bomb just like the one in Oklahoma City or at least running an illegal grow op. A couple of days later this man came forward, turned out he had a garden and bought enough for himself and a couple of friends.
Other nightly stories have been about a hotdog vendor that has been on front street for years being forced to close for the whole month of June, theatres closing down for the safety of their patrons (guess they never heard the show must go on), garbage cans in the whole downtown area being removed, Not only behind the fences but all around so anarchists cannot throw them into windows of innocent local businesses. The mayor even called for local restaurants to remain open twenty-four hours to cater to the people attending the meetings. They would be the only ones as nobody else can get anywhere near the overpriced eateries on king street since the fence has gone up. There was one story about an internet travel agency offering a special to residents who live in the area that wish to get away for some sun and fun to avoid having to get a special I.D. pass just to go home, Oh and if they do remain they cannot have visitors to their home during this time, Only people that have gone through the process of being cleared for special passes. Imagine having to get an RCMP check just to go to your own home.
Sometimes the tone of these reports are about how great it is that our city will be show cased to the world and how much money the G-20 will bring to town? I doubt the crooks attending will be spending enough to make up for the one billion dollar price tag. These upbeat reports even show mounted police officers practicing crowd control on police officers pretending to be protesters with signs, being chased around a field.  I guess library footage of mounted police beating and trampling real protesters would not fit with the “how lucky we are” tone of the report.
Today’s report was about an envoimental group holding a “G-20” protest today on front st. to protest global warming. The report goes on to tell us all how if this were one day later these protesters would not be on Front Street as the whole area goes into lock down mode tomorrow. Cut to a bubble headed woman covered in oil holding a protest sign, the rush hour commuters giving her a wide oily birth. She tells the camera how they should be talking about how to stop the oil leak and pushes the U.N. global warming hoax. Behind her people dance around in giant paper Mache heads of the G-8 leaders. Next story different reporter is about the United States government issuing a travel warning to Americans to stay away from Toronto due to the “danger” of the upcoming G-20.
Seems to me the main stream media can’t decide if the protesters are a bunch of funny kooks or a dangerous bunch of stone throwing anarchists. In the end how the main stream media decides to portray the protesters matters not. They will never report the real reason why most of them will come out, the police have already made up their minds to gas and beat them. And at the end of the day the media will only focus on the violence, make the protesters out to be the trouble makers, the cops to be hero’s ( No matter who starts trouble ) and the real message behind the protests will not be spoken of.
The revolution will not be televised.      See ya at the 20

Lawrence McCurry
June 17, 2010

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